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Show us the data on tobacco products sale

This year, for the first time, data on tobacco tax revenues and forecasts was absent from the budget documents, writes Simon Chapman. This data is needed to assess the plain packaging law in Australia. Australia’s plain packaging laws revolutionary governments around the world are watching and waiting. The greatest impact is expected on the future teenagers who will grow up never having seen a pack of 69 known carcinogens are dressed up in beautiful, market-researched packages are designed to increase their appeal to a critical segment of young starting smokers. Apart from the pack, Australia has banned most of the last vestiges of tobacco advertising in 1992, so that someone aged 21 today will never see the inside of tobacco advertising. It is no accident that the prevalence of smoking among daily among15-17-year-olds in … Read entire article »

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NYC Proposal could keep Tobacco products out of sight

The new proposal would require retailers from New York to keep tobacco production out of the view under the first proposal that consist ij reducing the youth smoking. The legislation would require stores to keep their tobacco products under the counter. They could be visible only when adult persons are making purchase. Bloomberg mentioned the same prohibitions of displays that have been seen in other countries, including Iceland, England, Canada and Ireland. The displays indicate that smoking process is a normal way,” Bloomberg mentioned.” They invited youth to make experiments with tobacco products. Tobacco stores devoted the main sales of tobacco products, that will be important for display ban. The mayor’s office said retail stores could still advertise tobacco products under the legislation.  “We have made excellent strides in smoking combating in New York City … Read entire article »

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Bethel Oks hike in tax on tobacco products

Soon it will be not so expensive to be tobacco users. At Tuesday’s meeting Bethel City passed the ordinance that will lead to taxes increase of tobacco products sold in the city. The ordinance will rise cigarettes price by $2.25 per package. More than a dozen people showed up to the Council to comment on the tax and most of them were in his favor. Brian Knutson, a local paramedic, said tobacco products are “more deaths than deaths from HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol use, vehicle injuries, suicides and murders combined.” Citizens who spoke before the council praised the possibilities are ultimately causes people to quit smoking forever. They also said that it could detour young people from picking up the tobacco in the first place, then, Doug Boyer, the site administrator at a … Read entire article »

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Internal Revenue Service announced the Tobacco Products

12 October, the South African Revenue Service (SARS) has published numerous amendments and regulations tariff amendment. Most tariffs amendments address tobacco and environmental fees, and the other two related to open-tale vision of antennas and alkyd resins. Tobacco As for tobacco, the amendments relating to the replacement of excise accounts form (provided in the rules of the Customs and Excise Act) for tobacco products, with effect from 1 January 2012. DA 260 excise account: The notice informs replacing paragraph (m) the following paragraph: “(t) by replacing Rule 19A.05 (b) (II) for paragraph (e) of the following paragraph: (EE) separate record losses in the manufacturing process or the workers, pumping, processing, or any such reasons or due to natural causes, as provided in paragraph 624.30 Application number 6 “. Environmental Levy Amendment List № 5, Part 5 … Read entire article »

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Tobacco products is specified in order to improve

Income paid by the Government of Morogoro-based Alliance One Tobacco Tanzania Limited (AOTTL) will increase from 1.7 billion / – last year to 1.9 billion / – This year, thanks to improved production and higher world commodity prices. Managing Director Mark Mason and Chief Financial Officer, William Fernandez, said the company, which is currently engaged in the export market, plans to increase its revenues significantly in the current fiscal year. “Last year we paid 1.7 billion / – in income, but we are willing to pay 1.9 / – By the end of the current fiscal year,” Mr. Fernandez said during a press conference in Dar es Salaam over the weekend . He said local production of tobacco increased last year, thanks to good weather, hard-working farmers and the availability of … Read entire article »

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Customs Seize Tobacco Products

Kuala Belait – Officials from the enforcement section of the Royal Customs and Excise yesterday managed to confiscate some 5,404 packets of chewing tobacco, 153 cartons of cigarettes and a variety of medicines in a five-hour surprise inspection of shops in Seria, Belait. The 153 cartons comprised of various brands of cigarettes. The operation, involving 16 officers from the Brunei-Muara and Belait Enforcement Section of the Royal Customs and Excise Department, was led by the Deputy Controller at the Royal Customs and Excise Department. The inspection on shops in Seria town yesterday, starting from 10 to two in the afternoon, led to the discovery of the undeclared goods which was being sold by an Indian foreign national. The suspect is currently being detained under the enforcement section of the department for further investigation. If … Read entire article »

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Tobacco farmers hail Phl panel

