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Criollo tobacco

Criollo tobacco type

Criollo tobacco type

Criollo tobacco in the beginning had a few uses in the production of the Cuban cigar. After the discovering of Corojo, Criollo was increasingly relegated to use as filler, and the Corojo, which was better suited for use as a wrapper, replaced it.

Back then was discovered that when Criollo is being grown under cover, the opposed of how was grown in the sun as was ordinary done, it can make a very suitable wrapper leaf, given the proper conditions and care. A few of the first Criollo seed grown for wrapper was grown in the Jalapa Valley, Nicaragua. It was introduced to the non-Cuban tobacco market in 2001 as the wrapper for the Cupido Criollo brand.

The hybrid types, Criollo 98, is Blue Mold resistant, and was well known in Cuba to replace the earlier Corojo hybrid, Habana 2000, which was losing favor because of its increasingly succes.


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