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The good thing about butts

It is well known that smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer that passive smoking is harmful to health, and that cigarette use is associated with dozens of other diseases and illnesses. But there is at least one good thing about cigarette butts: they can be recycled into useful products. We are up to our butts in the butts Approximately 44 million Americans aged 18- 19 and older smoke cigarettes, and although this figure has declined in the past few years, this figure is still discouraging. All of these cigarettes not only have a huge impact on human health, they are also one of the main causes of environmental pollution. Do not break up cigarette butts? Although any cigarette paper and tobacco, that are thrown to break themselves butts are not biodegradable, … Read entire article »

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Boy forced to eat cigarette butt

A three-year-old boy was forced to eat a cigarette butt by his Child, Youth and Family (CYF) guardians. Despite continued complaints, the boy and his brother were left with the Christchurch guardian family for five years. CYF has begun an investigation into the caregivers, and no more children will be placed in their care until it is completed. The boys were placed in the guardians’ care in 2006. Their mother, who approached The Press, has made a sworn affidavit to the Family Court in Christchurch in a bid to end the guardianship order. She said she approached CYF for help in 2004 because of her “drug use” and “transient lifestyle” and a violent relationship with the children’s father. The affidavit refers to several CYF reports on the children. In 2007, CYF was told one of the boys … Read entire article »

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Cigarette butt adds to driver’s ticket woes

FORT WORTH — A 44-year-old Grapevine woman learned the hard way not to mess with Texas — especially in view of a police officer. The woman was pulled over Tuesday morning on the East Loop 820 South service road after an officer clocked her 2002 Jeep Liberty traveling 59 mph in a 40 mph zone, according to a Fort Worth police report. The officer watched as the woman rifled through her stuffed wallet for her driver’s license and insurance card, all while holding a lit cigarette in her left hand. Observing that the cigarette was almost finished, the officer closely looked to see how the woman would dispose of it, the report states. From her patrol car, the officer saw the woman flick some ashes out of her driver’s side window and take … Read entire article »

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New homes for cigarette butts

After the recent smoke walk the Student Government Association participated in, the Smoke-Free Task Force met and decided where permanent smoking receptacles will be placed around campus. The team observed where some of the heavy smoking areas are and received student feedback about where they commonly go to smoke. SGA president Nicole Kazanecki said one of the factors the team took into consideration was trying to move student smokers away from the crosswalks for safety reasons. She also said she was hopeful that the receptacles will be well received. “I think adding permanent receptacles will be more efficient than the temporary ones,” Kazanecki said. “The [temporary] ones, I think, are too messy, and if they fall over into the street, they’re a hassle for facilities [management]. So I think they’ll be a … Read entire article »

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Collection of almost 6,000 butts from cigarettes

With the new Smoke-Free Restaurants and Bars Law enacted over five months ago throughout North Carolina, the students of Orange County Tobacco.Reality.Unfiltered. (TRU) from Chapel Hill High School wondered how the law might be impacting the amount of cigarette litter in the community. Due to the fact that smokers are now prohibited from smoking inside of restaurants and bars, the students thought there may be an increase in cigarette litter on the sidewalks and areas in front of those establishments. TRU club members decided to head to Franklin Street in downtown Chapel Hill to investigate. Following up on two cigarette litter scans conducted by the Chapel Hill Downtown Partnership in 2008, the students divided into pairs and traveled up and down Franklin Street counting and collecting cigarette butts. The students completed the … Read entire article »

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Cigarette butts protect steel

Chinese scientists say they have found a way for the countless cigarette butts that are tossed every day on streets, beaches and other public places to be reused — in protecting steel pipes from rusting. The remnants of used cigarettes, among the world’s most common form of trash, leak chemicals that have been shown to kill fish and damage the environment. The problem could be alleviated if new uses are found for the cigarette butts. The study is particularly relevant to China, where about 30 percent of the world’s smokers live, a number roughly equal to the entire U.S. population. The country is home to both the world’s largest tobacco grower and cigarette producer. Zhao and other researchers in northwest China said Friday they have found that cigarette butts soaked in water can … Read entire article »

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Teenagers keep the parks free of cigarettes

With plastic red cups, the kids spelled out the message “Heart (the symbol) Smoke-Free Parks” on chain link fences in six parks, including Riverdale, Lorin Farr, Marshall White, George Van-Leeuwen, Harrisville and 40th Street. When they were finished, Riverdale’s KAT Kids walked around the park and school grounds picking up cigarette butts and other garbage. Aminadab is a member of the Boys and Girls Club of Weber-Davis. The group, along with The Weber-Morgan Governing Youth Council, Riverdale Kids Against Tobacco and several other community kids, spent National Kick Butts Day making displays at area parks as a reminder to people to quit or not start using tobacco. “Every time they take a puff it’s time taken away from their life,” he said. “Smoking is bad for you and kids need to know … Read entire article »

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