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E-cigarettes banned on U.S. commercial flights

If you get your nicotine fix from an electronic cigarette, forget about doing so on a commercial flight in the U.S. U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced today in a news release that e-cigarettes would be banned on all scheduled flights of U.S. and foreign carriers into and out of the U.S. The U.S. Transportation Department also extended its ban against smoking to charter flights on which a flight attendant is a required crew member. “This final rule is important because it protects airline passengers from unwanted exposure to aerosol fumes that occur when electronic cigarettes are used on board airplanes,” Foxx said in the release. “The department took a practical approach to eliminate any confusion between tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes by applying the same restrictions to both.” The release cited studies showing that e-cigarette … Read entire article »

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Group rejects $ 79.2 million award in the tobacco lawsuit

The Court of Appeal rejected a challenge of the jury Monday of North Florida for RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company to pay $ 79.2 million to the daughter of a deceased smoker, overturning, which would be the largest verdict in a flurry of lawsuits against cigarette manufacturers. The Court 1st District Appeals remanded the case to the Levy County District Court to determine the reduction in the amount of loss in 1996 of lung cancer death of James Horner’s Casey. Three judges, however, ruled against RJ Reynolds and other issues that could have shielded him from liability. The fact is, one thousand, arising out of Florida in the 2006 Supreme Court decision that established the critical conclusions about the health hazards of smoking in the past distorted by the tobacco industry. Horner started smoking … Read entire article »

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An attempt to abandon the national No Smoking Day?

If you are one of thousands of smokers who have decided to throw tobacco on January 1, 2012, but succumbed to old habits – do not despair! Wednesday marks the UK National No Smoking Day (March 14, 2012) and the highest quality electronic cigarette manufacturers, Liberro, which is going to present a product that is guaranteed to help you say goodbye to tobacco for good! Already having one of the smallest, easiest and most realistic electronic cigarette now, Liberro Realis Starter Pack is now even better – as it now includes a second battery, which will guarantee that you will never be without a fully charged electronic cigarette again! Easy to use Liberro Realis Starter Pack has its own personal charging case which resembles a traditional pack of cigarettes, but much more … Read entire article »

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Nicotine doses not the complete answer to quitting smoking

Over-the-counter medications containing nicotine can certainly help smokers kick the habit, but they do not provide the complete solution, the German pharmacists’ chamber warned ahead of the pending wave of New Year resolutions never to buy another pack of cigarettes. ‘Everyone knows that smoking is unhealthy, and virtually all smokers have at some stage tried to stop,’ says Andreas Kiefer from the chamber’s headquarters in Berlin. ‘It’s difficult, because nicotine consumption causes physical dependency.’ This is why the medications containing nicotine can help, but they are not enough for a permanent solution to the craving. In cases where smoking is linked to particular situations, for example a cigarette after a meal, the person trying it give up should find alternative rituals to distract from the desire to smoke. If smoking is linked in the … Read entire article »

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Alternative to Cigarettes

“Joe Volcano” saw an opportunity in the ban on smoking in workplaces and restaurants, so he quit his job selling ad space on tourist maps two years ago to launch Volcano E-cigs. The company says it is one of the country’s largest sellers of electronic cigarettes online, and now has two locations on Oahu and a handful of franchises on the mainland. Joe Volcano, the name he uses with his business, says e-cigs are a healthier alternative to smoking because the vapor inhaled by the user is primarily purified water, nicotine, flavoring and propylene glycol. Compare that, he says, to nearly 600 compounds and additives in some cigarettes. He started the business in his Kailua home, but booming sales prompted him and his partners to open what they call the world’s first … Read entire article »

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Maryland Officials Take Action to Protect Youth from Cigars

Washington, DC (November 17, 2011) — Maryland health officials warned today of a growing threat to youth from the marketing of flavored little cigars, noting that cigar smoking among Maryland youth is climbing even as cigarette smoking has declined. We commend them for focusing attention on this important issue and launching a mass media campaign to warn kids and parents about this addictive and dangerous tobacco product. Joshua M. Sharfstein, Secretary of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, has been a leader in sounding the alarm about this emerging threat. Maryland data shows that more than 76 percent of underage cigar smokers in high school smoke flavored cigars, which come in kid-friendly flavors such as strawberry, watermelon, peach, vanilla and chocolate. The tobacco industry is barred from selling candy … Read entire article »

