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Miss Lohan sneaks out for a cigarette

Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan has sworn off drugs as she attempts to fulfill the terms of her probation. But the actress still clearly loves the buzz of nicotine, as she was spotted enjoying a smoke break after attending a birthday dinner for her brother Michael Jr in New York last night. And she appeared to be having a puff with chum as they took some time out from the fun family meal. Smokin’: Lindsay Lohan looked stylish as she smoked a cigarette outside a restaurant in New York last night with a chum The actress looked glamorous in a black fur coat, shorts skirt and stiletto boots as she took time out from the festivities to enjoy a quick puff. And she also smiled as she checked her phone, perhaps after receiving a message … Read entire article »

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Roger Corman, “Hollywood Rebel”

At this time of year Hollywood brings out big-budget movies like “Mission: Impossible” with Tom Cruise and the new “Sherlock Holmes” film starring Robert Downey, Jr. But Roger Corman, the antithesis of big Hollywood who has made low-budget, independent films for 60 years, will also have his say. He is the subject of a new documentary, “Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel,” which will be in U.S. theaters on Friday Corman, 85, has produced about 550 movies and directed 50 more, including “The Wild Angels” and “Little Shop of Horrors,” and lesser known movies like “The Terror” and “Naked Angels.” His New World Pictures became a hotbed for up-and-coming directors and actors including Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard, John Sayles and Jack Nicholson. Corman spoke to Reuters about movies, how Steven Spielberg impacted his … Read entire article »

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Up in smoke

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn,” said Clark Gable while smoking a cigar in the 1939 Hollywood classic Gone With The Wind. One can remember seeing many silver-screen icons smoking on screen but recently actors, whether it is Gandalf (played by Ian McKellen) smoking a pipe in Lord of the Rings or Audrey Hepburn’s famous pose holding a cigarette in Breakfast at Tiffanys, have been scrutinised for sending out a wrong message to their viewers. According to research published by the Thorax, a medical journal co-owned by the British Thoracic Society films that depict actors smoking should be handed an automatic 18 certificate. The report, produced by researchers from the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies, called for movies that feature smoking to attract a similar age classification to those … Read entire article »

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Smokin’ Joe Namath Gives Puffers An Illicit Itch On LIRR Platforms

As numerous studies have shown, smoking cigarettes is one of the coolest activities in the world. The only thing cooler than smoking is taking illicit puffs after a lushy celebrity tells you not to. After a smoking ban on LIRR platforms went into effect yesterday, the Post found a smoker who was lighting up with gusto, despite the audio announcements telling him it was illegal. “Joe Namath just told me I couldn’t smoke, so I wanted to,” a 28-year-old man said at the Hicksville station. No word on whether Katie Couric will track him down and tell him what an awful person he is. Another smoker called the ban “bullshit,” saying, “They’re already hiking up our prices. I’m still going to smoke.” Sure you could whip out your smartphone and play … Read entire article »

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Why celebrities smoke

The link between celebrities and smoking is a difficult one to figure. The celebrity world is based almost entirely on looks and image and since smoking just about ruins your looks it’s truly astounding to see so many celebrities sticking with the smoking habit. Over twenty years ago and more – dermatologists were talking about something they started to call “smokers face” typical of many heavy smokers. Now we’re told smoking accelerates skin aging by around 10-15 years. So why do celebrities continue to smoke when they risk so much from the aging effects of smoking on their skin? ven if, by some strange twist of fate, celebrities themselves manage to remain ignorant of the effects of smoking on skin aging, they have armies of advisors and image consultants. Surely someone in their inner … Read entire article »

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Mel Gibson gives up his butts but finds it a “hellish” ride

Mel Gibson has been smoking for 45 years. At a recent promotion of his new movie, “Edge of Darkness, he spoke to reporters on being on his 9th day without his nicotine. Gibson said, “It was torture. The first three days I was like an axe murderer. Day 4: I’d come at you with a bat. Day 5″ I was dangerous with a lawn mower. It is a hellish habit to break.” Gibsons relationship with addictive substances started early. He was hooked on tobacco at the young age of 9 years old and started drinking in his teen years. In an interview with Diane Sawyer, Gibson admitted to drug and alcohol abuse, both are linking with tobacco use. He has also struggled with depression. Eight five per cent of alcoholics also smoke. Substance abusers are 2 … Read entire article »

