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Is Kelly Ripa Smoking Cigarettes Again?

Kelly Ripa Smoking Cigarettes

Kelly Ripa Smoking Cigarettes

Kelly Ripa has been a smoker for some time now but when she had children she gave up the habit but now rumors have circulated that she has picked up the habit again and this time her smoking habit might be getting a little bit out of hand. Many celebrities who smoke cigarettes Like Kelly Ripa try to hide their smoking habit from the public.Ripa even said that she was a closet smoker because she didn’t want to get a bad reputation for smoking. Smoking causes many terrible diseases such as lung cancer and heart disease but women who smoke tobacco cigarettes have a greater chance of developing many other disease such as cervical cancer and dementia.

Celebrities like Kelly Ripa should find a safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes if they plan on leading a healthier life and not have to worry about the deadly side effects of smoking cigarettes.

The former soap opera actress and current co-host of Live With Regis and Kelly revealed her hidden habit in an interview with Shape magazine. “I was a closet smoker,” she said. “I only did it when I was out with friends or sometimes in my dressing room.” Ripa quit smoking when she started having children, but picked up the habit again while shooting the ABC sitcom Hope and Faith. After co-star Faith Ford encouraged her to quit again.

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Solar Cigarette smokeless cigarettes use water vapor as the way to deliver nicotine to the smoker instead of deadly tobacco smoke. Since these are smokeless cigarettes, smokers now have the option to smoking in public places where smoking has been deemed unlawful. Smokers can now enjoy smoking anywhere they please without worry about passing down second hand smoke to other non smokers but with the use of the vitamin pack refill cartridges, smokers will now be able to keep the weight off. These new vitamin packs provide smokers with vitamin B to help them burn food that they consume and turn it into energy to help them have more energy throughout the day.


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