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Minn. court: Light cigarette case is class-action

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A lawsuit that alleges the maker of Marlboro Lights used deceptive trade practices and false advertising when it marketed its cigarettes as “light” can proceed in Minnesota as a class-action claim, the state Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday. The 45-page ruling by the three-judge panel sends the 2001 lawsuit against Philip Morris back to Hennepin County District Court. The class would include people who bought Marlboro Lights in Minnesota for their personal use from 1972 through November 2004. The number of people in the class and the amount of damages they would seek was not immediately available Tuesday. The plaintiffs are seeking refunds of money they spent on the cigarettes. In a statement, Philip Morris said it was considering its options for an appeal. The company said it believes class-action … Read entire article »

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‘Light’ Cigarettes Still Pose Health Hazards

More than 400,000 people die every year because of tobacco-related illnesses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Despite the well-known health hazards associated with smoking, people continue to do so. Cigarette companies began to market “light cigarettes” after research began to point to the serious health consequences of smoking. However, the term “light” may have deceived many consumers into thinking the product was less harmful to their health. Health officials say even supposedly “light” tobacco cigarettes pose a health hazard and have barred companies from claiming otherwise. “The public health history here is a tragedy because for decades millions of Americans used these products under some expectation that the products would be less risky,” says Food and Drug Administration head of tobacco products Lawrence Deyton. “In fact, many who … Read entire article »

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FDA Tobacco War Continues

A week before the new ban on marketing cigarettes with “light,” “mild,” or “low-tar” labels took effect Tuesday, Philip Morris USA was already dealing with demands by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that the tobacco company provide all documents related to their recent marketing campaign. The FDA is concerned that Philip Morris USA may be using “onserts” with their Marlboro Light cigarettes to continue creating an impression that “light cigarettes” are less harmful than the regular ones. The message on the onserts reads, “Your Marlboro Lights pack is changing. But your cigarette stays the same. In the future, ask for Marlboro in the gold pack.” “FDA is concerned that the statements included in the onserts attached to the individual packs of Marlboro Lights may perpetuate the mistaken beliefs associated with your … Read entire article »

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Goodbye, Marlboro Lights. Hello, Marlboro Gold Pack.

“Light” cigarettes are going up in smoke by the end of June, but their names and packaging are getting a colorful makeover.The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says cigarette packs no longer can feature names such as “light,” ”mild,” ”medium” or “low,” which many smokers wrongly think are less harmful than “full-flavor” cigarettes. Cigarette makers are replacing those words with colors such as gold, silver, blue and orange on brands that make up more than half of the smokes sold across the country. Anti-tobacco advocates say the colors are just as bad as the words, but tobacco companies argue they have a right to let smokers know which products are which. Companies insist the words tell smokers about the taste, feel and blend of a cigarette, not health risks. The cigarettes … Read entire article »

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Philip Morris starts arbitration against Uruguay over taxes

Tobacco giant Philip Morris International (PMI) has initiated an ICSID arbitration against Uruguay over new rules requiring that 80% of cigarette pack surfaces be devoted to graphic warnings of the dangers associated with smoking. Over the last two years the Uruguayan government has engaged in a public health campaign to lower the smoking rates among its population, which was as high as 50%. As part of the anti-smoking campaign the government implemented a series of measures that it claims are directed at protecting public health. Among these is a new rule increasing mandatory graphic warning labels on cigarette packs to 80% of the pack. The company alleges that the labeling requirements and recent tax increase harm its investments and infringe on its trademarks in violation of the Switzerland-Uruguay bilateral investment treaty.  U.S.-based … Read entire article »

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No more Marlboro Lights- Simple Marlboro Gold

There were made some changes inside the tobacco company Philip Morris International regarding the name of the Marlboro Lights cigarette brand. It simply doesn’t exist any more, because terms like “mild” or “light” are being banned in the present day by the law. The ex Marlboro Lights are called now Marlboro Gold and there is almost no difference at the package design. The tobacco marketing has decided this because this is what the law asks. On February 18, there was reported that Tobacco Companies are trying to hide some truths about the usage of cigarettes and how they influence on a persons life, by using color coding. This subject was analyzed very carefully by Gregory N. Connolly who is a representative from Harvard School of Public Health. We can bring another example … Read entire article »

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