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Big Tobacco Beats Small tobacco Tax Rate

Small cigarette manufacturers would face new fees on the state of their sales under the measure, which passed the Texas House of early voting on Monday – a big win for Big Tobacco. The nation’s largest tobacco companies are now paying more than half a billion dollars to the state every year as part of a 1998 lawsuit settlement. They have for years advocated smaller cigarette manufacturers who were not included in the $ 17 billion settlement, faced with similar financial penalty. State Rep. John Otto House Bill 3536 would charge these small companies 2.75 cents per cigarette (or 0.09 ounces of tobacco) are sold, used, consumed or distributed in Texas in 2013. The controller will calculate the rate in subsequent years. “They all sell the same product,” Otto said. “They’re all going … Read entire article »

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Manitoba pot smokers, tobacco tax increases

Smokers in Manitoba is not happy to hear that they are paying more for cigarettes than anywhere else in Canada, especially now that the provincial tax on tobacco products have risen again.   On April 16, the tobacco tax was raised from 25 cents to 29 cents per cigarette, which means an increase of about $ 1 per pack of 25.   The province included the tax increase in its 2013 budget, in order to obtain $ 17 million in revenue a year.   But smokers are Olivia Klavic say they were shocked to learn the latest increase in prices, given the high prices they have paid in the province.   “It’s crazy!” Klavic told CBC News late Monday.   “It’s strange that you can just go to Ontario and get it much cheaper,” she added.   Others argued that the hike … Read entire article »

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The plan would hike income legislator’s gas, tobacco taxes

After several weeks of discussion, leadership legislature released its own plan for fixing the transportation system in Massachusetts’ – $ 500 million package of higher taxes on gasoline and tobacco, which is far below the Governor Deval Patrick calls for $ 1.9 billion in tax increases for transportation and education. “We need to invest, but we need to invest in a way that does not bankrupt the current generation,” Senate President Therese Murray, D-Plymouth, said at a Statehouse news conference Tuesday. The plan, put together Murray, House Speaker Robert DeLeo and chairs the budget committee, will cause the current gasoline tax 21 cents to 3 cents a gallon and increase the tobacco tax $ 1 per pack to $ 3.51. The proposal also highlights auto sales-tax revenue to transportation projects, allows tax software … Read entire article »

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Supporters say the tobacco tax measure brings much needed income

Proposition B, one of the four measures on Nov. 6 ballot, would increase the 17-cent-a-pack state excise tax by 90 cents, making it the 33rd highest in the United States. In 2002, voters defeated a 55-cents per-pack an increase of about 31,000 votes, and four years later, the 80-cent increase failed by about 61,000 votes. The national average is $ 1.46 per pack. Unlike the two previous elections, Big Tobacco is not opposing the increase this year, because the measure also removes the loophole that allowed the “value” brands, or lesser-known cigarette manufacturers to recoup the money they paid into the state fund created to compensate for the costs of smoking-related diseases. Also, Proposition B has the support of a coalition of educators whose institutions stand to receive millions of dollars from the … Read entire article »

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Tobacco tax takes slim lead

Voters passed the tobacco tax, Proposition 29, by a small margin in the first results released tonight at the office of California Secretary of State. Meanwhile, the vote to change the terms of office appeared on the way to an easy victory, as Proposition 28, led by two to one. 12 percent of the vote, 51.4 percent voted in favor of the proposal 29, and 48.6 per cent voted against the ballot measure that would increase tobacco taxes by $ 1 per pack, on top of 87-percent tax already in place. Yes side has 1096176 votes than no votes 1038318 side, with 21,993 in 2634 to the walls of the statements. Of Northern California, including Santa Clara, Contra Costa, and San Mateo, yes votes carried, and Los Angeles was siding against the measure vote … Read entire article »

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State could get unexpected $46 million from tobacco tax

An unexpected payoff for state government comes with the Affordable Care Act – about $46 million a year in tobacco tax money with no home. Known as “Obamacare” to its opponents, the federal health care law is designed to make sure nearly all Americans have health insurance, either through Medicare, Medicaid, employer-sponsored plans or individual plans purchased with government subsidies. Assuming it survives a U.S. Supreme Court challenge that is set for oral arguments this week and the national elections of November, the law takes full effect Jan. 1, 2014. That’s the day the law says just about everyone should have health insurance and the day that a big part of Oklahoma’s tobacco tax becomes homeless. When state voters approved a net 55-cent-per-pack increase in the cigarette tax in 2008, they dedicated … Read entire article »

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Minister calls for hike in tobacco tax

INCREASING taxes on tobacco products is the only sure way of curbing smoking in the country, the health minister has said. “Tobacco is a killer and leads to environmental degradation. The finance ministry should increase taxes on tobacco products then people will find it expensive to smoke,” Stephen Malinga said in a speech read by Jacinta Amandua, the commissioner for health services. Amandua said there was an increase in the number of tobacco-related diseases such as cancer and tuberculosis as a result of smoking. He was officiating at the commemoration of the ‘World No Tobacco Day’ this week at Hotel Triangle in Kampala. The people of West Nile, who are the leading growers of tobacco, should be given alternatives to sustain their livelihoods so they could stop growing tobacco, the minister … Read entire article »

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