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Oxford University will not accept funding from tobacco companies

In 1927, the French philosopher Julien Benda published a piercing attack on the intellectuals of his day. They should, in his opinion in La Trahison Des Clercs (Betrayal scientists), act as a check on popular passions. Civilization, he argued, is only possible if the intellectuals opposed to the requirements of the political “realism”, supporting universal principles. “Thanks to the scientists,” he said, “did evil of mankind for two thousand years, but the honor of the good.” Europe may be lying in the gutter, but he was looking at the stars. But these ideals Benda claimed to have been lost. Europe was now lying in the gutter, looking into the gutter. “The vast majority” of intellectuals, artists and clergy joined the “chorus of hate”: nationalism, racism, the cult of force and war. … Read entire article »

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Tobacco companies spend less on promotion

Tobacco business leaders spent less money on advertising and promotion of cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco products in recent years, according to the latest data from the Federal Trade Commission. Numbers released Friday show marketing of cigarettes fell by more than 5% to $ 8.05 billion in 2010, the latest year available, from a year earlier. Meanwhile, cigarette sales fell by about 3% to 281.6 billion cigarettes in the same period. As in previous years, most of the money spent on cigarettes of about 81%, or $ 6.49 billion price discounts paid to retailers and wholesalers to reduce the price of cigarettes to consumers, the average price for a pack continued to rise to $ 5.73 in 2010. Consequence of the rise in prices of major federal tax increase on tobacco products in … Read entire article »

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Chinese smokers make tobacco companies do feel good

The recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO), have shown that smoking is a cause of death for more than 6 million people annually. While the proportion of smokers in developed countries has been reduced, the growth of the tobacco industry is ensured by a huge number of smokers in Asia and especially in China. WHO accuses Chinese authorities for the failure of global anti-tobacco campaign? According to the Chinese healthcare ministry, one million people die in China from diseases caused by smoking each year. The total number of smokers in China is 350 million, almost twice the number of population of Russia, and three times more than the population of Mexico. China is also the world leader in the number of passive smokers, whose number exceeds 700 million. Anti-tobacco campaign … Read entire article »

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Tobacco companies spend about $ 15 million against tax proposals – so far

Proposed $ 1 per pack increase in state taxes on cigarettes has caused the largest tobacco companies in the country, four of its affiliated companies and others to lose $ 14,765,383 in the campaign to defeat the measure. Supporters of Proposition 29, by contrast, spent $ 3,752,217, or about one quarter more, according to the nonpartisan reported Thursday MapLight, a research organization that reports the influence of money on politics. Altria and Reynolds American Inc, Santa Fe Natural plus Reynolds Tobacco Company and the American Snuff Company, and Altria in the U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. and John Middleton are the heavyweights in the fight against the parties. They are joined by Prometheus International, Inc, Santa Barbara, cigars and tobacco, and tinder Box Costa Mesa. Supporting measures are the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which, with … Read entire article »

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Tobacco companies drop legal challenge to display ban in English shops

Tobacco companies have today decided to drop their judicial review to challenge the English ban on displaying tobacco products in shops. The ban for retailers over 3,000sq ft comes into force on 6 April next year and for smaller stores in April 2015. A statement by tobacco company JTI said: “This decision has been taken in light of the very significant delays in the adoption of the relevant regulations defining the scope of the ban. The final regulations still have not been made by the UK Department of Health and cannot be made any earlier than March 2012, despite the ban taking effect for large retailers on 6 April 2012. “This serious and unfortunate delay has made it less likely that the English High Court could make a decision on the legality of … Read entire article »

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5 Tobacco Companies With Good Dividend Growth Prospects

The tobacco industry isn’t a favorite of everyone but these companies do pay dividends that average about twice the average dividend of the S&P 500 and beat Treasury yields by a mile. I don’t own any of these stocks, but investors looking for consistently high, rising dividends may want to take a closer look. The industry continues to face litigation, albeit at a much lower intensity than a few years back, and will likely continue to for the foreseeable future. However, the leaders of these companies are taking steps to offset volume losses in mature markets. The two most promising trends have been to focus on emerging markets and to spend more marketing budget on smokeless tobacco products. The industry is also looking at other nicotine-related products. I don’t like the sound … Read entire article »

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Ivey Retiring from Reynolds American

Susan M. Ivey, currently chairman, president and CEO of Reynolds American Inc.,the producer of Camel cigarettes has notified the board of directors of her intent to retire on February 28, 2011. The board has elected Daniel (Daan) M. Delen, currently chairman, president and CEO of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., to be president- and CEO-elect of RAI, and a member of the board, effective January 1, 2011. After ongoing evaluation, the board also decided to split the roles of chairman and CEO, in line with best-practice trends in corporate governance. Thomas C. Wajnert has been elected nonexecutive chairman of RAI’s board, effective November 1, 2010. Wajnert has served as the board’s lead director since 2008, serves as the chair of the board’s compensation and leadership development committee, and is a member of … Read entire article »

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Big Tobacco’s nightmare

He is one of the most famous whistleblowers in the world, but his face is relatively unknown.Jeffrey Wigand, the scientist who revealed Big Tobacco’s dirtiest secrets and found a bullet in his letterbox, says he’s “an ugly old man with white hair”. But the world knows him as the fattened-up but still handsome Russell Crowe in a celebrated film. Wigand likes the movie. “I think Russell Crowe did an amazing job of capturing my essence,” he says on the phone from his home in Michigan. “I was sorry he didn’t get an Academy Award.”The Insider showed one person can bring about change, that the truth will out, and that tobacco companies will fight to bury it. And that life is horrible for a whistleblower with kids. “The death threats were never directed … Read entire article »

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Tobacco companies spent many days in court

U.S. cigarette makers, led by Altria Group (MO) and Reynolds American (RAI), who is the producer of Camel cigarettes have racked up a dismal record in Florida courts, where smokers and their families won 14 of the last 15 trials and were awarded more than $200 million in damages. But plenty of battles remain. That’s because there are still more than 9,000 claims left to be tried. The industry’s string of 14 losses, followed by one victory on May 19, are among the first cases to be heard on behalf of sick and dead smokers since the Florida Supreme Court threw out a huge class action aiming to represent 700,000 smokers in 2006. The suit claimed tobacco companies misled smokers about the addictive nature of smoking and its impact on health. … Read entire article »

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Old best leaders of the tobacco market.

Philip Morris International is the biggest transnational cigarette Company in the world. It is the manufacturer of the best cigarette brand- Marlboro cigarettes. In the 1999 this company had sales of more than US$47 billion. British American Tobacco is another very big tobacco seller. It has the largest network in the most countries and sells the most cigarettes worldwide, however not including the national market. This is just a small part of the tobacco company’s history about the huge sums of money that they have. Tobacco industry represents a mixture of the biggest and most powerful transnational commercial tobacco companies in the entire world. State tobacco monopolies were in decline since the 1980s. In 1980 almost 7,000 large or medium state-owned companies were privatized. But in 1990 other 60,000 were privatized after … Read entire article »

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