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Big Tobacco takes UK government to court over plain packaging

Big Tobacco took the British government to court on Thursday, arguing that the UK’s “plain packaging” law which will take effect next May, unlawfully takes away its intellectual property. Companies including Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International and Imperial Tobacco Group are challenging the legislation because it will prohibit all forms of branding on tobacco packaging, including colors and logos. The rule, known as “plain packaging,” would also require graphic warnings illustrating the health problems smoking can cause. It aims to reduce smoking’s death toll by making the packs less attractive. “Smoking is catastrophic for your health and kills over 100,000 people every year in the UK,” said a spokesman for the Department of Health. “Standardized packaging is an important public health measure aimed at discouraging children from smoking and … Read entire article »

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Sally Bailey: Cigarette packaging doesn’t make me smoke

I’M still in the process of giving up smoking. It’s going OK, though have had a couple of slip-ups, one being on No Smoking Day. In my defence, I had absolutely no idea that it was No Smoking Day! There was nothing in any of the tabloids, nothing in the news, apart from the story about the ban on the display of cigarettes in shops. I honestly didn’t put the two together. I have to say, I can’t see how banning them on display will have that much of an effect. I don’t know anyone who’s gone into a shop, and like the lure of a Mars bar, thought “ooh, those Silk Cut look attractive, I think I’ll start smoking”. But on the flip side, there’s certainly no harm in doing it. To … Read entire article »

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Australia planning the world-first ban on cigarette packs branding

Australia is planning ban branding on cigarette packaging and makes bigger graphic health warnings in what is being billed as a world-first. The measure is due to come into force in July 2012 and comes on the back of recommendations made by the World Health Organization. Almost 15,000 Australians die of tobacco -related diseases every year. Tobacco is the single cause to preventable death and which can be prevented. Because of the new law, cigarette manufacturers would have to drop all color and branding logos from cigarette packs. All tobacco products will have to be sold in a standard color and style, and carry government health warnings. Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said that tobacco companies would “hate” this measure but said his government made no apologies. “Cigarettes are not cool,” he … Read entire article »

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