CANDON CITY, Ilocos Sur, Philippines — Tobacco farmers have expressed jubilation over the outcome of a recent global convention on tobacco control held in Uruguay that allegedly resulted in the protection of the tobacco industry against “excessive and restrictive” guidelines in the manufacture of tobacco products. At the same time, the Philippine Tobacco Growers’ Association (PTGA) through its president Winston Uy commended the Philippine delegation to the convention headed by Trade Undersecretary Zenaida Maglaya for reportedly being able to convince delegates from other nations not to digress from the real intent of the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). Other members of the delegation came from the Department of Agriculture, Department of Health, and the UP College of Law. The Philippine delegation attended the 171-nation conference in Uruguay to … Read entire article »

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Minor’ issue for officials – Omfed kiosks in capital sell tobacco products, employ children

Some owners of the kiosks of Orissa State Co-operative Milk producers’ Federation (Omfed) are allegedly employing children to sell tobacco products. In most cases, these products like gutka and cigarettes are being sold in kiosks that are virtual extension of the Omfed booths. Booths in Master Canteen Square area and at Behera Sahi Square near Kalinga Stadium can be seen engaging in such trade. This is in gross violation of rules as Omfed booths under the milk supply agreement are meant only to sale milk products. “The sale of tobacco and tobacco related products in Omfed booths is strictly prohibited. Some Omfed booth-owners are clearly violating the laws,” said Md Imran Ali of Nasha Mukti Yuva Sankalp, an NGO that works against use of tobacco. “Engaging children to sell these products also violates the … Read entire article »

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Seneca Nation of Indians Responds to Illegal Seizure of Stamped Tobacco Products

Cattaraugus Territory Seneca nation of Indians — “The Seneca Nation of Indians has learned that the New York State Department of Tax and Finance has taken the unprecedented steps of stopping and seizing a vehicle containing cigarettes that were being delivered from one Seneca Nation Territory to another Seneca Nation Territory. The seized product contained cigarettes that were legally stamped using the Nation’s state-of-the-art tracking system under the Nation’s comprehensive tobacco regulations.  The product was being transported by a Nation-licensed business for delivery to retailers who are also licensed by the Nation. The Nation does not take lightly this overt act of State aggression against the Nation and its people. We will weigh all of our options and determine what steps to take to protect and preserve the sovereign rights of the Nation and the Seneca people,” … Read entire article »

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Hong Kong and Tobacco Products

Members of the public and incoming passengers are reminded to comply with the new measure on the quantity of tobacco products that they may bring into Hong Kong from August 1. A spokesman for the Customs and Excise Department said today (July 27) that under the Dutiable Commodities (Exempted Quantities) (Amendment) Notice 2010, an incoming passenger aged 18 or above could only bring into Hong Kong for his/her own use no more than the following quantities of tobacco products: (i) 19 cigarettes; or (ii) one cigar or 25 grams of cigars; or (iii) 25 grams of other manufactured tobacco. “Incoming passengers bringing in tobacco products in excess of the above exempted quantities should enter the Red Channel to make a declaration to Customs officers. Failure to do so will render the … Read entire article »

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Tops pressed on tobacco products

A coalition trying to combat smoking and tobacco use is pressuring Tops Markets to stop selling tobacco products at its stores. They want to forbid all the cigarette brands not only those that are too strong for example Parliament Night Blue cigarettes. Kevin Keenan, director of the Smoke Free NOW campaign in Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming counties, is distributing cards to residents, asking them to send a message to Tops. He has offered to hand deliver the cards.Keenan would like to see Tops follow Wegmans’ example of ridding its stores of all tobacco products. If that doesn’t happen, Keenan is distributing cards that ask the store to reduce tobacco advertising and make tobacco products less visible in their stores. “The more cigarette marketing that teens are exposed to in retail stores, … Read entire article »

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Youth protected from new tobacco products with a signature

Joint statement from the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Lung Association in Minnesota, Association for Nonsmokers – MN, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, Clearway Minnesota, Local Public Health Association and Health Partners. On May 11th Minnesota’s leading health groups applauded Governor Tim Pawlenty for taking another step to protect youth from harmful tobacco products. This afternoon, the Governor signed into law the Tobacco Modernization and Compliance Act of 2010, which updates Minnesota laws to address new generations of tobacco products. Effective August 1, 2010, these changes apply existing state tobacco taxes and regulations to new smokeless tobacco products, which attract young customers because they are low-cost, come in candy flavors and sometimes resemble mints and breath strips. Specifically, the Tobacco Modernization and Compliance Act of 2010: Expands the definition of tobacco products to include … Read entire article »

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