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Virginia tobacco suport price fixed at Rs117/kg

he minimum support price of Virginia tobacco has fixed at Rs 117/kg for the current season with consultation of growers, tobacco exporting and manufacturing companies and members of Pakistan Tobacco Board with 13 percent increase as compared to last year. The growers and tobacco companies have developed consensus on fixing of prices in a meeting held here at Pakistan Tobacco Board (PTB) chaired by Commissioner Minor Crop/P&D Food Security and Research, Ministry of Food and Security, Dr Mohammad Aslam here on Wednesday PTB secretary, Noman Bashir, members tobacco manufacturing and exporting companies, representatives of growers, and members Cost of Production were present in the meeting. The participants supported the fixing of prices of Virginia tobacco as per cost of production, which could be beneficial for both growers, and tobacco companies. They stressed for yielding … Read entire article »

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Youth smoking rate drops in N.D.

Fewer North Dakota teenagers are smoking than did two years ago. The Youth Risk Behavior Survey, conducted every other year by the Department of Public Instruction, found that 19.4 percent of students in the state smoke compared with 22.4 percent of teenagers in 2009. The 2011 survey was administered in the spring and the findings were published last month. “This is the first time we’ve seen youth rates dip below 20 percent,” said Jeanne Prom, executive director of the North Dakota Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy. “Is one in five (students smoking) still acceptable? I don’t think so,” she said. “We’re very encouraged by what we’ve seen in the last two years but we’re going to continue until we see that number go down as low as it can possibly go.” Junior … Read entire article »

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Snoop Dogg puffs away suspicious looking cigar shares audience members concert

He is known to be partial to taking a toke on a blunt. Performing at a concert in Atlanta over the weekend, rapper Snoop Dogg was seen lighting up a large suspicious-looking cigar on stage and puffing on it. While the contents of the smoking apparatus were unknown, the 40-year-old was later seen passing it to members of the audience. The Gin and Juice hit-maker, who was wearing an L.A Lakers tracksuit, also slipped on a pair of wacky glasses with the words Snoop Dogg emblazoned across them. He was later joined on stage by some scantily-clad dancers who did some provocative moves whilst he performed. Snoop’s fondness for marijuana has been well documented over the years. It has also landed him in hot water. The rapper, whose real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, has reportedly been … Read entire article »

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Roger Corman, “Hollywood Rebel”

At this time of year Hollywood brings out big-budget movies like “Mission: Impossible” with Tom Cruise and the new “Sherlock Holmes” film starring Robert Downey, Jr. But Roger Corman, the antithesis of big Hollywood who has made low-budget, independent films for 60 years, will also have his say. He is the subject of a new documentary, “Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel,” which will be in U.S. theaters on Friday Corman, 85, has produced about 550 movies and directed 50 more, including “The Wild Angels” and “Little Shop of Horrors,” and lesser known movies like “The Terror” and “Naked Angels.” His New World Pictures became a hotbed for up-and-coming directors and actors including Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard, John Sayles and Jack Nicholson. Corman spoke to Reuters about movies, how Steven Spielberg impacted his … Read entire article »

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Teens: Smoking Less

A long-haired teenager clad in black leather jacket and jeans leaned against the wall of his high school, lit a cigarette, and took a long drag. Thirty years ago, that kid would have been the epitome of cool. Would today’s adolescents agree? Not necessarily, said Wesley, a 15-year-old student who recently transferred from a public to a private high school. He estimated that about 15 percent of the kids in his grade smoked, but as he told TakePart, being cool wasn’t what they were after. “I think most teens smoke because it makes them feel good and some people just have addictive behaviors,” he said. “The people who smoke cigarettes typically just do it because they like the buzz they get from it. Some people find it kind of scummy when … Read entire article »

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Teens swapping cigarettes for flavored mini cigars

They come in ice cream flavors such as strawberry, watermelon, vanilla and chocolate. They are packaged in colorful wrappers. “Little cigars” are finding a niche among teens, who like the price — about a dollar — and the taste. Young smokers say these cigarette-size little cigars and cigarillos — slimmer versions of big cigars — look better and can be bought one at a time instead of spending more than $5 for a pack of cigarettes. Many teens also think that they are less addictive. That’s a problem. “You have the same cancer-causing chemicals but wrapped in flavors that don’t let you experience the harsh sensation of cigar or tobacco use,” said Donald Shell, interim director for Maryland’s Center for Health Promotion, Education, Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation. Maryland is one of several states … Read entire article »

