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San Francisco Plans to Ban Cigarettes Sales to Those Under 21

Supervisors Scott Wiener, Eric Mar and Malia Cohen intend to present legislation these days that would make it unlawful to offer tobacco products to anyone under the age of 21. The American Heart Association, which encourages the regulation, states that almost 95 % of smokers start smoking before they are 21. Wiener affirms the intend is that making it more challenging for young people to obtain cigarettes will reduce in general the number of cigarette users. He claims smoking is harmful for San Franciscans’ health, however there is more than simply a human cost. If the regulation passes, San Francisco would come to be the latest in an increasing list of jurisdictions to increase the minimum age for tobacco acquisitions. New York City passed the identical regulation in 2013, and the state of … Read entire article »

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Senate passes bill on smoking ban

Indiana lawmakers have approached the introduction of the universal, the state smoking ban. Indiana Senate passed the bill 29-21 February 29, but not without first amending the exclusion list. In response to an amendment added to HB 1149, co-sponsors Rep. Charlie Brown, D-Gary, and Rep. Eric Turner, R-Cicero, disagreed with the change from March 1. The bill will go to conference committee to negotiate the issue. “The bill is likely to be more like it was when he left the house than when he left the Senate,” Senator Michael Young, R-Indianapolis, said. As can be seen, Young said he does not believe that the bill be passed. According to further amendments, bars and taverns can allow smoking as long as they only allow people 21 and older to enter, smoking will be … Read entire article »

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The smoking ban moves to full Senate

For the first time, the full Indiana Senate will discuss the proposed state smoking ban that would prohibit cigarettes in most workplaces and public spaces. Senate Committee on Government Policy on Wednesday voted in favor of the 2.8 state ban. House passed the legislation in the previous five years, only to see it quickly die in the Senate committee. The difference this session, the chairman said Ron Alting, R-Lafayette, is the house stands, finally found the right number of exemptions. Among these gaming facilities, cigar / hookah bars, tobacco retail stores, nonprofit private clubs and fraternal organizations. Bars have 18 months to comply with the ban. Indiana does not disturb the ground. Twenty-nine states have a total ban on smoking, including 22 bars. But do not hang up no-smoking signs yet. “I expect a huge … Read entire article »

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UK Smoking Ban in Cars?

The British Medical Association has called for a ban on smoking in cars. The British Medical Association has called for a ban on smoking in cars. This is considered, by some, to be important as cigarette toxins within confined spaces can be extremely potent. Furthermore – putting aside the well publicised health risks – British Car Auctions has concluded that smoking in your vehicle can significantly reduce its second-hand value. After all, unfortunate smells, cigarette burns, and stained fabric put-off buyers. Tim Naylor, PR Manager at British Car Auctions, commented: “This is an incredibly important health issue – and we don’t want to undermine that by any means – but if drivers aren’t motivated by the health of their passengers, perhaps they will be by the diminishing health of their finances. Lighting … Read entire article »

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Clean Air and Smoking Ban

University of Central Arkansas officials are considering whether to request that their president’s home be exempt from a new state law banning smoking at public colleges and universities. The Clean Air on Campus Act of 2009 required that those institutions go smoke-free by Sunday, but the school’s Board of Trustees made the law effective July 1. University Chief of Staff Jack Gillean, who wrote the school policy, said it’s “pretty straightforward.” “Thou shalt not smoke or dip,” he said. The university has banned smokeless tobacco products, too, although the state law only mentions smoking. Use of the tobacco products are considered illegal in off-campus housing, educational buildings, the College Square Retirement Community and the UCA President’s Home. A person can be fined $100 to $500 for violating the law. School President Allen Meadors said he thinks … Read entire article »

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