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More myth-busting: Dissolvable tobacco and scary labels

An article in the current issue of TIME magazine poses the question, “How Safe is Tobacco that Melts in Your Mouth?” They are referring, of course, to new dissolvable tobacco products currently being assessed by the FDA. Since R.J. Reynolds, America’s second largest tobacco company, has begun selling new products, such as Camel Sticks, Orbs and Strips, in Colorado, public health officials are worrying that these dissolvable tobacco products may have a candy-like appeal for children and teenagers. But Richard Smith, spokesman for R.J. Reynolds, counters that, by consistently referring to these products as candy or mints, those same officials are “irresponsibly perpetuating false and misleading information.” Some anti-tobacco zealots bizarrely allege that the health risks associated with dissolvable tobacco are … Read entire article »

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Refusal skills help minority youths combat smoking, study finds

Youths identified as American Indian or Alaska Native (AI/AN) have the greatest lifetime smoking rate of all racial groups, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Nearly half of the 1.2 million AI/AN youths in the U.S. smoke cigarettes. A University of Missouri study found that public health strategies to combat smoking should teach refusal skills to help youths combat smoking influences, including family members and peers. “Smoking and quitting behaviors are heavily influenced by factors in the immediate environment, including family, peers and school,” said ManSoo Yu, assistant professor in the MU School of Social Work in the College of Human Environmental Sciences. “Particularly, AI/AN youths have more opportunities for smoking than non-AI/AN youths because tobacco use is common at traditional ceremonies and events related to their … Read entire article »

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Sask. Govt Puts Ban on the Sale of Tobacco in Pharmacies

Since April 1, no chemist shop or pharmacy is allowed to keep any of the tobacco related products at their store, throughout the province.It has been mandated by the government of Saskatchewan that no pharmacy is allowed to keep tobacco and related precuts at the store with the intention of selling them. Although, the ban has allowed retail stores for the sale of the tobacco products, it has been suggested that they must possess a separate entrance if they wish to serve the purpose. It has also been announced that those found violating the law will face a fine of no less than $500. The ban has come as a part of the Tobacco Reduction Strategy that has been religiously followed by the Provincial government since its enforcement. The Director of Health Promotion within the Ministry of Health, Tami Denomie, stated … Read entire article »

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Utah County youth stage flash mob against tobacco

As part of Kick Butts Day, Utah County’s anti-tobacco youth group, OUTRAGE Against Tobacco, joined thousands of young people across the nation in taking a stand against tobacco companies by hosting a flash mob outside the Utah County Historic Courthouse on Friday. Several members of the youth group, led by the adult coordinator of the group, Jen Tischler, set up a 50’s style candy shop they call “Sweet Deception.” The display showed a mix of different gum, mint, and candy packages alongside the packages for new dissolvable tobacco products that are now beginning to be introduced into the market. The new dissolvable tobacco products have not yet entered Utah. Tischler believes these tobacco products share a close resemblance to certain candies and their packages and that they are deceiving. The goal of … Read entire article »

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FDA to start regulating tobacco products

THE Department of Health (DOH) is all set to start regulating the contents of tobacco products via the reinforced Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In a press conference, FDA Director Dr. Suzette Lazo revealed that the Republic Act 9711 Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) has given the agency the power to standardize the contents of tobacco products. “We did not regulate tobacco before (but) because of health implications of tobacco and the DOH has the responsibility to safeguard public health and make its effects preventable… It is going to do this thru the FDA,” said Lazo. “We will comply with our mandate,” she added. The health official failed to explain further their new mandate on tobacco regulation saying they are still going through the IRR but added that the law also gives the FDA … Read entire article »

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Youth smokers in New York choose same brands of cigarettes as adults, menthol their top choice

New York’s youth smokers are smoking the same heavily marketed brands as New York’s adults, according to a report issued by the state Health Department. “When it comes to smoking, youth and adults are choosing – from among the many, many options – the same three brands,” said Melanie Flack, Reality Check coordinator in St. Lawrence County. “Clearly, tobacco industry marketing works, and we need to continue our efforts to protect children by, among other things, limiting the in-store marketing they’re exposed to.” The report says about 75 percent of established high school smokers in New York preferred Newport, Marlboro or Camel cigarettes in 2010. “The fact that youth and adult smokers are choosing the same top three brands shows that that tobacco marketing effectively targets youth and adults,” said Allison Montroy, Heuvelton … Read entire article »

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