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Why ‘the new tobacco” is being called the new sugar

A team of health experts from around the world are calling on food and drink manufacturers to cut the amount of sugar in their products — part of a new anti-sugar campaign that calls the sweet stuff “the new tobacco.” The group ‘Action on Sugar’ says sugar is behind an unprecedented obesity and diabetes epidemic. As a result, the U.K.-based group is carrying out the new public health campaign that aims to make the public more aware of the sugar found in their food and drink, urging us to avoid products that have high amounts of “hidden” sugars. Limiting the amount of added sugar intake in the U.K. to no more than five per cent of total energy intake; Persuading food manufacturers to gradually reduce the added sugar in their products by 20 … Read entire article »

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More people appreciate the smoke-free atmosphere

Albany As they celebrated the success of the 10-year-old Clean Indoor Air Act on Wednesday, anti-smoking advocates called for restrictions on in-store cigarette marketing to young people and the elimination of smoking in movies that appeal to teen audiences. LM cigarettes. Inconceivable? People used to say the same thing about the idea that people wouldn’t smoke in restaurants or other workplaces. “Ten years ago, the idea of smoke-free indoor air was an uphill battle,” said state Executive Deputy Health Commissioner Sue Kelly, who called the law “a true public health success.” The Clean Indoor Air Act was intended to protect workers and nonsmokers from inhaling smoke from others’ cigarettes. Secondhand smoke has been linked to asthma, heart disease and cancer. Restaurant and bar owners sued the state over the law in 2003, fearful they would lose business. Those … Read entire article »

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Bigger Prices for Cigarettes from Altria

Altria Group Inc plans to raise the price of some of its smokeless tobacco products and cigarettes. The tobacco creator has decided to slash its off-invoice promotional payment by 7 cents per pack on its Marlboro cigarettes and L&M brand. In addition, Altria’s subsidiary, PM USA has raised the inventory prices by 7 cents per pack and Marlboro Snus Tins by 6 cents. The cost hikes, effective from Dec 1, comes after the company raised the prices of its cigarette products across all the brands in June. Main tobacco players are raising prices as part of their plan to combat tough manufacturing conditions. Management across the world are commanding higher taxes, thus forcing companies to raise prices to maintain their limitations. Altria’s uptick of cigarette prices closely follows Lorillard Inc. Lorillard announced in … Read entire article »

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Non-duty compensated cigarettes flood marketplace

In the time 2012, 66.5 billion cigarettes consumed in 11 Asian states were illegal. With 86.3%, the domestic illegitimate cigarette quantity and utilization of illicit cigarettes were highest in Pakistan while the Non-Domestic Illicit was 13.7%. This situation resulting in Tax Revenue losses of about more than USD 250 million in 2012 only. These were the outcomes of the study, “Asia-11 Illicit Tobacco Indicator 2012” carried out by Oxford Economics recently. Separately from the issue of non-duty paid tobacco brands in Pakistan, the situation is quite dissimilar in Sri Lankawhere tobacco expenditure is hardly one percent in Sri Lanka. Under the law, the cigarette industrialized is not permissible in Sri Lanka. Different in Pakistan facing the ugliest shape of sectarian detestation, the spiritual scholars have administered to make a cosmopolitan civilization enabling different … Read entire article »

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Doctors tell smokers to quit before surgery

Smokers heading to hospital for elective surgery are to be encouraged to quit the habit. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists has adopted new guidelines, which will see all smokers on waiting lists urged to stop smoking to give them a better chance of recovering from the operation. Research shows that quitting before surgery can reduce complications such as wound infections and heart attacks, and greatly aid recuperation. The new guidelines will require doctors, anaesthetists and surgeons to advise their patients that stopping smoking as early as possible – ideally six to eight weeks before surgery – would reduce life-threatening complications. “There’s 5000 New Zealanders who die each year from smoking-related diseases, and around 15,000 Australians, so that’s kind of the equivalent of the Titanic sinking in the South Pacific every … Read entire article »

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Teenagers ‘think slim cigarettes are safer’ says report

Young teenagers rate slimline cigarettes as stylish, feminine and possibly safer than regular brands, say researchers. Thinner cigarettes were generally seen as weaker, more palatable, and less harmful by a focus group of 15-year-olds from Glasgow. In fact, some super-slim brands contain more dangerous tobacco chemicals than their bulkier counterparts, according to the study authors. Teenagers were most involved to slim and super-slim cigarettes with white filters and ornamental features, describing them as “classy” and “nicer”, said Cancer Research UK. In contrast one long brown cigarettes was sighted as particularly harmful and labelled “disgusting”, “really, really strong”, and “old fashioned”. The researchers asked 48 teenage boys and girls about eight cigarette brands that differed in length, diameter, colour, and design. Professor Gerard Hastings, Cancer Research UK’s social promotion expert at the University of Stirling and one … Read entire article »

