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Comparison of tobacco fight to the Opium Wars

To know if tobacco is the equivalent of the Opium Wars in China, it is useful to briefly review the history. When Christopher Columbus explored the New World in 1492, he found the natives were smoking a native plant, tobacco, which they did as for medicinal and ritual purposes. He was the first who introduced it to Europe. From 1617 to 1793, tobacco was the most widely used and valuable major export from the English American mainland colonies and the U.S. Columbus could have never imagined that soon after its introduction in Europe, tobacco will become one of the major threats to health in several Latin American and Asian countries. Tobacco is one of the most addictive substance in the world, was introduced to China via Japan or the Philippines in the 1600s. … Read entire article »

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Alaska Native groups to join forces in the fight against tobacco

Alaska Native anti-tobacco crusaders received unanimous support from the board of the state’s largest native Organization previous year. Now, with the support of the Alaska Federation of Natives, they are trying to cut into the state’s high rate of tobacco use by Alaska Native by implementing individual tribes to stop their employees from smoking while working. They were particularly successful in the Interior, where the Tanana Chief Conference- a nonprofit corporation serving 42 Interior villages- resolved to ban tobacco products on tribal government facilities this year. “We want to protect workers and children from secondhand smoke, but also from seeing it as a social norm,” said Gary Ferguson, director of health and prevention of Alaska Tribal Health Consortium. He has been a vocal anti-tobacco advocate. “In the Interior, we have very resistant rates … Read entire article »

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Large market in tobacco fight

High quality journalism requires global investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut and paste the article. High quality journalism requires global investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut and paste the article. See our Ts & Cs and Copyright detail. Not surprisingly, in Geneva, the World Health Organization describes habits as “epidemic.” Government of Australia, which already has one of the lowest smokings in the world, is planning to implement strict anti-smoking laws in the world, called “plain packaging”. All cigarettes will be sold in olive green packs with brands in standard fonts and graphic health warnings – pictures of cancer of the mouth and other smoking-related diseases – taking up most of the package. Not surprisingly, Big Tobacco resistance. Four … Read entire article »

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Tobacco fight is just beginning

Millions of dollars are “going up in smoke” and its officials, the government put out the problem, says a spokesperson for the national group fighting contraband cigarettes. Gary Grant of the National Coalition of Anti-Smuggling of tobacco made a brief stop in Belleville, to discuss the ongoing problem of illegal sale of tobacco products. The stop was one of the few in Ontario by what Grant called “contraband trail” – the community, which is considered a matter of serious concern. “During the last election campaign – a federal campaign – the Conservatives have promised if they were re-elected, they bring in tougher laws against the smuggling of tobacco smugglers,” said Grant. “They also said they would dedicate 50 additional RCMP officers and dedicate them to the execution of contraband tobacco. “We ask them … Read entire article »

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