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» Smoking Mannerisms

Smoking Mannerisms

Usually the way we smoke is characteristic of our whole personality. The mannerisms of smokers are innumerable. Some people always have cigarettes drooping from their mouths. Others let the cigarette jump up and down in their mouths while they are talking. Men sometimes complain about the way women smoke: “A lot of women blow out the smoke with a gust of wind, right into your face. They just puff it at you.” Some men, when they want to appear to be aggressive, hold their cigarettes with thumb and forefinger so that the glowing end shows toward the palm of the hand.


Smoking is characteristic to personalities

Often smokers will assume a pose, because they have found that it fits their personality best, or at least they think so. A not too modest glamour girl revealed to us some of her “smoking secrets“: “I think it looks so much better to smoke with a holder. I studied that very carefully. Don’t you think I’m somewhat of a Latin type? It all really depends on what type you are….

I always have holders that are long and dark. I think a long holder is somewhat like a big hat: it’s alluring and ‘don’t dare come close’ at the same time.”

While every smoker has to go through the motions of lighting and inhaling the smoke, the way in which these acts are carried out varies according to his mood.

The nervous smoker has a faster smoking tempo than the relaxed one. The angry smoker blows the smoke in an aggressive way, almost as if he were trying to blow somebody down. A smoker who is about to ask for a raise in salary will press his lips tightly around the cigarette as if to gain courage by holding it that way.


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  1. Dave (Jenny) says:

    As a crossdresser who prides herself on always smoking my long, slim cigarette in a ladylike manner, I hold mine as daintily as possible and the stares I receive from men when they see me smoking are so oviously a turn on that I can’t ignore it!
    Often I’ll smoke extra feminine to tease or flirt with men who find me sexy while I smoke with long red nails on

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