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Big Brands tobacco target teens

Cigarette companies will step up its fight to attract more young people using marketing tactics to prevent smoke from falling, experts warn. Their tactics will be target teens and include a reduction in prices, sexier names and flavor variations, and their preferred brand will always be available. Professor Jenny Romaniuk, International Director Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science UNISA, said the company will use “innovative product”, which allows vary the composition – and create of new flavors to encourage young people to connect with a certain brand. “Companies will not be able to use their packaging to appeal to consumers or appear more glamorous, so they have to find new ways to attract new customers,” she said. Professor of Public Health at the University of Sydney, Simon Chapman, said that the majority of smokers take … Read entire article »

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The trend of smoking among young people prompts action by city

Beijing will prepare a new city rules for strengthening compliance with the existing ban on smoking at the time, when new statistics show a high tendency among adolescents to try tobacco. Health experts say that the current ban on smoking in Beijing lacks teeth because of poor performance. “The ban on smoking in public places issued by the Ministry of Health in May, practice had no effect, because there is no specific penalties for people who smoke and violate the ban,” said Suo Chao, speaking on behalf of the Chinese Association on Tobacco Control, which recently conducted a Survey on smoking approximately 40,000 students throughout China. According to a survey the association, 15.8 per cent of pupils are regular smokers, while 22.5 percent would consider trying it. Teens from 12 to 14 are especially … Read entire article »

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The hookahs

They defined “cool” after cigarettes have passed. But hookah bars, which grew rapidly in the metro and Tier II towns across the country after the ban on smoking in public places came into force on 2 October 2008, are now beginning to feel the heat. One government after another ban them for cigarettes and other tobacco products (Prohibition) Act, 2003, not only giving young people access to the hookah or sheesha but using ingredients not permitted under the law. Bangalore was the first who saw the hookah bars are in March 2011. Maharashtra again in October and Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab enforced a same ban in December. Despite the bans, hookah or sheesha bars remain the hangouts of choice for urban youth. “I would prefer to come here instead of boring … Read entire article »

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Youth smoking rate drops in N.D.

Fewer North Dakota teenagers are smoking than did two years ago. The Youth Risk Behavior Survey, conducted every other year by the Department of Public Instruction, found that 19.4 percent of students in the state smoke compared with 22.4 percent of teenagers in 2009. The 2011 survey was administered in the spring and the findings were published last month. “This is the first time we’ve seen youth rates dip below 20 percent,” said Jeanne Prom, executive director of the North Dakota Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy. “Is one in five (students smoking) still acceptable? I don’t think so,” she said. “We’re very encouraged by what we’ve seen in the last two years but we’re going to continue until we see that number go down as low as it can possibly go.” Junior … Read entire article »

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Teens: Smoking Less

A long-haired teenager clad in black leather jacket and jeans leaned against the wall of his high school, lit a cigarette, and took a long drag. Thirty years ago, that kid would have been the epitome of cool. Would today’s adolescents agree? Not necessarily, said Wesley, a 15-year-old student who recently transferred from a public to a private high school. He estimated that about 15 percent of the kids in his grade smoked, but as he told TakePart, being cool wasn’t what they were after. “I think most teens smoke because it makes them feel good and some people just have addictive behaviors,” he said. “The people who smoke cigarettes typically just do it because they like the buzz they get from it. Some people find it kind of scummy when … Read entire article »

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Teens swapping cigarettes for flavored mini cigars

They come in ice cream flavors such as strawberry, watermelon, vanilla and chocolate. They are packaged in colorful wrappers. “Little cigars” are finding a niche among teens, who like the price — about a dollar — and the taste. Young smokers say these cigarette-size little cigars and cigarillos — slimmer versions of big cigars — look better and can be bought one at a time instead of spending more than $5 for a pack of cigarettes. Many teens also think that they are less addictive. That’s a problem. “You have the same cancer-causing chemicals but wrapped in flavors that don’t let you experience the harsh sensation of cigar or tobacco use,” said Donald Shell, interim director for Maryland’s Center for Health Promotion, Education, Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation. Maryland is one of several states … Read entire article »

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More work to be done about teen tobacco use

