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Global tobacco treaty meetings marred by industry interference

The global tobacco negotiations are concluded on November in 2012 after Big Tobacco’s attempts to intimidate and derail 180 countries for strengthening measures by the public healthy treaty.

Govs made progress despite industry’s tactics. One the second day the countries kicked Big Tobacco, including Corporate Accountability International. Tobacco industry interference was prohibited in public health policy.

Big Tobacco obstructed progress during the negotiations by maneuvering official seats and co-opting govs. “We applaud countries for standing up to Big Tobacco and showing them the door.”

Tobacco Industry was noted on some delegations of this year, including Vietnam delegation, which includes two executive from Vietnam Tobacco Association.

In other example, despite attempts of NTA, government agency from Philippines promote tobacco industry to remain on delegation, civil society persuaded gov of Philippines to exclude NTA members.

Countries stood firm against Big Tobacco’s obstructionist tactics and take measures that when fully implemented will save 200 million lives by 2050, including:

First protocols which sets out the measures for illicit tobacco trade that undermine tobacco control and the cost of government in millions of dollars. It will also continue impede tobacco industry for engagement of illicit tobacco products, which open up new markets.

Illicit trade tobacco cost and control of gov in billions of dollars in the lost tax, law health care expenditure and enforcements.

* Countries took first steps to hold the tobacco industry liable for its abuses, exposing decades of deception and opening up the potential to generate much-needed revenue to treat tobacco-related disease. These steps could fundamentally change the way the tobacco industry operates globally.

Countries made first steps to keep tobacco industry liable for its abuse

* Countries adopted a set of guiding principles and recommendations that provide a solid basis for better tobacco tax policies around the world.

* Guidelines were adopted on disclosure of the toxic ingredients of its products.

* Parties told their determination to prioritize public health over trade and solve to strengthen action to protect public health policies from Big Tobacco.


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