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ICA, PCG seize 2,400 cartons of contraband cigarettes

SINGAPORE: Officers from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) Anti-Smuggling Team and Police Coast Guard (PCG) have seized almost 2,400 cartons of contraband cigarettes worth S$238,600, from a barge and tugboat at Jurong Wharf. The officers boarded the vessel, which had arrived from Batu Ampar, for a routine inspection last Thursday.Most of the cigarettes were found wrapped in 49 black plastic bags in a manhole on the port side of the vessel.Six more paper boxes containing assorted brands of cigarettes and tobacco were retrieved from inside the ballast tank. Three crew members, including the 44-year-old Barge Master, admitted ownership of the contrabands.The crew members said they had agreed to help transport the smuggled goods from Batam to Singapore.They were to await further contact from someone.The three Indonesian men … Read entire article »

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Juvenile in trouble after grabbing contraband, running

Delaware police reported Sept. 21 that a juvenile was being counseled at Dempsey Middle School, 599 Pennsylvania Ave., for possession of tobacco on campus. During the counseling session, the student suddenly grabbed the confiscated tobacco products, concealed them and ran quickly from the office, reports said. The school resource officer shouted at her to stop many times, but she failed to obey, according to police reports. The student then was arrested and taken to the juvenile detention center, reports said. The student will be charged with possession of tobacco as well as obstructing official business, according to reports. On Sept. 23, a resident reported to police that four people were trying to enter vehicles that did not belong to them in the 300 block of East William Street. When the police arrived on … Read entire article »

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Contraband cigarettes go into Guelph

Black market cigarettes with First Nations origins are dragging convenience stores across Ontario into ruin, says the vice-president of the Canadian Convenience Stores Association. Cheap smokes are now so readily available that smoking rates are beginning to increase in Ontario, Steve Tennant said, Monday, at a media event staged by the convenience stores association, at a Guelph variety store.Local shop owners say they can’t compete with the ultra cheap smokes that are increasingly satiating nicotine addictions and flooding the local tobacco market. Youn Sae Lee, owner of Woolwich Variety in the city’s north end, said he had to lay off staff because of free-falling sales of legitimate tobacco products.Stores go out of business every day in Ontario because of shrinking tobacco revenue, according to the convenience stores association. Standing in front of a … Read entire article »

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Almost 60,000 Ontario students have tried contraband cigarettes

A study by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health has found that more than 60,000 Ontario students in Grades 7 to 12 reported smoking illegally-manufactured cigarettes at some point in the past year.It’s the first time a major survey in Ontario has asked students about contraband cigarettes. Across the province, the Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey found close to 120,000 students surveyed smoked at some point in the past year. That doesn’t necessarily mean they smoke regularly. Most smokers light up before age 20 and of those who stay addicted, about half die prematurely from the health effects of smoking, according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario. Among contraband cigarettes Marlboro cigarettes are smoked by very many persons. Contraband cigarettes come in clear plastic bags — known as “baggies” … Read entire article »

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