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» Smoking bans in public places.

Smoking bans in public places.

It was taken a very good decision when it was introduced the smoking bans in public places. This represents a very important measurement to protect health of non smokers. In working places was introduced smoking ban.

It is one of the first rules of the labor legislation to protect the workers health. They are very often exposed to passive smoking for long periods of time, while they are doing their shifts. People are exposed to this risk outside in public, public transports, restaurants, bars or office buildings.

in the park smoking

In the park smoking

The banning at working places is very effective, because it reducing the exposure to second hand smoking.

A study has shown that people who work in places where smoking is banned are more likely to quit smoking or to smoke less cigarettes then they are used to in comparison to persons who work in places where smoking cigarettes is allowed or have weaker policies regarding this issue.

If there was introduced a total ban, then it will work better if there would be introduced only a partial ban.

For example now most of airlines have banned smoking and now they are smoking free, that is why the global trend is toward a cleaner, safer world. No matter if we are at working place, in public or at home.


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