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» Cigarette Taste Has to Be Acquired

Cigarette Taste Has to Be Acquired

Most people like the smell of tobacco but dislike the taste of a cigarette. Frequently we were reminded that “a cigarette never tastes as good as it smells. One usually very much dislikes his first cigarette. Taste for cigarettes must be acquired slowly. And whenever a smoker tries out a new brand, with a lightly different taste, he finds that he has to repeat this process of becoming accustomed to the taste.

Man smoking in suit

Man smoking in suit

Often smokers who say they do not like the taste of certain cigarette brands really mean that they are not accustomed to it. Few advertisers of cigarettes realize that it takes time for a smoker to change his taste habits.

No matter how pleasant the taste qualities of a brand may seem to be, at first the unaccustomed taste will be disliked. One of the respondents made the following interesting comment on this point: “I went to Bulgaria once and was forced to smoke Bulgarian cigarettes.

I tried one brand after another till I had gone through five brands.

Finally, the sixth brand seemed to be perfect. I discovered much later that any of the other brands might have become my preferred brand if only I had tried it in the sixth place. It just took me that long to learn to appreciate Bulgarian tobacco.”


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