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Tobacco remains a way of life in Southern Maryland

Along a busy road in Calvert County, Maryland, the crop being harvested, which may surprise some : tobacco . “This material is made of Southern Maryland, what it is, ” tobacco farmer SL Brady said . Twelve years after the state of Maryland began paying farmers not to grow tobacco, and encouraging them to switch to other crops, Brady is still ongoing. Brady farms of 45 hectares, which is called type 32 Burley tobacco Chaneyville on the road near the Maryland 4 in Owings. “We used to grow type 35, which was a Maryland -type tobacco, but after the new government poundage was so low, the market has dried up, and Philip Morris has come together with a contract wanting us to grow in this way. So, a few of us, who stayed, this … Read entire article »

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Smoking is good for you

How do you prove that smoking is good for your health? This paradox shows that a large grouping of data can cost a lot less than the sum of its parts. If I was on the tobacco company, and I wanted to prove that smoking was good for you, I would only have to do two things. First, I’d have to wrap my head in a paper bag, throw it on the ground and stomp on it. Next, I’d have to look at the study in the UK in the early 1970s. The study was to examine how a number of different factors affected people’s health. Among other things, he looked at the smoke, and if it has health effects. In particular, it looks at the women and their survival for the … Read entire article »

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After Miley Cyrus suggests she prefers weed to the drink

With legions of teenage fans looking for her, has Miley Cyrus set a bad example, confessing she prefers to smoke weed and drink alcohol. The 20-year-old we cannot stop the star made a confession this week, considering that it is less “angry” when it is high compared to when she is drunk. She went on to champion Bob Marley as “a kind of musical Rasta Mother Teresa”, suggesting his genius was all down to his pot smoking. This argument is disappointing on two fronts. First Miley – and other weed-loving celebrities – invariably produces ‘smoking weed is cool’ to impress their fans and glamorising praising its effects. Unfortunately, the “fun” of Toke on a “special cigarette” is not without consequences. A friend of mine recently announced that he was diagnosed with a neurological disease, and while … Read entire article »

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Is this “tobacco moment” for cannabis?

For cannabis is a “moment of tobacco.” In the long-suspected link between cannabis use and schizophrenia has been repeatedly confirmed by recent studies. Observers point out that cannabis is currently similar to a half-century ago, when scientific evidence of a link between smoking and cancer has become so strong that no reputable doctor or scientist can not deny it. Popular perceptions of the risks associated with 2.5 million people to take cannabis in the UK over the past year, lagging behind evidence of its toxicity, as shown in the mounting number of scientific studies. A recent survey of the evidence of experts, published by various scholars in different countries, says the study “consistently found that cannabis use is associated with schizophrenia outcomes in later life.” Sir Robin Murray, professor of psychiatric research … Read entire article »

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Altria is preparing to launch less nicotine tobacco drive

Verve will begin selling in 50 stores in Virginia in early June Altria Group Inc. is in uncharted territory: less nicotine tobacco product. The tobacco company is expected to run is not dissolution, tablet form of nicotine disc called Verve, the latest foray into the industry as a pilot of smokeless, told The Wall Street Journal. In contrast, smokeless sold Altria and Reynolds American Inc, Verve does not contain tobacco. Instead, chewable, mint disc will provide nicotine extracted from tobacco, the report said. Verve disc, which resembles a cough, relieve nicotine for about 15 minutes, the user sucks or chews it. It does not require spitting, to avoid the ingestion of tobacco. But the drive from the cellulose fibers and the polymer does not dissolve well, so users will have to throw … Read entire article »

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Brown County considers insurance surcharge for smokers

Tobacco use may be more expensive than Brown County employees, in an effort to reduce the overall cost of health insurance. A proposal working its way to the Brown County Board would add a $50-per-month surcharge to health insurance for employees who use tobacco. A health care coverage surcharge also could be implemented for dependents of employees who smoke if they’re covered by the county’s insurance. “There is no reason that taxpayers should subsidize this kind of behavior, and I stress the word” behavior “, said Rob Miller, the director, who offered free of charge.” If it leads to people not to smoke, they will live longer. This is a great advantage for the county.” But it’s unclear whether the county can implement such a charge. He needs approval from the County Council … Read entire article »

