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Imperial Tobacco

CONSUMER staples stocks have become the latest drug on Wall Street. But when it comes to some tobacco stocks, investors resisted the urge. They should resist the temptation. Consider the action Procter & Gamble and Clorox, which have both rallied in recent months, as risk-averse investors chased yield and stable, even a modest profit growth. Both sport a dividend yield of about 3 percent, and analysts expect earnings to increase by mid-single-digit percent this year. Stocks of both trade on forward earnings of about 19 times, the highest level in several years. By some estimates, Imperial Tobacco Group looks like P & G and Clorox. Imperial, which produces cigarette brands such as Davidoff and Gauloises, was able to increase profits through price increases to offset the long decline of smoking in developed markets. The stock … Read entire article »

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Imperial Tobacco is a problem starting to display ban

Imperial Tobacco last week announced the launch of the call through the Supreme Court against the implementation of the ban the display of cigarettes in Scotland. The Scottish Government said the ban on the demonstration of cigarettes in shops will protect young people and smoking. The move is expected to increase the health of the Scottish people in future generations. Imperial Tobacco, which produces brands such as Lambert & Butler, Golden Virginia and Rizla, the problems started with the ban because of concerns about the cost to retailers and a potential increase in the illicit trade in tobacco products.Imperial Tobacco also makes Davidoff cigarettes, West cigarettes and Gauloises cigarettes. The representative of the Imperial Tobacco said: “Imperial Tobacco is challenging the competence of the Scottish Government in law to prohibit tobacco display and … Read entire article »

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Imperial Tobacco Group PLC

Imperial Tobacco Group cut value of its Spanish and European economy that remains in cessation. Spain is one of Europe’s key smoking markets, and Imperial Spanish , was valued at 3 billion when it acquired Spanish rival from Altadis in 2008.The maker of Davidoff cigarettes took 1.2 billion in Spain, reflecting progressively downbeat. The charge meant Imperial’s profit for the ending of the year. Tobacco stocks are traditionally considered a safe retreat for defensive investors, even during economic downturns. Cigarettes are seen as one of the last discretionary spending indulgences to be given up by cash-strapped smokers seeking solace for their worries in troubled times, thereby providing a consistent revenue stream for the world’s biggest tobacco makers. Tobacco stocks are traditionally considered a safer problem for investors. Cigarettes are seen one of the … Read entire article »

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It’s time to buy Imperial Tobacco?

I’m always looking for stocks that can help ordinary investors like you make money from the stock market. So right now I’m trawling through the FTSE 100 (UKX) and giving my verdict on each member of the blue-chip index. Simply put, I hope to pinpoint the best buying opportunities in uncertain conditions of the market. Today I am looking at Imperial Tobacco , to determine whether to consider the purchase of shares of 2,300 pence. I am assessing each stock in several formulas: • Price / earnings (P / E): Does the share look like a good value when compared against its competitors? • Price / earnings to growth (PEG): Does the share look like a good value factoring in predicted growth? • Yield: Does the share provide a solid income for investors. • Dividend Cover: is … Read entire article »

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Imperial Tobacco’s plain packaging “The ultimate joke”

The first cigarettes in plain packaging hit the big supermarkets – and they don’t comply with the government’s strict new rules. One company, Imperial Tobacco, is using the new packaging for a directly challenge to the government by telling its Peter Stuyvesant brand customers “It’s what’s inside that counts.” “Soon, no one will see Peter Stuyvesant on the outside, but we do not care. We’re going plain early, because we know, Peter Stuyvesant would continue to live on inside,” the company said in a leaflet advertising its package change to retailers. Member of the tobacco giant Philip Morris is also not bound by the rules – even do more serious attempt. Health Minister Tatyana Plibersek attacks on Imperial Tobacco claims that it’s what’s inside that counts, as “the ultimate joke on Big Tobacco.” Diseased lungs, … Read entire article »

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Premium brands increase Imperial Tobacco

Smokers reduce their habit slowed the volume of cigarettes and cut tobacco free – a measure known as the “stick equivalents” – 3 per cent for the nine months to 30 June of the year on year, slowing from 4.1 per cent decline reported in the first half. High-quality global journalism requires an investment. Please share this article with others by using the link below, do not cut and paste the article. See our Ts & Cs and copyright policy in more detail However, the fourth-largest cigarette company’s market share has increased revenues by 3 percent each year through its coverage of premium brands such as Davidoff and West, in the direction of rich smokers. Bristol-the company said Tuesday that sales of what he calls the four “key strategic brands” – including Gauloises … Read entire article »

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Imperial plans to fight cigarette vending ban

Imperial Tobacco producer of Davidoff cigarettes plans to appeal against a ruling by the High Court yesterday which upheld the Government’s plan to ban vending machines in order to stop children buying cigarettes. The National Association of Cigarette Machine Operators (Nacmo) argued that there was absolutely no need to impose the ban because it had designed and developed a fail-safe radio frequency system which “locked” machines and prevented minors from making a purchase. But a judge ruled against the operators. The ban is due to be introduced from 1 October and would affect about 50,000 vending machines. Nacmo says the industry’s annual margin is about £102m. … Read entire article »

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Development in tobacco law changing

The Scottish press reports that Imperial Tobacco, “one of the world’s largest tobacco firms” , has launched a legal challenge against Scotland’s ban on displays of tobacco and cigarette vending machines. According to the Scottish Daily Express, the company “is seeking to have the legislation set aside in a judicial review, claiming the measures are beyond the legal scope of Holyrood.” Imperial, said the Herald, believe that if the measures comes into force it would criminalise currently lawful activities over the sale and display of tobacco products. It maintains that the display ban and outlawing of cigarette vending machines is a means of regulating sale and supply of goods to consumers, which is a matter reserved to the Westminster Parliament.It is also claimed that the bans would modify freedom-of-trade provisions under the 1707 Act of … Read entire article »

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Imperial tobacco overturn plans to ban cigarette vending machines

Imperial tobacco is the manufcaturer of West cigarettes is taking legal action to overturn plans to stop the open display of cigarettes and cigars in shops and to ban cigarette vending machines in Scotland.The company claims that the Scottish parliament, which approved the measures earlier this year, does not have the legislative competence to prohibit tobacco displays and cigarette vending machines.The legal challenge, which will be heard next week in the Scottish civil courts, the court of session, is the latest attempt by the industry to prevent sweeping new controls of the sale of tobacco coming into force across the UK. In April, Imperial began legal proceedings to block a similar ban on displays in England and Wales, which comes into force in October 2011 under the Health Act 2009. In February … Read entire article »

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