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Tobacco remains a way of life in Southern Maryland

Along a busy road in Calvert County, Maryland, the crop being harvested, which may surprise some : tobacco . “This material is made of Southern Maryland, what it is, ” tobacco farmer SL Brady said . Twelve years after the state of Maryland began paying farmers not to grow tobacco, and encouraging them to switch to other crops, Brady is still ongoing. Brady farms of 45 hectares, which is called type 32 Burley tobacco Chaneyville on the road near the Maryland 4 in Owings. “We used to grow type 35, which was a Maryland -type tobacco, but after the new government poundage was so low, the market has dried up, and Philip Morris has come together with a contract wanting us to grow in this way. So, a few of us, who stayed, this … Read entire article »

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Tobacco for dinner

The team of chef’s Croatian whip up spicy food Thursday, infusing flavor associated with tobacco leaves Cuba baked sea bass fillet, bread and butter, a rich Demi Glace Sauce, even ice cream. The result is a spicy heat that one taster compared with ancho chili powder, and a powerful finish with all the nicotine punch Montecristo cigars plump. “Wow, the noise of the city!” said Gary Heathcott, public relations worker from Little Rock, Arkansas, who also writes for the magazine Smoke. “The first buzz I ever got bitten by a fish.” Grgur Baksic, owner and chef Gastronomadi supper club in Zagreb, led a demonstration in front of a standing room only crowd of fans at Havana Convention Center as part of the 15th annual Festival of cigars in Cuba. It is a six-day bash, … Read entire article »

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Young people choosing other tobacco products over cigarettes

Cigarette use among young people has stabilized, and other tobacco products have attracted the attention of teenagers and young adults, who are becoming increasingly concerned by health authorities. Hookah and snus, Swedish tobacco products like chewing tobacco in the US, are the new “in” products for use among young people. Nationally, cigarette purchases declined by 27% from 2000 to 2011, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but not cigarettes increased 123 percent over the same time period. Teens say health workers “they can use chewing in class, and the teacher does not even know,” said Carrie McLachlan, Snohomish Health District health program manager for the community. Snus packages much easier to hide than cigarettes, district community health specialist Keri Moore said. Teens also think snus is safer to use, Moore said. Snus … Read entire article »

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Children think tobacco is candy, gum

Children may have a tough time telling the difference between tobacco products in brightly colored packaging and packages of candy and gum, according to a 9Wants to Know investigation. “It’s probably gum,” said 5-year-old Peyton Maurer holding a box of Camel No. 9 cigarettes with bright pink and black packaging. 9NEWS showed a variety of tobacco products to young kids. The tobacco products are sold to adults from behind convenience store counters with the assistance of a store clerk.”That’s gum, that’s green gum,” 5-year-old Camden Maurer said as he held a forest green and blue tin of smokeless Camel Snus. Other kids in his Castle Rock neighborhood agreed. Peyton and Camden Maurer are the daughter and son of a 9NEWS employee. The Federal Drug Administration put one tobacco company on notice this year … Read entire article »

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