There’s good news/bad news about teens and tobacco. A new report shows that tobacco use among teens continues to decline but here’s the down side: It’s only decreasing by a percentage point or two – not nearly as much as the sharp declines recorded over the past decade. The findings are included in the report, Teens and Tobacco in Minnesota 2011; Results from the Minnesota Youth Tobacco and Asthma Survey. Dr. Ed Ehlinger, Minnesota commissioner of health, summed up the report this way: “We’ve made great progress in reducing tobacco use since 2000, but the most recent findings in this new report give us little to celebrate. We are failing our youth when you consider that they use tobacco at higher rates than adults and are still being exposed to secondhand … Read entire article »

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Child tobacco sales fall

Illegal sales of tobacco to minors in Long Beach have decreased 79 percent since 2004, according to data from the city’s Department of Health and Human Services. Officials attributed the reduction to various actions, including enacting a permit program in 2008 for businesses selling tobacco, inspecting and educating retailers and police sting operations. City Environmental Health supervisor Jackie Hampton counted education as the most prominent of the reasons for the change. “I think it was also getting a little teeth in the law by requiring a permit,” Hampton said. “(Store operators) know they can lose their privilege to sell tobacco if they sell to minors.” First-time violators of the law can be issued a citation and charged a $100 fine. Second and third infractions result in a citation and a $200 or $500 fine, respectively. Long … Read entire article »

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Why Do People Smoke?

Why Do People Smoke? Everyday millions of Americans are smoking cigarettes. But why? We all know that smoking is bad for us, there’s no denying it. So why is it that these millions of people continue to smoke? Why do people smoke in general? I highly doubt all of them smoke without some sort of reasoning behind it. Most people have some sort of logical reason as to why they smoke. I do agree that smoking is really bad for you but I also believe that we shouldn’t ram our opinions down other peoples throats, so I will keep this “Why Do People Smoke” as unbiased as possible. Even with the addiction of nicotine, there are psychological reasons of why people smoke. Why Do People Start To Smoke? Curiosity, Expression, Maturity We begin … Read entire article »

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Maryland Officials Take Action to Protect Youth from Cigars

Washington, DC (November 17, 2011) — Maryland health officials warned today of a growing threat to youth from the marketing of flavored little cigars, noting that cigar smoking among Maryland youth is climbing even as cigarette smoking has declined. We commend them for focusing attention on this important issue and launching a mass media campaign to warn kids and parents about this addictive and dangerous tobacco product. Joshua M. Sharfstein, Secretary of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, has been a leader in sounding the alarm about this emerging threat. Maryland data shows that more than 76 percent of underage cigar smokers in high school smoke flavored cigars, which come in kid-friendly flavors such as strawberry, watermelon, peach, vanilla and chocolate. The tobacco industry is barred from selling candy … Read entire article »

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Despite govt ban, sale of tobacco rampant around schools, colleges

Sale and consumption of tobacco may have been banned within 100 yards of the premises of schools and colleges long back, but a series of raids by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revealed that the idea of tobacco-free campus has remained only on paper. An alarming number of vendors were found selling cigarettes and other tobacco products outside schools and colleges across seven divisions of the state. Topping the chart were college campuses in Nagpur, Aurangabad and Pune. Of the over 1,800 shops inspected, more than 1,300 were found selling tobacco within the restricted zone. “Total 1,405 educational institutions across seven divisions of the state were inspected. Of the 1,837 shops and vendors checked, 1,343 were found selling tobacco products within the prohibited zone. A total fine of Rs 2.12 … Read entire article »

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City University’s 23 Campuses Are the Latest to Ban Smoking

Last summer, the University at Buffalo banned smoking on its three campuses. Last month, Columbia University approved a measure that prohibits smoking within 20 feet of buildings. And on Monday, the trustees of the City University of New York, the largest urban higher-education system in the country, voted to forbid smoking on all 23 of its campuses, from the College of Staten Island to Lehman College in the Bronx. CUNY’s move is the latest in a wave of comprehensive smoking bans on college campuses nationwide, a trend that began about five years ago and has gathered momentum in recent months. The American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation, a nonprofit advocacy group, reported this month that at least 466 campuses had completely banned smoking or passed resolutions to do so. Unhealthy habits, from keg parties to … Read entire article »

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