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Should you have to be 21 to buy cigarettes?

he vast majority of smokers start before they turn 21. That’s not surprising. Most adults at age 30 or 40 wouldn’t dream of lighting up. They are better able to weigh the risks of smoking against — we use this term generously — the rewards. But too many younger people still light up. Even though they’ve heard the scary public service announcements. And the lectures from parents and teachers. Right now, in most states, including Illinois, people can buy cigarettes legally at 18. But Hawaii has raised its tobacco sales age to 21, effective next year. Several cities, including New York and suburban Evanston, have already raised the tobacco purchase age. California, too, is moving in that direction. And the American Medical Association endorses the push. Note, however, that we’re talking here … Read entire article »

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The trend of smoking among young people prompts action by city

Beijing will prepare a new city rules for strengthening compliance with the existing ban on smoking at the time, when new statistics show a high tendency among adolescents to try tobacco. Health experts say that the current ban on smoking in Beijing lacks teeth because of poor performance. “The ban on smoking in public places issued by the Ministry of Health in May, practice had no effect, because there is no specific penalties for people who smoke and violate the ban,” said Suo Chao, speaking on behalf of the Chinese Association on Tobacco Control, which recently conducted a Survey on smoking approximately 40,000 students throughout China. According to a survey the association, 15.8 per cent of pupils are regular smokers, while 22.5 percent would consider trying it. Teens from 12 to 14 are especially … Read entire article »

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The hookahs

They defined “cool” after cigarettes have passed. But hookah bars, which grew rapidly in the metro and Tier II towns across the country after the ban on smoking in public places came into force on 2 October 2008, are now beginning to feel the heat. One government after another ban them for cigarettes and other tobacco products (Prohibition) Act, 2003, not only giving young people access to the hookah or sheesha but using ingredients not permitted under the law. Bangalore was the first who saw the hookah bars are in March 2011. Maharashtra again in October and Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab enforced a same ban in December. Despite the bans, hookah or sheesha bars remain the hangouts of choice for urban youth. “I would prefer to come here instead of boring … Read entire article »

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Youth smoking rate drops in N.D.

Fewer North Dakota teenagers are smoking than did two years ago. The Youth Risk Behavior Survey, conducted every other year by the Department of Public Instruction, found that 19.4 percent of students in the state smoke compared with 22.4 percent of teenagers in 2009. The 2011 survey was administered in the spring and the findings were published last month. “This is the first time we’ve seen youth rates dip below 20 percent,” said Jeanne Prom, executive director of the North Dakota Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy. “Is one in five (students smoking) still acceptable? I don’t think so,” she said. “We’re very encouraged by what we’ve seen in the last two years but we’re going to continue until we see that number go down as low as it can possibly go.” Junior … Read entire article »

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CDC report links youth smoking to movies

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report released this month found that portrayals of smoking in movies leads more young people to begin smoking. The Aug. 20 report found that youth are two to three times more likely to begin smoking if they have been heavily exposed to tobacco use in movies. The report was based partly on a paper prepared by the World Health Organization, which called for an R rating for all movies that depict tobacco use. The organization hopes to prohibit minors from seeing cigarette smoking portrayed in movies. “Celebrities who smoke are the tobacco companies’ greatest form of advertisement to young people,” said Courtney Roake, a senior and the mental health chair of ASU’s Health and Counseling Student Action Committee. “Although … Read entire article »

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