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Pall Mall cigarettes

pall mall

pall mall cigarettes

Pall Mall cigarettes represent a cigarette brand which is manufactured by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and internationally by British American Tobacco at multiple sites.

In 1899 Pall Mall tobacco brand was introduced by the Butler & Butler Company. The name of this brand was taken from a 17th century game, paille-maille, in which a player attempts to drive a wooden ball with a mallet down an alley and through a raised ring using as few strokes as possible; respectively. Pall Mall is also the name of a very upscale street in the West End of London.

Pall Mall cigarette brand was very popular in 1960 when they were the number one brand of cigarettes in America. The gambles in design had paid off and so the company introduced “longs”, or 100mm cigarettes It would later be dethroned in 1966 by Winston cigarettes, when Pall Mall realized that it no longer possible to compete with the advertising campaign “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should.”


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