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» Lucky Strike cigarettes

Lucky Strike cigarettes

lucky strike cigarettes

lucky strike cigarettes

One of the best American cigarettes is Lucky Strike cigarettes. They are produced by British American Tobacco Company. They make lucky those smokers who try them. Lucky Strike are many times called “Luckies”. Any person who has a Lucky Strike cigarette packet in his pocket is considered to be rich.

Raymond Loewy is the designer who made the logo of these cigarettes. He also created the logo of Shell, Exxon and Coca Cola R.A. Patterson of Richmond, Virginia. In 1871, founded the Lucky Strike brand but as chewing tobacco and years after as cigarettes. He is the one who produced more types of tobacco products..

Years later there were introduced some changes in the design of this brand. To manufacture this brand there was used toasted tobacco. This action adds to this tobacco product simplicity and perfection.


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