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Speaker clears Redford role in tobacco lawsuit

Premier Alison Redford was prevented by the opposition bid to find her in contempt of the legislature over its role in the decision to hire a law firm, her ex-husband to sue $ 10-billion lawsuit against Big Tobacco. Speaker Gene Zwozdesky rights of the opposition failed to prove the Prime deliberately misled the legislature, when she said she did not make the decision to choose a company, despite the signed documents and notes, which suggest that it did. “Of course, the Department admits it is a case of semantics, but it is clear that there was no final decision on the selection of the law firm for the tobacco trials when the prime minister was the Minister of Justice,” Zwozdesky said in his ruling Monday. He found no evidence of a deliberate attempt … Read entire article »

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Tobacco lawsuit hypocritical

First of all, I hate cigarettes and tobacco companies. Recently, my younger brother died at age 49 because of the cigarette-related heart attack. So I have no love for tobacco. However, all levels of government made a killing on the death of my brother and all other tobacco-related deaths. And much than what they are suing for. When my brother died, who held his government pension contributions and employment insurance premiums? Smokers die much earlier than nonsmokers, so they actually consume very little health care for their shortened lifespan. My brother rarely saw a doctor never used state insurance medicine, but he did not pay for it. On the other hand, my parents do not smoke and they see doctors every month, and their recipes will cost the government hundreds of dollars each … Read entire article »

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Group rejects $ 79.2 million award in the tobacco lawsuit

The Court of Appeal rejected a challenge of the jury Monday of North Florida for RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company to pay $ 79.2 million to the daughter of a deceased smoker, overturning, which would be the largest verdict in a flurry of lawsuits against cigarette manufacturers. The Court 1st District Appeals remanded the case to the Levy County District Court to determine the reduction in the amount of loss in 1996 of lung cancer death of James Horner’s Casey. Three judges, however, ruled against RJ Reynolds and other issues that could have shielded him from liability. The fact is, one thousand, arising out of Florida in the 2006 Supreme Court decision that established the critical conclusions about the health hazards of smoking in the past distorted by the tobacco industry. Horner started smoking … Read entire article »

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Tobacco Lawsuit Helps Oregon

As Oregon Legislature convened on Wednesday to begin a month legislative session, the key legislators proposed spending most of the $ 56 million legal windfall to avoid cutting services for the sick and needy. Three legislators charged with developing a financial plan of the state suggest taking three-quarters of the income from the court victory over the tobacco giant Philip Morris, about $ 41 million, reduced $ 200 million spending gap. They are using budgetary maneuvers and service reductions to cover the remaining deficit. “With the contribution of Philip Morris’ in our state coffers, has come at a very opportune time,” said Rep. Dennis Richardson, R-Central Point, co-chair of the Budget Committee. Budget writers discuss their proposals, as lawmakers have begun their first year, even meeting with the voters decided to make the … Read entire article »

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