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Employers tackle the cost of smoking

Local businesses are taking initiative in the health of their employees by offering healthy options to those willing to change. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the annual health-related economic losses of smoking costs $96 billion in direct medical costs and approximately $97 billion in lost productivity totaling $193 billion a year. With the cost of smoking, employers took initiative and are reconstructing their health insurance policies to help their employees maintain a healthier lifestyle. Companies can either reduce benefits or do what they can to change lifestyle choices that result in higher medical costs. The health care costs for an average smoker is $1,600 more a year than the average non-smoker, which is 18 percent more expensive for employers. Pottawatomie County Health Department employees have insurance options … Read entire article »

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Unions, law and taking on Big Tobacco

NICOLA Roxon’s appointment as attorney-general marks a significant achievement in the advance of women. That it took 110 years of Federation says plenty about the one-time patriarchal nature of national politics, and its crumbling under Julia Gillard. ”I look forward to the time my daughter, who’s six, will live in a country where there won’t be many things that will be the ‘first’ that a woman will be,” Roxon reflected yesterday. ”There will have been female prime ministers, there will have been female ministers in all areas. I am proud to be the first woman attorney-general and I hope it will be yet another sign to the girls of Australia that there is any job that is open to them – if they are passionate and committed and determined to do it, … Read entire article »

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Campaigners cheers tax hike on tobacco

The decision of the State Government to raise value added tax on cigarettes, bidis and every other form of tobacco products has got the thumbs up from the anti-tobacco campaigners and the medical fraternity. The move would go a long way in not only saving a large number of lives but also effect reduction in Government spending on treating tobacco-related diseases, they have asserted. The State Government has increased VAT on cigarettes and smokeless forms of tobacco to 25 per cent from 13.5 per cent and also has gone ahead to impose a 10 per cent tax on bidis and the raw materials that go into its making from an absolute nil. The State has now joined the ranks of counterparts like Kerala, Gujarat, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, … Read entire article »

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Roxon denies Big Tobacco the prospect of any smokescreen

MANY smokers and, at a guess, pretty much every cufflink-wearing executive from the big tobacco companies have a habit of posturing as macho libertarians. They argue that cigarettes are a legal product, smoking is a matter of choice, and that when it comes to telling us how we can live our lives, the nanny state can go stick it in its pipe and smoke it. This is all fine, up to a point. And that point is when smokers get sick and automatically assume that it is the job of the health system – that is, the taxpayers – to step in and cover the cost of their collapsed lungs, clogged arteries and triple bypasses. It is a logically inconsistent position and, frankly, quite a pathetic one. If smokers and the tobacco … Read entire article »

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Lombok’s Tobacco Road Is A Highway to Hell for Some

Siti Fatimah sat in front of a burning stove as a kettle hissed. The water was poured into glasses filled with ground coffee and sugar and the scent of coffee filled the house in Lombok’s Surabaya village. Her guests were quick to compliment her brew. “Lombok coffee is the best with cigarettes,” one of the guests remarked. Fatimah’s wide smile suddenly disappeared and she said softly, “Bitter. It’s bitter.” She paused as though deciding whether to continue her story. “Tobacco separated me from my loved ones. My husband left me and I am childless. I’ve lived alone for years mired in debt because of tobacco,” she said, counting the amount she had to repay with her ten fingers. “My husband is no longer here. To me, he is only … Read entire article »

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Up in smoke

A GOOD cigar should be smoked slowly and relished, reckoned Zino Davidoff, a Swiss tobacco merchant; a puff a minute is about right, according to his 1967 “Guide to Cigar Etiquette”. But fewer people are sparing the time. Cigar sales have declined by a fifth in the past five years—part of a general decline in smoking. Yet miniature cigars are holding steady. They now make up 60% of the British cigar market, according to Nielsen, a research firm. Fat cigars are handmade—each dried tobacco leaf is visible—and must be carefully stored to keep them moist. Like wine, they have vintage years. Aficionados relish the girth, firmness and fragrance of their cigars. They sport special equipment (mini-guillotines to take off the cap) and follow clear rules (always light your own cigar). They … Read entire article »

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