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Starting Monday, UT-Arlington banning tobacco



The University of Texas at Arlington is going cold turkey.Starting Monday, the campus will become completely tobacco-free. Faculty, students, staff and visitors will not be allowed to use any tobacco products on university property. Officials say violators could be subject to disciplinary action.The policy also prohibits advertising, sale or free sampling of tobacco products. It replaces another policy established in 1991 that banned tobacco use inside buildings, prohibited its use outside within 50 feet of any building and set up outdoor smoking areas.

The American Lung Association’s Web site says more than 200 college campuses nationwide have banned tobacco.

Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls went tobacco-free in January 2010. In Central Texas, Alamo Colleges have been tobacco-free since Sept. 1, 2007.


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  1. MamaSota says:

    Well, I guess the point is to prevent yogeunr people from becoming tobacco smokers (though I don’t know anyone who has rejected ecigarette in favor of regular smokes) and nicotine probably effects youngsters more than adult body. Research also shows that teens between 13 and 17 years of age who smoke daily are more likely to use other drug substances.Yet, I would still have my kid rather try an electronic cigarette than the regular tobacco cigarette (if I had to choose).

  2. Buse says:

    You should try a liltte negative reinforcement, assuming that you are male of course, every time you light up a smoke have one of your friends kick you in the nards really hard. After successful attempts every time you see a cigarette your gonna associate it with pain, henceforth no more smoking. If your a girl that won’t work, the kicking in the nards that is. If you are a female then you should remember this, females love to talk and talk and talk. We as guys dont really want to listen to your boring blabbering, and the effect of us not listening is amplified upon smelling your nasty nicotine breath.