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War Against Cigarette Manufacturers- Research on Philip Morris Inc. and Lorillard Inc.

Wall Street Equity Research gives shareholders valuable insight on cigarette stocks Philip Morris International Inc. (PM 55.29, -0.26, -0.47%) and Lorillard Inc. (LO 78.70, -1.33, -1.66%) .

The cigarette industry is facing a number of challenges recently, as governments around the world continue to increase tobacco taxes, and a new proposed ban on menthol cigarettes in the U.S. could hurt sales for companies such as Lorillard Inc, it is the producer of Kent cigarettes.

Wall Street Equity Research is a specialized website where investors can have specific access to free reports on the cigarette industry; traders looking for analyst opinions on Philip Morris International Inc., Lorillard Inc. and other companies in this industry.

Japan has recently announced a tax increase of 40% on cigarettes. While the move is designed to making smoking less attractive, it has prompted a rush in sales as customers try and stock up before the tax increase is implemented.



The FDA proposed ban on menthol cigarettes is being fervidly opposed by industry leaders such as Philip Morris International Inc. who claim that scientific evidence does not show menthol cigarettes to be more damaging to one’s health than conventional cigarettes. The stakes are high considering menthol smokers account for roughly one third of all smokers in the U.S. Traders can get direct and free access to today’s full report on Philip Morris International Inc., the manufacturer of Marlboro cigarettes.

Despite the industry concerns, some companies have been faring well and have recently increased dividend payments substantially. As taxes increase and new laws loom, the cigarette industry will be doing their best to remain in the black.

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