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Hollywood get rid of kid smoking movies fast

It’s been one year since the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) pledged to make the movies that children see smoke free. But nothing has been done to put that pledge into practice.”One year later, we are still waiting for Hollywood to do the right thing,” state Health Commissioner Richard F. Daines, M.D., said today. “The MPAA must act now to protect children from the harmful influence of movie stars smoking gratuitously on film. We cannot sacrifice the health of another generation through indifference and inaction.” Fo r example in 100 dalmatines Cruella is smoking a lady cigarette with so much elegance but in the same time influencing kids. “Research shows that deaths attributable to youth exposure to on-screen tobacco will be greater in the U.S. than drunken driving, drug … Read entire article »

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Sex and the City-smoking attraction

If your teens watch “Sex and the City” – the sex is not the only thing you have to worry about. Virtually every teen girl said the show influenced this deadly habit. “Whenever I think of how to smoke, it’s the way Sarah Jessica Parker exhales, and I’m like obsessed,” one 10th-grader said. “I love her, and the way she exhales is very memorable. She kind of … elongates her neck and exhales into the air.” Some of the girls said they smoke because they think it makes them look sophisticated, while others say it helps them deal with stress. Some are afraid to stop because they think they will gain weight. “It just goes with everything, you know, your perfectly polished hands,” said an 11th-grader who smokes. On the other hand, some … Read entire article »

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Tobacco advertise in TV shows, movies seduce new generations

Elle Macpherson’s ex and Uma Thurman’s on-off fiancé appears in the latest Harper’s Bazaar in a photograph that simply reeks of animal magnetism, all because of the addition of a single prop: a lit cigarette.Curiously, another previously ungainly figure has been transformed behind a veil of smoke. In last week’s copy of ShortList magazine, portly comic actor James Corden, was similarly transformed into a far steelier and edgier character, again via the touch of La Diva Nicotina. In reality, I can barely hold a conversation with a smoker, let alone drift off into a reverie of cocktails, romance and Egyptian cotton sheets. I find the breath of a smoker to be as tolerable as that of a salivating British bulldog. But the image still has a certain bewitching glamour, which … Read entire article »

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Lady Gaga smoking habit and extasy drugs

Lady Gaga’s health has been all over the media lately. Since she has been collapsing at concerts and looking frail at times, one has to wonder what is going on with the singer. However, Gaga is coming forward herself to set the record clear about her health, how she maintains it, and why she keeps collapsing. In an interview with UK’s Times, she defends her thin body stating, “My schedule is such that I don’t get very much time to eat. But I certainly don’t have an eating problem.” In addition, she admits to playing with illegal substances saying, “A little MDMA [Ecstasy] once in a while never killed anybody, but I really don’t do drugs. I don’t touch cocaine any more. I … Read entire article »

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Alexis Neiers And Tess Taylor Allegedly Smoking Heroin

“Pretty Wild” star Alexis Neiers was sentenced to 180 days in the clink for her participation in the bling ring, a group of Hollywood-area knuckleheads who robbed celebrities like Orlando Bloom and and Rachel Bilson. Now it looks like any chance that her time in the slammer will appear on a second season of the E! show are dashed—the network is reportedly canceling the show, not because of Neiers’ prison sentence, but because new photos of her and pal Tess Taylor reportedly doing drugs have hit the internet. The gossip site The Dirty, which released photos of Taylor topless and smoking from a bong last week, has new photos, which allegedly show Neiers and Taylor smoking black tar heroin. Now, I’m not exactly an expert in what smoking heroin looks like from afar, but these pics don’t … Read entire article »

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Taylor Momsen smokes, oh…

Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen recently said that she doesn’t care about being a role model. At least she puts her money (and cigarettes) where her mouth is. The 16-year-old was spotted puffing away on a cigarette, but noone knows what brand was it , either Vogue cigarettes or Kiss cigarettes , it doesn’t matter any moreon the New York City, much to the dismay of local anti-smoking activists. “She really has an extra responsibility to bear as an actress idolized by little girls,” said Patrick Reynolds, director of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free America. “For her to be smoking sends the wrong message to kids. Evidence has shown us that stars, particularly younger ones, definitely do influence kids to smoke.” “So I’m sorry if I’m … Read entire article »

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