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Altria: prepares to jump on smokeless tobacco

Altria (MO) released its third quarter results last week. It is set at 44% due to the reduction of debt and redemption charge. Despite cigarette sales increased by 1.3%, revenues remained unchanged at 2.2%, or $ 6.24 billion, compared with $ 4.5 billion approximately. EPS was only 43.9%, and about 58 cents estimated. About 73% of sales come from Altria cigarettes, but strong sales of smokeless tobacco have been impressive. Smokeless tobacco accounts for about 10% of sales and is growing from 3.5% to 4%. Cigarette use has fallen by 1.2% to 2.4% compared to 2009, but Altria other brands that make up the loss. EPS this year, designed to $ 2.21, compared to a projected $ 1.64. Altria gross profit is 55%, 14.7% net margin. Altria’s total debt is 19.65% of … Read entire article »

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Reynolds developing new smokeless products

Reynolds American Inc. has touted for years its desire to be the tobacco industry’s trailblazer for innovative mainstream smokeless products. Values – and priority – Reynolds places in this role were evident again, as the company released second-quarter earnings report on Tuesday. Daniel Delen, provided limited details, citing competitive reasons, he says Reynolds is preparing for the next six months to cut the road into several categories, including a couple of (probably e-cigarettes), nicotine replacement therapy and nicotine products, such as an extract pills. Reynolds is also preparing to launch a new style heated cigarette like Eclipse, which it introduced in 1996 and still sells on-demand retail and wholesale trade. According to Pat Shehan, the owner of the tobacco Tarheeler retail chain stores, Reynolds introduces a limited “market lead” branded electronic … Read entire article »

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Turlock dentist fought smokeless tobacco in baseball

Turlock dentist Bob McCulla watches baseball games differently that most of us. When he watches players spit tobacco juice, he thinks about the damage they’re doing.”Number one, I’m disgusted,” McCulla said. “But I’m worried about that person. I’m also worried about the kids they’re influencing.”McCulla offers oral cancer screening to all of his patients and has campaigned against the use of smokeless tobacco, especially in professional sports. “They want you to believe smokeless is harmless,” McCulla says of the tobacco companies. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, tobacco is addictive and deadly no matter how it is used. McCulla contacted News10 after hearing the news that Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn was diagnosed with oral cancer believed to be caused by years of chewing tobacco. “I thought it was a good opportunity … Read entire article »

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GSK asks FDA to block smokeless tobacco

Smokeless tobacco foes just got a new ally. GlaxoSmithKline has asked the FDA to pull R.J. Reynolds’ dissolvable tobacco products off the market completely. The products–Camel Orbs, Camel Sticks and Camel Strips–are already sold in test markets around the country, even though they’re under review by an FDA advisory committee. “Smokeless tobacco products are currently being marketed without clear evidence of their safety,” GSK says in a statement. And who could blame the drugmaker for taking umbrage? GSK, after all, had to conduct clinical trials to get its nicotine-replacement products onto the market. Smokeless tobacco products are controversial, with some critics saying they’re likely to be a “gateway” product that lead kids to eventually take up smoking, and advocates championing them as a safer alternative to cigarettes. Reynolds bills the smokeless products as cigarette alternatives–and … Read entire article »

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Reserchers say : Smokeless tobacco affects genes

A novel study has highlighted hazards of smokeless tobacco, saying that it is equally detrimental for the body, damaging its genetic material.Researchers from Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, India found that chemicals present in chewing tobacco and other smokeless forms of tobacco affect the bodily enzymes along with impairing the genes or DNA.The Times of India quoted study authors as saying, “These products are used around the world but are most common in Northern Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Mediterranean region.” Research details Researchers conducted trial on laboratory rats by giving extracts of smokeless tobacco to them and evaluating changes in their enzymes and genetic material.They found that apart from harmful effects on the mouth, smokeless tobacco also resulted in damaging the functioning of bodily enzymes. Known to cause … Read entire article »

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Best info about Smokeless Tobacco

What Smokeless Tobacco Is: As the term suggests, smokeless tobacco describes a variety of tobacco products that are not smoked by the consumer. These products, which we’ll look at below, are less harmful than smoking, but are still extremely hazardous to human health. Smokeless tobacco contains nicotine and is highly addictive. Snuff: Snuff is finely ground tobacco that comes in two forms: * Wet or moist snuff. It is used by taking a “pinch” and putting it between the cheek or the lower lip and the gum, where it sits until the nicotine in the tobacco is absorbed through the inside of the mouth. Moist snuff can also be purchased in portioned teabag-like sachets that can be put directly in the mouth as well. * Dry snuff is sold as a powder that can be inhaled … Read entire article »

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Smokesless tobacco products taxed like snus

One of the world’s most addictive drugs is available in every Lehigh Valley neighborhood. It’s cheap. It can cost less than a gallon of gas. Eight percent of high schoolers use it, and one-fourth of young users start by sixth grade. This drug has been openly and aggressively marketed to young males, but now its manufacturers are coming up with ways to use it that will appeal to both genders and all ages. smokless-tobacco-products The drug, of course, is nicotine. The drug delivery system that appeals to so many preteens and teenagers is smokeless tobacco. Forty years ago, most chewing tobacco users were older, rural men. Now, thanks to marketing that links it to sports, such as rodeo and stock car racing, and attitude-loaded advertising in magazines , including Rolling Stone, most smokeless … Read entire article »

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