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Nepal Introduces World’s Biggest Graphic Health Warnings on Cigarette Packages

Nepal not too long ago has put in place the world’s major graphic health warnings on cigarette packages, covering about 90 % of the front and back of the package. Nepal’s new warnings establish a worldwide example and demonstrate other countries what can be achieved by prioritizing health and standing up to the cigarette industry.

The warning labels were put in place in spite of ambitious attempts by the tobacco industry and its allies to halt them. Nepal’s warning label law followed under assault by tobacco industry allies like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, as noted in the report of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce published earlier this year.

Investigation demonstrates that efficient warning labels raise understanding of risks related to smoking and may have an effect on potential decisions regarding smoking. Huge, graphic warnings are generally efficient at encouraging smokers to give up, discouraging non-smokers from starting, and maintain ex-smokers from starting up again. They can also be identified by low-literacy audience and children – two most inclined population groups.

A current research in Nepal discovered that 90 % of Nepalese consider the warning labels are efficient at stopping people from starting to light up. In addition, 95 % of ex-smokers who took part in in the study stated the warning labels were useful at persuading them not to start again.

Worldwide, a minimum of 77 countries and jurisdictions have introduced graphic health warning, based on a report by the Canadian Cancer Society. Nepal’s authority in putting into action its brand new warnings must act as an illustration for bordering countries, like India and Pakistan that are striving to put into action their health warning regulations.


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