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True tobacco expands its Swisher Sweet Little Cigars, tobacco enthusiasts to go shopping for cigars and cigar accessories, announced today that it is expanding its share of the popular Swisher Sweets Little cigars include a lot of new flavors.

Little-Cigars1Swisher International, Inc – manufacturer of Swisher Sweets – this is one of the largest and most successful manufacturers of tobacco products in the world, accounting for nearly one-third of the United State cigar sales. They are very popular Swisher Sweets little cigars are by far the biggest seller of the company offering the cigar lovers each grade soft and flavorful smoking experience – for a very reasonable price. Swisher Sweets line has been expanded in recent years, including about a dozen flavors of the wine and fruit blends to bold Blueberry Double Barrel rum and black varieties.

According to Nick Gordon, CEO, Swisher Sweets are rich in history popularity among cigar smokers “Each machine made cigar smoker at one time or another tried and liked Swisher Sweet,” says Gordon. “They were available in each store as long as I can remember.” plans not only offer more flavor Swisher Sweets, and some other products Swisher, like wood tips, Swisher Outlaws, cigars, pipes and cigars XL Perfect.

“Swisher keeps coming with the best flavor, more versatile products,” says Gordon. “We try to offer as many of these products as possible for our customers. I am sure that many of them had no Swisher Sweet years and would like to try their new stuff -. Or just glow classic favorite cigarillo”

Gordon says that while Swishers may not be the most expensive cigar in the market, they did not get where they are today offer smokers a bad product. “They are more delicate tasting than the average machine made cigars,” he said. plans to add more flavors and sizes of the different lines Swisher products in the future.

About the product:

Swisher Sweets has been one of the leading brands of small and medium-sized cigars in the U.S. more than 100 years. The company was founded in Chicago in 1861, but it was eventually moved to Jacksonville, Florida, to get better access to the South American tobacco producers. World famous Swisher Sweets little cigars are one of the most popular cigars in the world, with Swisher International, Inc owning the title of the largest exporter of cigars in the U.S.

About the company:

True is one of the largest and most popular Internets shopping tobacco outlet. The company provides a wide range of products, from cigars and cigarillos, pipe tobacco and to the filler. True also carries a wide variety of cigar accessories like humidors, ashtrays, and cutters.



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