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Confusion “pack” Tobacco Control Bill

There is some confusion in the Nigerian community in the fight against tobacco on the “pack” Tobacco Control Bill currently before the Senate investigation into the keeper at the weekend showed. Tobacco Control Bill, sponsored by the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Ifeanyi Okowa, and some other senior senators, now in the Senate, entitled “a bill for a law abolishing the Tobacco (Control) Act 1990 Cap. T 16 laws Federation and the adoption of the bill on the national tobacco control in 2012 in order to regulate or control the production, manufacture, sales, advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco or tobacco products in Nigeria and other related issues. ” The bill passed its first reading and second reading is scheduled for this month. Tobacco Control Bill is to assist in … Read entire article »

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U.S. tobacco control efforts lagging

Every year since 2002, the American Lung Assn. has issued a report on the state of tobacco control in the U.S. and its member states. The report looks at what the federal government, states and cities are doing to prevent tobacco use, help people quit and protect the public from secondhand smoke. Every year from 2002, the American Lung Assn has issued a report of tobacco control in the USA and its member states. The report looks at what states, cities and federal govs are doing for tobacco use prevention, help people quit and protect the public from secondhand smoke. Not well, said Thomas Carr, director of national policy for the American Lung Assn. and chief author and editor of the report.  “The state report cards were littered with Ds and Fs … Read entire article »

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License to smoke: tobacco control by social authoritarians

In a movie where it is showed how to reduce the damaging health effect of tobacco products, the radical propose of a “smoker’s license” is to debate by two experts in this week. Simon Chapman from the Australian University  and Jeff Collin from University of Edinburgh, both are agreed that creative thinking tackle the global smoking epidemic being disagree on the need of license for smokers. Chapman introduces a smart card license for smokers, which would limit access for tobacco products and also will encourage smokers for quitting. He argues this with tobacco sales that trivial controls compared with other dangerous products that threaten the public and personal safety, an other approach is strictly necessary – a smoker’s license. He explains how such a license works “All smokers are asked to obtain a … Read entire article »

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CSOs urge the government to adopt tobacco control law

A Group of civil society campaigns on public health has asked the Ministry of Health to adopt a comprehensive law on tobacco control in accordance with international commitments. The Zambia Media Network against Tobacco, Zambia anti-smoking society and Zambia Consumers Association require action on the part of the Minister of Health to “move” the sluggish process of adoption. The group noted that Zambia has ratified the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) in May 2008, but was not home at the contract date. They stated that in the beginning of this year, the government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, held a tame all treaties to which Zambia is a party. “As civil society groups, we welcomed the announcement by the Government. We were very pleased that the government is striving to fulfill … Read entire article »

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Tobacco control efforts in the Pacific Islands

A new monograph on the Legacy and Partnership Pacific Tobacco Free Islands puts emphasis on the problem of tobacco use in the United States Associated Pacific Islands, presenting both problems and solutions. The report, entitled Pacific Partnership for Tobacco Free Islands: an interweaving of our resources and cultures to the list of tobacco use are considered the unique challenges faced in the jurisdiction when placing the lessons learned from tobacco control efforts. While there is little national data on the prevalence on tobacco use in USAPI, smoking rates appear to be high in many of the islands. Almost all indicators of health in the Pacific Islands living in USAPI worse than in the United States, particularly in the freely associated states. Public health, working in the community also faces specific challenges, … Read entire article »

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Tobacco control against social justice

In Indonesia, many people do not have access to safe drinking water, adequate sanitation, food and medical care. In fact, according to the Ministry of Health, only 41.6% urban and 48.8% of rural residents now have clean drinking water, despite government intervention. About 13% of the population lives below the poverty line, and 49% lives on a daily income of less than U.S. $ 2. Leading cause of death in this country of infectious diseases, for example, about 250 people die each day from tuberculosis. Although the prevalence of smoking among men increased from 46.4% in 1980 to 54.5% in 2001, the Indonesian government has consistently refused to ratify the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), mainly due to the lack of local data on the harmful effects of smoking. In contrast, countries … Read entire article »

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Comprehensive Tobacco Control

Health Minister, Hon. Dr. Fenton Ferguson has said that the ministry is finalizing the preparation for approval by the Cabinet seeks to develop a tobacco control law, which provides broad protection from unwanted exposure to tobacco. “Tobacco use remains the leading cause of cancer, heart disease and many other diseases can be avoided, and we intend to reduce tobacco use in public places, as a method of reducing these conditions,” Dr. Ferguson said. He spoke to the participants of the seminar on “Staff Wellness, a source for competitive advantage: management in the health of current and future workforce” at the 18th International Diabetes Conference, held at Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort in Ocho Rios, on March 30. Dr. Ferguson said that “the effect of smoking, especially in the public space has a huge impact … Read entire article »

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State gets poor grades in tobacco control

When it comes to Tobacco Control 101, Montana earns a barely passing grade. Last week, the American Society of Light has released its State of Tobacco Control 2012 report, which gave letter grades to each state, evaluating the performance in four categories: no smoke without air, cigarette taxes and tobacco cessation and prevention. The group released a similar report each of the last 10 years. In general, the country is losing ground in the fight against tobacco. States do less to keep kids from smoking and the tobacco industry takes advantage of the apathy of the fight, the study said. Montana is one of the culprits of apathetic, according to the report, and the state legislature did not help matters during the 2011 session. One, “” table Montana was smoking air, thanks to Clean … Read entire article »

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Tobacco Control Leaders Travel To Albany

Tobacco use continues to inflict great damage on the New York State residents, especially the poor. That is the message that hundreds of tobacco control leaders representing all the county in the state, to bring to Albany on January 24, to train state lawmakers on proven programs, many funded by the state that are in place to help reduce the burden associated with tobacco and to save lives and dollars of the state fee. New legislators in New York State are invited to visit the Well of the Legislative Office Building, where the local representatives of the program will bring together supporters of the voluntary youth to answer questions, provide resources and give demonstrations of effective tobacco prevention programs are delivered throughout the state. “Tobacco control leaders live and work in the communities … Read entire article »

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Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act targets kids and use

In a move that will essentially change the way the United States regulates tobacco, President Obama signed the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (H.R. 1256). The legislation grants the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority to regulate the marketing of tobacco products, specifically marketing designed to mislead consumers or recruit underage smokers. 

The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act grants the FDA the tools to combat these practices in the tobacco industry and will immediately reduce the ability of tobacco companies to recruit new smokers and limit the devastation caused by tobacco-related disease. The legislation specifically gives the FDA the authority to: Crack down on tobacco marketing and sales to children. Ban candy-flavored cigarettes Require disclosure of the contents of tobacco products. Compel the tobacco industry to research about the health effects of … Read entire article »

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Implimentation of tobacco laws-Reality

Are the tobacco control laws, as envisaged in the COTPA (Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act 2003) and the Ban on Smoking in Public Places being enforced and followed in the city of Lucknow? And are the citizens any wiser about the hazards of smoking and tobacco consumption? To find the ground reality, some students of Class XII of Loreto Convent College, recently did a random survey of the city of Lucknow, as part of their Environmental Education Project. They surveyed 200 persons (150 males and 50 females) of various age groups, and coming from different strata of society- -from rickshaw pullers to executives. They traversed the entire city clicking photographs of shops/kiosks selling cigarettes and other tobacco products much within 100metres range of educational institutions. They searched in vain, for signage … Read entire article »

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