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Hollywood Advised To Stop Using Smoking Characters in Movies

A new youth smoking examination, conducted by RTI International for the state Department of Health, confirms that 26 percent of teens who saw the most smoking in films tried smoking cigarettes compared to 8 percent of teens who saw movies with less smoking. The study looked at teens aged 13-16 during 2004-2006 and finds a straight association between the number of shows seen by teens depicting smoking and youth smoking. There are so many characters who smoke brands like Davidoff cigarettes or Dunhill cigarettes. Beginning learning Findings: * Among those youth that saw movies with the towering smoking, 35 percent were open to the freh idea of smoking within the next year even though they had never smoked before. This contrasts with concerning 20 percent of teens who saw movies with fewer … Read entire article »

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Mad Men kick for Lucky Strike cigarettes angers campaign

American TV series Mad Men has caused a dramatic boom in sales of cigarettes Lucky Strike, causing outrage among anti-smoking campaign. Sales of the world-famous cigarettes belonging to British American Tobacco, has reached 33 billion packages last year, compared to 23 billion in 2007, when the show first aired. Mad Men features New York advertising agency Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce in 1960, and their relationship with the turbulent iconic brands of cigarettes Lucky Strike. The AMC- produced show won a worldwide audience with fan forums expressing admiration for the ad executives heads drinking and smoking lifestyle. There’s even a drink and smoke games played at the Mad Men party, where revelers to drink and smoke every time a character does on screen. Dr. Penny Woods, chief executive of the British Lung Foundation, said: ” It’s … Read entire article »

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Nigeria’s 10th leading tobacco market-BAT

Nigeria is one of the ten largest tobacco markets in the world, says Managing Director, British American Tobacco, Mr Keith Gretton.British American Tobacco is the producer of Pall Mall cigarettes and Dunhill cigarettes. The Federal Government of Nigeria and rakes N15 billion taxes annually from the bat, its managing director added. Speaking when he visited Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos at the State House, Ikeja , Lagos, Nigeria’s south- west on Monday , Gretton found that out of 180 countries in the world where its products are sold , Nigeria is one of the top 10 leading markets for its product. Tobacco production kills millions worldwide every year and is one of the leading causes of lung cancer, which stopped a few lives in sub -Saharan Africa, with Nigeria the most affected. With Nigeria, … Read entire article »

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Tobacco remains a way of life in Southern Maryland

Along a busy road in Calvert County, Maryland, the crop being harvested, which may surprise some : tobacco . “This material is made of Southern Maryland, what it is, ” tobacco farmer SL Brady said . Twelve years after the state of Maryland began paying farmers not to grow tobacco, and encouraging them to switch to other crops, Brady is still ongoing. Brady farms of 45 hectares, which is called type 32 Burley tobacco Chaneyville on the road near the Maryland 4 in Owings. “We used to grow type 35, which was a Maryland -type tobacco, but after the new government poundage was so low, the market has dried up, and Philip Morris has come together with a contract wanting us to grow in this way. So, a few of us, who stayed, this … Read entire article »

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Stop CHP Fences Big Tobacco

The U.S. has a rare opportunity this week to rein in the tobacco industry, and claim its mandate to protect and save lives, while proudly carrying out cross-border diplomacy. U.S. Trade Representative should accept the offer to cut the defense of Big Tobacco Trans -Pacific Partnership (TPP), a mega – trade transactions among the 12 Pacific Rim nations, including the U.S. Americans generally like breathing smoking in bars, restaurants, offices, airplanes and elevators. The tobacco industry said, and they are not happy. Under existing rules of trade, predatory corporations tobacco contain new global rights to challenge the important tobacco control laws and regulations in the U.S. and other countries that help people quit smoking, and keep the kids from getting addicted , like the ban on clove cigarettes , as well … Read entire article »

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Smoking is good for you

How do you prove that smoking is good for your health? This paradox shows that a large grouping of data can cost a lot less than the sum of its parts. If I was on the tobacco company, and I wanted to prove that smoking was good for you, I would only have to do two things. First, I’d have to wrap my head in a paper bag, throw it on the ground and stomp on it. Next, I’d have to look at the study in the UK in the early 1970s. The study was to examine how a number of different factors affected people’s health. Among other things, he looked at the smoke, and if it has health effects. In particular, it looks at the women and their survival for the … Read entire article »

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