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» Smoking Memories

Smoking Memories

Smoking memories

Smoking memories

Certain moments in our lives are closely linked with cigarettes. These situations often leave on people’s memories an important imprint never to be forgotten. Here is such an occasion, described by an office clerk of twenty-one. “…

I can remember the moments when I returned home – no matter how late – after having been out with a girl on a Saturday night. Before going to bed, I’d sit on the fire escape for a while and enjoy a smoke. I’d turn around so that I could see all the smoke going up. At the same time, the windows would be bright with lights on the other side of the courtyard.

I would watch what the people were doing. I would sit, and watch, and think about what my girl and I had talked about and what a nice time we had had together. Then I’d throw the cigarette away and go to bed. I feel these were really the most contented moments in my life….”

“I remember one time we were in North Africa on a trip and it was evening,” said one of our respondents, a nurse about twenty seven years of age. “During the day, I had noticed there was a lovely spot to sit, across the way from the hotel where we were staying.

I went there at night, and sat looking at the stars and the tall cypresses illuminated against the night sky. I was far away in my thoughts. I was thinking of God and the beautiful world he had made. The smoke from my cigarette rose slowly into the sky. I was alone, and at the time I was a part of the entire world around me….”


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