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Red & White cigarettes

Red & White cigarettes are a famous brand that are selling in Europe and all over the world that mean that we can buy them in every tobacco shop, produced by Phillip Morris Tobacco Company. the cigarettes name comes from the color of its package that is a combination of red and white.

This cigarettes are for real smoker because they are strong and its taste, aroma and savor is pronounced very good, each smoke represent a combination of new compounds feelings with new sensation. With each smoke the smoker fly to another part of the earth full of pleasure and sensations.
Its popularity is influenced of its affordable price and good quality that competes with other popular brands.

There is a variety of Red White cigarettes it mean that each smoker can chose its favorite one, there are 3 kind of this cigarettes:

  • Red & White (Original)
  • Red & White Lights
  • Red & White Super Lights

If you want to experience this unusual feeling you should try these cigarettes yourself for there are no such words to explain this delight.


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  1. Serkan says:

    I have been using the eGO model for a number of mothns and I LOVE it. I usually use it with a drip tip and just direct drip with a low resistance 510 (I’m a fiend for tobacco flavors). It’s incredibly satisfying. I use cartomizers on occasion, usually when I have to drive a long time. Great review!

  2. kara says:

    hi I’m in the same boat. I went to a health food mart and found these hoatepmohic tablets called lobelia inflata by boiron. it comes in a bottle about the size of a chapstick tube and the tablets are about the size of a crumb. your supposed to dissolve 5 tablets 3 times a day and so far I’ve cut back drastically. I used to smoke a pack and a half a day and now I’m down to about 10. its still a lot but its much better that what I was smoking. they aren’t cheap but they work. there are about 80 tablets in each tube. they’re about $3.99 a tub or $6.99 for 3 tubes. good luck.

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