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Truth in advertising on cigarette brands

QUESTION: Although I am proud to have quit smoking years ago, I have noticed a recent change in the way cigarette packs are labeled. The product names and package designs are different. What prompted these changes, and what was the thinking behind them? Answer: The changes you’ve noticed in cigarette packaging are the result of new Food and Drug Administration tobacco-industry regulations. The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, signed into law in 2009, stipulates that tobacco companies may no longer use the terms “light,” “low” or “mild” to describe their products. This law applies to tobacco packaging and any tobacco-related advertising. As of June 22, tobacco manufacturers were prohibited from producing any more products carrying these descriptors and, since July 22, no company in the tobacco industry has been … Read entire article »

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Tobacco advertise in TV shows, movies seduce new generations

Elle Macpherson’s ex and Uma Thurman’s on-off fiancé appears in the latest Harper’s Bazaar in a photograph that simply reeks of animal magnetism, all because of the addition of a single prop: a lit cigarette.Curiously, another previously ungainly figure has been transformed behind a veil of smoke. In last week’s copy of ShortList magazine, portly comic actor James Corden, was similarly transformed into a far steelier and edgier character, again via the touch of La Diva Nicotina. In reality, I can barely hold a conversation with a smoker, let alone drift off into a reverie of cocktails, romance and Egyptian cotton sheets. I find the breath of a smoker to be as tolerable as that of a salivating British bulldog. But the image still has a certain bewitching glamour, which … Read entire article »

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Baseball –too much free tobacco advertising

Baseball has provided much free advertising for tobacco companies over the decades, from the iconic pictures of Nellie Fox with a jaw stuffed full of tobacco to the circular outlines of dip cans showing through players’ back pockets. There used to be boxes filled with pouches of chewing tobacco in the dugout, but you don’t find too many now who use that stuff. Those little cans of dip are the choice of those who still feel the nicotine craving. If you are of a certain age, you probably packed your mouth with bubblegum as a Little-Leaguer just so you could look like your heroes. There’s no telling how much money dentists made from all the tooth decay that resulted from trying to copy that bad habit, but we didn’t care. “Why can’t baseball … Read entire article »

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