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Smokin’ Joe Namath Gives Puffers An Illicit Itch On LIRR Platforms

As numerous studies have shown, smoking cigarettes is one of the coolest activities in the world. The only thing cooler than smoking is taking illicit puffs after a lushy celebrity tells you not to. After a smoking ban on LIRR platforms went into effect yesterday, the Post found a smoker who was lighting up with gusto, despite the audio announcements telling him it was illegal. “Joe Namath just told me I couldn’t smoke, so I wanted to,” a 28-year-old man said at the Hicksville station. No word on whether Katie Couric will track him down and tell him what an awful person he is. Another smoker called the ban “bullshit,” saying, “They’re already hiking up our prices. I’m still going to smoke.” Sure you could whip out your smartphone and play … Read entire article »

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Health Canada refuses to divulge its records

Health Canada has refused to reveal to The Gazette whether it has fined or prosecuted any companies that have violated the Tobacco Act by not filing reports on the contents of their tobacco products and on their marketing practices. After initially denying that it kept track of such records, Health Canada then admitted it kept the records but refused to divulge them. It suggested The Gazette file an access to information request with the ministry. By law, prosecutions are public information. The request for information about fines and prosecutions was sparked by documents obtained by The Gazette showing that the federal government took no action for at least two and a half years even though Health Canada was claiming Distribution GVA Inc., of Laval failed to file product reports required under the Tobacco … Read entire article »

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Displaying tobacco in shops should be consigned to history

The government will soon decide whether cigarette displays in shops should be banned. Health campaigners insist they should, believing this will reduce the number of young people smoking, while those who run convenience shops oppose the move, saying it will cost up to £1,000 to remove the displays and to fit under-the-counter trays to hold tobacco products. This, they warn, will increase queues in shops, levels of theft and smuggling. Whether a ban deters young people from smoking is fiercely contested. Several Canadian provinces that introduced a ban have witnessed a significant fall in youth smoking. But provinces that did not introduce a ban have also seen falls. What is clear is that in the Canadian example the smoking lobby vigorously resisted the move, advancing the same arguments against the ban now … Read entire article »

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How Do You Really Feel About Smoking?

Now that the Food and Drug Administration has the power to regulate tobacco and is starting to flex its muscles, we wondered how Americans are feeling about smoking. So our pals at Thomson Reuters agreed to ask a slew of questions about smoking and cigarettes as part of their latest nationwide health survey. First, here’s a little bit of info about the more than 3,000 people who responded to the telephone survey. More than half — 56 percent — said they’d never smoked. Slightly more than a quarter are former smokers and about 17 percent smoke now. Now the findings. A little more than half — 54 percent — of people surveyed are in favor of those graphic cigarette labels FDA has proposed to deter smoking. About 24 percent oppose them. Digging deeper, … Read entire article »

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Tobbaco products should sport more graphic warnings: Survey

A majority of Indians want stringent pictorial warnings on tobacco products to warn smokers against the hazards of consuming tobacco, said a survey released here Friday. The Health Related Information Dissemination Amongst Youth (HRIDAY) and the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) conducted the survey among 5,300 people in the last 15 days. “Only seven percent people are in favour of the current diseased lungs warning compared to 82 percent who opted for the notified mouth cancer warning (to be enforced from Dec 1) to be the most effective pictorial warning,” it found. The scorpion warning as well as the lung X-ray warning, currently also being used on tobacco products, also got a thumbs down from the public. “While six percent voted for the lung X-ray warning, only five percent felt the scorpion warning … Read entire article »

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