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» Questions About Cigarettes

Questions About Cigarettes

Smoking cigarette questions

Smoking cigarette questions

There always have appeared questions about everything which is related to the humanity. In our case we have the smoking habit. Here are some interesting questions about cigarettes and answers to them.

  • Why a cigarette is called a square?

The name probably came not from the shape of the cigarette, but rather from the shape of the square paper used to roll cigarettes.

  • Why a marijuana cigarette is called a joint!

The world’s largest joint was a meter long and used 17 ounces of marijuana. It was rolled in Holland.

  • In terms of Cigarettes, why are the longer cigarettes called 100’s?

The 100 refers the length of the cigarette in millimeters. Extra Length Nat Sherman 164s is 164mm!

  • Why is the cigarette brand called camel?

The Camel for the Camel Cigarette Company was named Joe Camel, and also called “Old Joe.”

  • Why short cigarettes are called 72’s?

Short cigarettes are called 72’s because they are 72 millimeters in length. 100’s are 100 millimeters long.

  • Why are the shorter cigarette packs, called seventy-twos?

The new Marlboro Intense cigarettes are only 7.2cm long, which is shorter than the standard 8.5cm cigarette, thus the name.

  • Why are there cigarettes used for?

People smoke cigarettes to relieve stress, it gives them time to think, and can be a reward.

  • What are the extenders for cigarettes called?

These cigarette extenders are called ‘cigarette holders’. They were used as a fashion accessory, and to prevent nicotine stains on the fingers.

  • Why are cigarettes fire safe now?

Cigarettes are only fire safe if they say so on the box. They have rings of special paper at intervals on them so that if you don’t keep puffing, they go out.

  • Who invented cigarettes and why?

Cigarettes were invented in 1614 by beggars in Spain who took scrap tobacco and rolled it in paper!

  • What is the pink camel cigarettes called?

Camel No. 9 is the name of the Pink Camel Cigarettes. Their target audience is women.

  • Why do people pack cigarettes?

Packing increases the strength, & makes them light easier & so the end doesn’t fall off when flicked.

  • What do the numbers mean?

The numbers like “100’s” and “120’s” refer to the length of the tobacco rod in millimeters.

  • What is the difference between menthol and… whatever they call non-menthol cigarettes?

The other kind of cigarettes are called ‘non-menthol’ or regular. The difference is menthol cigarettes have a major non-tobacco additive that make them minty tasting. Very few people enjoy switching from one type to the other… but I do.

  • Menthol, and Regular… is there anything else?

You bet there is! The next major ‘flavor’ is Clove. You know cloves… the spice they put on hams – well, turns out they can be mixed with tobacco too! Some brands are extremely strong. Djarium Black is not something one should smoke while driving… or walking. Find a nice place to sit down first. Seriously, you’ll thank me.

  • Menthol, Regular, and Clove… I got it.

Wait there are tons more! Most are self-explanatory; cherry, chocolate, orange mint, mango, et al. One good one worth explaining is Perique. The only brand I know that uses this is American Spirit. It has a quite different taste that I describe as “vaguely cucumber-y… in a good way”.

  • Does filter/non-filter make a difference?

Oh MY Yes! Non-filter cigarettes come in short stubby packs, and don’t have a filter end. You can light either end – I choose the end that looks most cohesive to stick in my mouth. Non-filter cigarettes are a completely different smoking experience. They are very easy to inhale from (no resistance from a filter). It is almost as easy as breathing through a straw. The amount of actual smoke you get is much higher (none is absorbed by the filter). If you are just starting – DO NOT start on non-filter cigarettes. Try one after you get a few packs down. Non-filters have tar and nicotine levels 30-45% higher than their filter counterparts.

  • What about Lights, Mediums, Ultra Lights, and all that?

I’m not sure exactly how lower tar and nicotine levels are produced, but I suspect it has to do with the filter. Lights typically have 50-70% the level of nicoine, Ultras have about 30%.

  • Why would I want Lights? Aren’t I just getting less smokey goodness?

Some people find “full flavored” to be too harsh. Other people think they are doing something ‘good’ for themselves. Most of the time people will just smoke more Lights, or inhale deeper to get the nicotine levels they want. Buying lights is like getting a Big Mac with a Diet Coke. If you like the taste of Diet Coke; Good for you! But the meal is still fattening.


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