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John Mellencamp: Still Smoking After a Heart Attack

John Mellencamp smoking cigarettes

John Mellencamp smoking cigarettes

Tobacco addiction must be very hard to beat for some people. It isn’t all that rare to see someone who has had a heart attack or cancer to be puffing on a cigarette. Even celebrities, who can certainly afford all kinds of addiction treatment and therapy, sometimes can’t seem to kick the smoking habit.

It was shocking to see a recent photograph of John Mellencamp with the actress Meg Ryan. Seeing these two as a couple was shocking and so was learning of his upcoming divorce. What was most shocking though is seeing a photo of the couple together because in it a cigarette is hanging from his mouth. To see the picture go to US Magazine.

In an interview with WTHR, Mellencamp discussed the heart attack he had at age 42 in 1994. He said, “The reason I had a heart attack was my own fault… high cholesterol and smoking is a handgun because it’s bad. My cholesterol is under control, my smoking isn’t.”

Perhaps Mellencamp is in denial about his heart attack. His doctors must get annoyed when they see pictures of him still using tobacco.

And right now Mellencamp must be under a lot of stress. He is starting a divorce and a new lifestyle too. He’s lived in Indiana for most of his life. And now he is spending time in New York City with Meg Ryan. That’s a big change and change is a big stressor.

It is sad to see someone smoking when they are at high risk of another heart attack. Will Mellencamp manage to quit smoking? For the sake of his 5 kids, let’s hope so.

Mellencamp is an American treasure. His songs have long been popular and some of them are now iconic. Live long and prosper on to you Mr. Mellencamp. Put down the cigarette and let go of the defiant attitude, it just might save your life.


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