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Marlboro Volume Dropped by 2.8%

Philip Morris USA’s local cigarette shipment volume in the course of the Q3 to the end of September, at 33.165 billion, constituted about 2.8 % lesser than it was registered in the Q3 of 2013, 34.117 billion.

Marlboro volume dropped by 2.8 % to 28.581 billion, whilst the volume of the company’s other cigarette brands declined by 8.3 % to 1.848 billion and its lower-priced brand volume increased by 1.3 % to 2.736 billion.

In featuring Q3 and nine-month figures recently, Altria reported that the drop in PM USA’s Q3 reported local cigarettes shipment volume had been generated by an industry-wide decrease, to some extent compensated by retail share profits.

‘For the first nine months of 2014, PM USA’s recorded local cigarettes shipment volume dropped by 3.5 % mostly resulting from similar aspects, Altria revealed. ‘When adjusted for trade inventory modifications and some other aspects, PM USA shows that its Q3 and first-nine months local cigarettes shipment volume dropped about 3.0 % and 3.5 %, correspondingly, and that entire industry cigarette volumes dropped about 3.5 % in the Q3 and 4.0 % for the first nine months of 2014.’

Marlboro’s market share has raised to 43.8 %, while the share of the company’s other premium cigarette brands dropped to 2.9 %, and the share of its lower-priced brands increased to 4.2 %.

Altria mentioned that the decline in volumes in the course of the Q3 was generated by having one less shipping week than did the Q3 of 2013.

‘After altering for calendar variations and trade inventory alterations, USSTC and PM USA calculate that their merged local smokeless products shipment volume increased by 2.5 % in the Q3 and 3.0 % in the first nine months of 2014,’ Altria added. ‘USSTC and PM USA state that the smokeless products category volume moved by 3.0 % within the last 12 months, highlighting weaker industry volume increase in the past two quarters.’

Altria’s 2013 Q3 revealed diluted income per share increased by 1.4 % to $0.71 on those of the Q3 of 2013, whilst its adjusted diluted income per share, which doesn’t take into account the influence of particular items, improved by 6.2 % to $0.69.

“Our business final results are on the right track,” stated Marty Barrington, Altria’s chairperson and CEO. “We increased adjusted diluted earnings per share by S 6.2 % in the Q3 behind solid revenue performance by our smokeable products segment, our companies’ top premium cigarette brands and the sturdiness of our varied business model.


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