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Nicotine and nitrosamines found in dust in homes of smokers and non-smokers

Dusty danger While some of you may have been tidying your homes in readiness for visitors over the festive season, there are more reasons for using dusters and the vacuum cleaner than simply to avoid the embarrassment of a dusty house. For house dust harbours dangerous contaminants to which we can be exposed by inhalation and ingestion. Unlike outdoor dust, the indoor variety is persistent and more likely to be around for a longer period, extending the risk of exposure to those indoors. Recent research has found that the indoor dust is probably the major human exposure route for the fire retardant polybrominated diphenyl ethers but many other toxic compounds have been identified, including phthalates, pesticides, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and polychlorinated biphenyls. These indoor pollutants can originate from external sources such as fuel … Read entire article »

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Policy means nicotine tests for new workers

Geisinger Health Systems will no longer hire doctors, nurses or any job applicants who smoke cigarettes, chew tobacco or use any nicotine products.A number of health care providers across the country have adopted similar policies in recent years, but Geisinger is the largest one in Pennsylvania to do so. Hospital officials said the goal is to encourage healthier living, decrease absenteeism and reduce health care costs in the long term.“We’re hoping our applicants look at this in the same way we’re looking at it. This is really for a healthy environment for both our employees and our patient populations,” Lynn Miller, the executive vice president for clinical operations at Geisinger, said during a conference call, following Wednesday’s announcement.Job candidates will undergo testing as part of a routine drug screening.The tests typically … Read entire article »

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Why do we smoke cigarettes?

Smoking cigarettes is a way of life for millions of users the world over. While there could be several reasons why people smoke cigarettes, here are a few main reasons that have been clinically proven and then listed: It is a Pleasure Without a shadow of a doubt, smoking is considered to be a fun activity. Since childhood, the concerned smoker has been exposed to the joys of smoking cigarettes, which he apparently sees in the form of advertisements or through live examples of elders smoking. Smoking is considered to be a “happening thing” and it is a pleasurable experience which each and every individual wishes to experience at least one in his/her lifetime. It is Considered Rewarding Once you start smoking cigarettes, you get on hooked to them. It has been scientifically proven … Read entire article »

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Three FdL County businesses fail tobacco compliance checks

Three out of 15 rural Fond du Lac County businesses that were visited as part of recent tobacco compliance checks sold tobacco to underage youth. The checks were part of the Wisconsin. Wins tobacco retail compliance effort. The Wisconsin Wins campaign is a state-level initiative designed to decrease youth access to tobacco products. The campaign was launched in 2002 to assure compliance with the Federal Synar regulation, which requires states to maintain a youth access rate of less than 20 percent and is part of a comprehensive approach to preventing youth access to tobacco. “The percent of sales during the recent tobacco checks was at exactly 20 percent,” said Julie Jorgensen, assistant Tobacco Control Program coordinator for 5 Counties for Tobacco-Free Living, in … Read entire article »

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For better or worse smoking is part of our society

By Garit Reid Smoking in my personal opinion is wrong and I think it’s an unhealthy option but giving movies an adult rating for its usage is ill conceived. The Ontario Film Review Board stated recently that they will work with a non-smoking advocate group to give movies an 18A (adult) rating for movies and video games that depict smoking. My first point to be made is every movie depicted in the 1970s and before will have to have an adult rating because smoking was a big part of society in those days. This form of censorship won’t work because it would cripple the movie industry in Ontario. Simply, movies don’t make as much money when they have an adult rating for the most part. I’m sorry, even though smoking is unhealthy it’s part … Read entire article »

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Cigarette butts can harm aquatic life

Tossing a cigarette butt into the street or onto a sidewalk or curb can earn you a fine for littering, but the consequences are more severe for plant and aquatic life in Memphis-area rivers, lakes and streams. In addition to looking bad, cigarette butts can wash into drain inlets during storm events.  Storm water carries the butts, flows from the inlets through the drainage system and discharges into the local creeks and rivers and eventually the Mississippi River. Cigarette butts transported by the storm water pose a threat to fish and other aquatic life in these water bodies. These filters contain heavy metals such as cadmium, arsenic and lead as well as potential carcinogens such as benzene. Also, the cellulose acetate from which the filters are made can take up to 10 … Read entire article »

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