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Philip Morris eyes Abra towns for tobacco production

Some towns in Abra province are being groomed and became the top among the country’s producers of high-quality tobacco varieties Domingo Agme, field training officer and farmer coordinator of the Philip Morris-Fortune Tobacco Corp. (PMFTC), said the towns of Viillaciosa, Luba, San Isidro, San Juan and Pilar were found to be suitable for tobacco farming. Agme also said the PMFTC, a leading manufacturer of cigarettes in the country, saw the potential of these towns in producing quality tobacco as its mountainous terrains, weather and the availability of irrigation are suitable for growing the crop.Philip Morris is the producer of Marlboro Red cigarettes. He added that the company discovered the towns’ potential after studying the farm soil and the availability of people who are either growing tobacco or interested in cultivating it. “We see a … Read entire article »

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British American Tobacco can better market Philip Morris?

If you’re interested in creating a diversified and profitable portfolio, you need to compare the same company and choose from the slot product that you should buy. These collections are not always as easy as it seems. I’m going to compare some of the most famous names from the U.S. market. I’m going to use the three main criteria – cost, profit and growth – to compare the company of their peers sector. I have included some U.S. stocks, as they provide UK investors with access to some of the largest and most successful companies in the world. Although there are some tax implications of U.S. stocks in the UK business account, they are quite simple, and I feel outweigh the potential of investing in the U.S. market. I’m going to use … Read entire article »

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Philip Morris seeks advantage in China

Marlboro is the best-selling cigarettes in the world, but it has a slight 0.3% market share in China, where about a quarter of the population smokes. Now, Philip Morris International, Inc, PM -0, 82%, which makes and sells Marlboro outside the U.S., is trying to raise its profile in this vast Asian nation goes beyond smoking. One interesting effort, he started to develop flu vaccines derived from plants such as tobacco. In another project, closer to its core business, it is developing less harmful cigarettes, which he will seek to sell all over the world, but especially in China, where about 40% of cigarettes smoked in the world, but the state China National Tobacco Corporation has a virtual monopoly.Philip Morris International is the producer of LM cigarettes , Parliament cigarettes, Bond … Read entire article »

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Philip Morris Provides fifth consecutive dividend hike

Last week was characterized by a very slow increase in the activity of dividends. However, it was not bad if you were a shareholder of Philip Morris (NYSE: PM), which manufactures and sells cigarettes and other tobacco products. The company raised its quarterly dividend by 10.40% to 85 cents a share. It was the fifth annual dividend increase for this global tobacco conglomerate. Check out my recent analysis of the shares. The average annual growth of dividends over the past five years was 13.20%. In addition, the company is pursuing an aggressively to buy back shares. The number of shares was reduced from 2.062 billion in 2008 to 1.701 billion in 2012. Back in June 2012, the company announced a three-year program to buy back shares worth $ 18 billion. Based on … Read entire article »

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Philip Morris offers an impressive revenue growth

Philip Morris (PM) is one of the largest tobacco companies in the world. The company produces 7 of the top 15 international brands, including Marlboro, which is number one worldwide cigarette. Philip Morris sells its products in nearly 180 countries. In late 2011, the company held approximately 16.0% share of total world cigarette market outside the U.S., or 28.1% excluding the People’s Republic of China and the U.S. In my previous article, I talked about the dividend stability Philip Morris, where I looked at the earnings, cash flow and balance sheet. In this article, I calculated the profitability, leverage and cash flow metrics that can show trends in the financial position of the company in the last three years. Over the past three years the company has improved its profitability. All measures … Read entire article »

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Philip Morris is still smoking hot investment

Philip Morris through its subsidiaries manufactures and sells cigarettes and other tobacco products. The portfolio of international and local brands include Marlboro, Merit, Parliament cigarettess, Virginia Slims, L & M cigarette, Chesterfield cigaretes, Bond Street, Lark, Muratti, Next, Philip Morris, and red and white. The company was created after the spin-off of Altria international operations in 2008. The spin-off was organized to separate the regulation of international transactions and litigation risks in the United States. Philip Morris International was able to increase distribution in each year since the spin-offs. Quarterly distribution increased from 46 cents / share in 2008 to 77 cents per share in 2011. I expect low double-digit growth in the distribution over the next five – ten years. This will depend on high levels of brand name products companies … Read entire article »

