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» Why Do We Smoke?

Why Do We Smoke?

Cigarette smoking is a personal choice. However, if you are considering stopping smoking, you may already realize that quitting requires more than willpower or scaring yourself with statistics of why smoking is bad.
Conventional smoking cessation systems often don’t work in the long term because they do not address the real reasons that people smoke. Listed below are five often unidentified reasons that people smoke. These reasons might surprise you.

Before you engage in your stop smoking process, take some time and identify the important underlying motivations of why you choose to smoke. By understanding those real reasons, you can generate a personalized stop smoking plan that incorporates new strategies of coping and dealing with life.

If you smoke, then you do so because the act of smoking is personally meaningful to you. Therefore, if you are considering quitting, take some time and explore the reasons underlying your decision to smoke. Become interested, observe yourself, and get curious. Allow yourself an opportunity to turn into a smoking undercover investigatore, ready to uncover an intriguing mystery. Before lighting up your next cigarette, while you are smoking, and right as you put that cigarette out, ask yourself:

What positive functions do I believe smoking provides me?

  • How will smoking help or change the situation?
  • What situations make me smoke the most?
  • What emotions or feelings am I trying to avoid or deny?
  • If I didn’t smoke right now, what would I feel? How would I handle that feeling?
  • What would I do with the energy that is freed up from smoking cessation?
Woman smoking cigarette

Woman smoking cigarette

Cigarettes represent such a big pleasure and everybody understands it in his own way. Many people choose different kind of brands. There was made a research and more people were asked how they feel about cigarettes and why they like so much to smoke them.

Smoking habit is considered to be more a psychological pleasure than a psychological satisfaction. One out of four respondents has answered that it was not the taste which counted but it is about the sense of satisfaction you get from smoking a cigarette and it can not be compared with anything else.

Here are some real examples of people’s stories who wanted to share their smoking impressions:

Smoking is Fun

Smoking is a Reward

Smoking is Oral Pleasure

The Cigarette – A Modern Hourglass

“With a Cigarette I Am Not Alone”

“I Like to Watch the Smoke”

“Got a Match?”

Smoking Memories

Smoking Mannerisms

“Smoking Helps Me Think”

Cigarettes Help Us Relax

“I Blow My Troubles Away”

Cigarette Taste Has to Be Acquired

How Many a Day?

The First Cigarette

“No, Thanks, I’ll Smoke My Own”

A Package of Pleasure

Cigarette calms

Smoking Tranquilizer

The Feel Good Syndrome

Why Do You Smoke?

The most important factor in stopping smoking is a genuine desire to stop smoking. You were not a born smoker; it’s something you learned to do. Learning new ways of coping with stress is possible, as is learning new ways to relax and raise confidence levels. Use the reasons presented above as clues to uncover the underlying reasons why you smoke. Then, in addition to making a firm decision to stop smoking, also make a firm plan to address your underlying needs. You’re not only kicking the habit, you’re also creating a new balance with your body, mind, and self!


3 Responses to "Why Do We Smoke?"

  1. Jacki says:

    “It Feels Good!”

    Most of us start smoking when we were much younger, as a result of peer pressure (smoking parents, smoking friends, etc.),and not mature enough to understand the possible future consequences, or not convinced of how powerful the addiction would become. By the time we understood the cons, we were well addicted.

    So why don’t many of us take the steps and quit? I’ll tell you exactly why we want to go on smoking. Despite most of us being intelligent, well-informed, and certainly aware of the long term riskss of smoking, many of us choose to continue smoking anyway; leading the list of whys is because it feels good to smoke. I can vouch for that; DAMN GOOD! In less than ten seconds upon the first inhalation, nicotine passes into the bloodstream, crosses the blood brain barrier and begins acting on the brain cells. The nicotine just ingested will begin to mimic one of the most important neurotransmitters, Acelytcholine. This action provokes the body’s excitation chemicals that include adrenaline and noradrenaline, which causes an immediate rush of stimulation by increasing the blood flow to the brain. This leaves smokers feels energized and alert. Within 20 to 30 minutes after the last cigarette, however, a smoker’s energy level becomes sharply reduced. That “charged up” feeling the smoker had minutes before begins fading away and the craving for nicotine quickly returns. Psychological dependence is a major factor that can prohibit a well-intentioned person from quitting smoking because nicotine has such amazingly powerful, reinforcing qualities.

    Other reasons why many of us continue to smoke is that we find it easier to manage stress even though we know that smoking is risky and dangerous. Many of us in this day and age juggle family and work responsibilities, and lighting up a cigarette is a welcome substitute to wind down their day regardless of the repercussions involved. Many more of us, myself included, find that smoking helps to keep off those unwanted pounds, and there may be some truth to that notion. Nicotine speeds up the physiological functions, especially the rate at which the body metabolizes food. When smoking stops, metabolism slows down, food is burned more slowly, and the pounds start adding. That reason alone is strong incentive for many of us to continue smoking.

  2. sonya says:

    We like to smoke because smoke makes us think faster. Whenever I have to write fast, I know I need to smoke a cigarette at least one every one or two hours. Whenever I had some heavy studying to do, smoking was a proven help — makes you stay awake all through the night and makes you focused. Plus, whenever I am excited or if I have had some beer, my throat is aching for a cigarette. It’s almost like a necessity. So there you go. A habit that kills but that also makes you happy for the short while you are enjoying it.

  3. Regal e Cigs says:

    Generally most of people don’t know why they smoke? Apart from that everybody has its own wits to smoke. So I recommend you before starting smoking make sure its advantages and disadvantages because when you stop smoking, food is blaze slowly and causes many other kind of diseases too and as a result you linger yourself to continue smoking. So always make a reason for not to smoke!

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