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European growth of the tobacco industry is slowing, affirmed Moody

Prospects for the European tobacco industry are currently stable, from positive, as consumer spending is likely to remain pressured, leading to lower-than-previously-expected profit growth, says Moody’s Investors Service. The prospects for the European tobacco industry have been positive since July 2012, when Moody’s first published a separate outlook for Europe. Report author Paulo Leschiutta – a senior credit officer in Moody’s Corporate Finance Group.” Our outlook on the European tobacco industry has changed from positive to stable as we expect operating profit growth of the sector will decline from 8% to between 5.5% and 6. 5% over an year or more. “Our expectations reflect the revised probability that people will curb in their spending, leading to a decline in sales or a switch to cheaper products.” In addition, Moody’s mentioned that regulatory pressure has … Read entire article »

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Global tobacco treaty meetings marred by industry interference

The global tobacco negotiations are concluded on November in 2012 after Big Tobacco’s attempts to intimidate and derail 180 countries for strengthening measures by the public healthy treaty. Govs made progress despite industry’s tactics. One the second day the countries kicked Big Tobacco, including Corporate Accountability International. Tobacco industry interference was prohibited in public health policy. Big Tobacco obstructed progress during the negotiations by maneuvering official seats and co-opting govs. “We applaud countries for standing up to Big Tobacco and showing them the door.” Tobacco Industry was noted on some delegations of this year, including Vietnam delegation, which includes two executive from Vietnam Tobacco Association. In other example, despite attempts of NTA, government agency from Philippines promote tobacco industry to remain on delegation, civil society persuaded gov of Philippines to exclude NTA members. Countries stood … Read entire article »

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Big Tobacco lawyers target the food industry

The lawyers, who took over much of tobacco companies in the U.S., and won, and now, set their sights on the food industry. Scientific night news editor, Susan Watts, asked one of them why he chose this particular battle. Don Barrett loves his opponents with powerful and rich. He is a lawyer whose ten-year battle to force tobacco companies to admit that they knew cigarettes are addictive and pay medical costs of victims was portrayed in the movie He and his colleagues eventually forced settlement, which cost the industry more than $ 200 billion. Claims made Mr. Barrett, a very rich man. But he says that this is not the potential for another big pay out, which now makes it a target “great food.” “I’m 68 years old, to be honest I do not … Read entire article »

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5 Dividend Kings in the tobacco industry

We have identified and analyzed the tobacco companies that offer high yields dividends, have a strong balance sheet and have enough free cash flow to maintain their dividend ratio. With continuous growth in unit sales and higher net income, we believe that Philip Morris International, Inc (TM) is an attractive prospect, with its shares offer an attractive dividend yield of 3.5%. Separately Lorrilard Inc (LO) s stock has also performed in the recent past, and better than the market and competitors alike. Attractive dividend yield of 4.9%, which along with the high rate of pay and a reasonable free cash flow, make it valuable to share dividends. In addition, despite Amercian Reynolds Inc. “(RAI) revenues being down trend, the company remains an attractive investment in terms of dividends (dividend yield 5.5%). He … Read entire article »

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Interesting debate on the tobacco industry

This is certainly an interesting time for the tobacco industry. I must say that while I have my doubts about the product, I admire the industry. Legal business of tobacco, in my humble opinion, is the most important stakeholder in making sure that sanity in the industry. This is something that most tobacco companies around the world say: They are designed to regulate. However, the regulation must be balanced and the protection of the legitimate industry in comparison with the solution of problems in the area of trafficking. I totally agree with this position. Valid argument against the industry: a contribution to the highest most preventable diseases around the world. My take on it: The only way to really solve the problem of smoking and its effects on health is to look … Read entire article »

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Tobacco Industry

Philip Morris, Pakistan is beginning to feel the financial pinch, and has reduced the scale and some of its manufacturing operations in the country. In a statement released to the press on Saturday, the company announced that it will reduce operations in the smallest plant, located in Mandra, near Rawalpindi. The company cited “challenging economic conditions,” including high taxes and low purchasing power of consumers, the main reason for this decision. The decision was described as a Philip Morris “difficult but necessary.” Among the key factors that are directly affected by government regulation Mandra was known as SRO 863 (I), the 2010 Act, which effectively prohibits the marketing and sales of less than 10 packs of cigarettes, which were the foundation of the company around Rawalpindi. Given the fact that Mandra is … Read entire article »

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FDA Responds to Tobacco Industry About New Cigarette Packaging

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has answered the tobacco industry’s lawsuit that the new graphic cigarette labels scheduled to take effect in 2012 with an opposition brief, the Wall Street Journal reports. In August, four U.S. tobacco firms claimed in a lawsuit filed in federal court that the new cigarette packaging requirements infringed upon their free speech. The labels, mandated by the federal government, will occupy the top half of both the front and back of the package and will show graphic images of a man with throat cancer or diseased gums, among other photographs. Accompanying the grisly pictures will be warnings, such as “Smoking can kill you.” The tobacco companies object to the labels on the grounds that they are unconstitutional. … Read entire article »

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FDA seeks tobacco industry input, but some firms frustrated with process

Some tobacco industry representatives expressed frustration Monday with how the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has handled its regulatory authority over tobacco products so far. Officials with the FDA assured more than 200 people at an industry trade group meeting in Williamsburg that the agency wants to treat tobacco manufacturers and merchants fairly. “We are going to communicate as clearly and openly with you as we can,” said David Ashley, director of the office of science at the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products. “We want to be as transparent as we can.” Ashley was one of five department directors at the Center for Tobacco Products who spoke at the annual conference of the Tobacco Merchants Association. The three-day meeting, which ends today, is focusing on federal regulation of the industry. Congress passed legislation in June 2009 that gave the FDA authority to regulate tobacco … Read entire article »

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