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Philip Morris

I try to be described as a conservative buy and hold investors. I like solid companies that have a justifiable market share, strong barriers, as well as a proven history of profits. Tobacco meets these requirements perfectly, with the added benefit of selling addictive products. Finally, many investors prefer to avoid such a “sin” stocks, allowing yields to remain high. In 2008, Philip Morris International was spun off from Altria (MO), which was known as the most profitable stocks in U.S. history. Altria now does business in the U.S, and the prime at the international level. PM of the global tobacco industry has the highest market capitalization compared to its competitors, British American Tobacco (BTI), Imperial Tobacco Group and Lorillard, producer of Kent cigarettes. Over the last year, Philip Morris has returned … Read entire article »

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Gain an overview of Philip Morris

Before the opening bell today, Philip Morris International (PM) released operating results for the second quarter of fiscal 2012. Former international arm Altria (MO), reported that revenue fell to $ 8.12 billion from $ 8.27 billion compared to last year, and decline to compensate for higher prices. Street had expected revenue of $ 8.0 billion, while my forecasts called for revenue of $ 7.97 billion. On the bottom row, Prime Minister said that revenue fell slightly to $ 2.31 billion $ 2.40 billion for the year. However, due to the nearly $ 6 billion in share repurchases made during the past year, earnings per share improved to $ 1.36 per share to $ 1.35 per share. And the streets and I was expecting earnings of $ 1.35 per share.  Philip … Read entire article »

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Is Philip Morris best of Breed?

Back in November, I called Philip Morris International, Inc (PM) the best value in tobacco stocks. At that time, the company boasted a fair price and had very good dividends. Philip Morris led the industry in the last twelve months; the field had to show sufficient growth in the future, and had the financial flexibility to buy back a large number of shares which he did. I gave another brief update on the tobacco industry in February, confirming why I thought that the name should be in your portfolio. My last update, Philip Morris has come a few weeks ago when the company announced another round of news that was very nice for current and future investors. In November, Philip Morris was a very good run, as you can see from … Read entire article »

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Philip Morris causes interest

It is no exaggeration to describe the “cash, Smokin ‘Philip Morris, but that plan is even hotter cigarette manufacturer to buy back $ 18 billion in shares. Although this is a huge figure that is more than 10% of the market capitalization of the company, Philip Morris International (ticker: PM) has returned to shareholders about $ 40 billion in total in the form of dividends and share buybacks since March 2008 when it separated its U.S. business Spinout from the Altria Group (MO). The new purchase will be implemented over three years starting from August 1; Philip Morris just completed a three-year $ 12 billion buyout. Shares of Philip Morris rose $ 1.70, or 2%, to $ 86.73 in the otherwise flat day of the Dow. Today, a bullish scenario for the stock … Read entire article »

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Philip Morris: 3 underestimated Cataylsts

Philip Morris (PM) was separated from Altria in 2008 for the separation of the domestic tobacco business (Altria) from the international. Philip Morris operates in four major markets: Europe, Eastern Europe / Africa / Middle East (EEAM), Latin America / Canada (LAC) and Asia. The European market is shrinking, especially in areas struck by the debt crisis. EEAM and LAC (Mexico down to Argentina and Canada and up) have been relatively stagnant. However, when we go to Asia, we come to one of our catalysts: Business in Asia net between Asia grew by more than 10% last year and nearly 25% a year earlier. Operating income grew by 60% and 25% in 2011 and 2010, respectively. Growth in this area is particularly useful because the basic costs of the company’s experience of … Read entire article »

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Philip Morris 4Q Net Up 7.6%

Philip Morris International Inc.’s (PM) fourth-quarter profit rose 7.6%, as the tobacco company notched high growth rates in Asia, which helped the total supply of cigarettes will raise slightly. The results exceeded Wall Street expectations and shares, which reached a record high on Thursday, up 3%, to $ 80.22 in recent trading. Strong demand in Asia has resulted in sales of cigarette manufacturer, which has helped increase revenue in recent quarters. The manufacturer of brands such as Marlboro and L & M tends to increase growth in emerging markets, volumes slipped by more developed European countries. All sales come from the U.S. As a result, the amount of reduction in developed countries, Philip Morris must accept higher prices and lower costs to raise and maintain profitability. Prices of power were a key force … Read entire article »

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