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Tobacco farmers appeal plan

The Philippine PTGA said that the proposals of the Framework Convention of the World Health Organization’s Tobacco eradicate tobacco farming has serious consequences, because the industry supports the livelihoods of more than 30 million tobacco farmers worldwide. Saturnine distortion, PTGA president, said that the Philippine tobacco manufacturers intend to fight for the survival of the tobacco industry, promising to join the global protest against the proposed WHO FCTC. “We will not take the issue sitting. We will do everything we can to fight for the survival of the tobacco industry, not only in the Philippines but in other countries as well,” Distor said in a statement. Distor appealed to President Benigno S. Aquino III to protect the interests of the tobacco farmers and the more then 2.7 growers, and more than 2.7 … Read entire article »

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Good times roll for tobacco farmers

The season ended on tobacco products last week, agricultural experts and farmers calling it a success, as the recovery of gold leaf production continues. Manufacture of tobacco products dipped after the chaotic land reform program to 48 million kg in 2008 from the peak of 236 million kg in 2000. Recovery of tobacco products began in 2009. Although some tobacco farmers have complained about the relatively low prices, most of them were happy with the price and in an organized manner in which culture has been sold, in contrast to previous years. The farmers attributed the success of this year’s success to the assistance they received from contractors and local financial institutions. In an interview with The Standard at Boka Auction Floors last week, Macheke farmer, Douglas Chingara said he would be able to … Read entire article »

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Tobacco farmers

Representatives of the hundreds of thousands of African tobacco farmers will gather at the International Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association African Regional Meeting of 28 – 30 May to discuss the outrageous recommendations developed by international regulatory bodies that may destroy their livelihoods. Farmer leaders attending the meeting, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and will focus on the recommendations of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the working group on Articles 17 and 18. FCTC was originally recommended to the governments of these countries to help tobacco farmers find viable alternative economic cultures, suggesting that the demand for tobacco products will decrease. Very little research on alternative, economically viable crops has been carried out and the group recognizes that any further investigation will require sustained the test of time. However, currently proposed FCTC … Read entire article »

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Tobacco farmers appeal to board for securing remuneration

Tobacco farmers in East Godavari district, selling their produce at the Torredu auction floor near here, have appealed to the Tobacco Board to either secure remunerative prices on the auction floor or show them an exit route by paying them compensation so that they can go in for alternative crops. The farmers made the appeal at an interaction with the chairman of the Tobacco Board, Mr G. Kamalavardhana Rao, at the Torredu auction floor on Tuesday. They told the chairman that the Tobacco Board had earlier proposed to pay compensation of Rs 5 lakh a barn to enable the farmers switch over to alternative crops. Mr K. Satyanarayana, the president of the East Godavari District Tobacco Farmers’ Association, said the cost of tobacco cultivation has gone up steeply in recent times. Traders are … Read entire article »

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Japan’s Tobacco Farmers Stunt privatization Plan

TOKYO—A long-term plan by Japan’s government to raise about $24 billion to help fund rebuilding efforts after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami has been cut back by a few thousand farmers summoning their political influence to save their livelihood—growing tobacco leaf. First touted in September, the plan drawn up by Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda’s Democratic Party of Japan to sell the state’s 50% stake in Japan Tobacco Inc. in a two-stage process is a relatively small element of a package to raise ¥12 trillion, or about $150 billion, to finance rebuilding after the disasters. But tapping long-standing support from Japan’s biggest opposition party, the Liberal Democratic Party, the rapidly dwindling group of farmers—expected to fall to about 6,000 next year—has put up resistance stiff enough to oblige the government, at least … Read entire article »

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Tobacco farmers, workers rally against draft regulation

Hundreds of people staged a rally rejecting a government draft regulation that would limit the sale of tobacco products and ban tobacco advertising, in front of the Health Ministry on Tuesday. The majority of the participants of the rally were from the Indonesian Tobacco Farmers Association, Indonesian Tobacco Community Alliance and Indonesian Cloves Farmer Association. They said the new draft would create unemployment. There are currently at least 6 million people employed in the tobacco sector. The draft regulates a higher production standards for tobacco products. It also forbids the sale of tobacco to people under 18 and to pregnant women, as well as sales of individual cigarettes. In addition, the draft regulation bans all forms of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship. The draft, which is supported by the National Commission on Tobacco Control, is … Read entire article »

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Asian tobacco growers oppose WHO policy

Tobacco farmers are stepping up opposition to the World Health Organization’s proposal to ban all additives from tobacco products. According to the International Tobacco Growers’ Association, tobacco farmers in several Asian nations including India, Malaysia and the Philippines will gather today to show their opposition to WHO’s plans. Under the proposed articles nine and 10 of WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control or FTCT, adding ingredients such as sweeteners, spices and stimulants to tobacco products will be banned in order to reduce the “attractiveness” of tobacco products to consumers. Tobacco farmers from Asian nations including South Korea, Thailand and India adopted a declaration in June opposing the proposal. Whether or not FTCT will be adopted will be decided at a WHO meeting in November, which tobacco farmers will not be a part of, according to the … Read entire article »

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Asian tobacco farmers are against flavored cigarette ban

It comes after a recent recommendation by the World Health Organization (WHO) to ban ingredients such as clove and other flavours in tobacco products.Asian tobacco growers say if the WHO ruling is enforced it could threaten millions of tobacco farmers’ jobs.Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of clove cigarettes and is particularly concerned about the move. Tobacco growers from India, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia are taking part in the summit in Jakarta.It is the first of its kind and members hope that the Asia Tobacco Forum will prove to be an effective lobby group for their goals.Their biggest concern is how to deal with the WHO’s recent recommendation to ban flavoured tobacco products. Job losses According to the association of Asian tobacco growers, the ruling could put an estimated … Read entire article »

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