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Nepal Introduces World’s Biggest Graphic Health Warnings on Cigarette Packages

Nepal not too long ago has put in place the world’s major graphic health warnings on cigarette packages, covering about 90 % of the front and back of the package. Nepal’s new warnings establish a worldwide example and demonstrate other countries what can be achieved by prioritizing health and standing up to the cigarette industry. The warning labels were put in place in spite of ambitious attempts by the tobacco industry and its allies to halt them. Nepal’s warning label law followed under assault by tobacco industry allies like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, as noted in the report of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce published earlier this year. Investigation demonstrates that efficient warning labels raise understanding of risks related to smoking and may have an effect on potential decisions regarding smoking. … Read entire article »

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Calls For Regulation e-cigarette

As the vaping community rapidly grows, along with e-cigarette devices with increasingly powerful batteries and endless flavors, so do calls from public health advocates for federal oversight of the market. Some groups are urging the Food & Drug Administration to subject e-cigarettes to the same regulations as traditional cigarettes, including requiring health warnings on packages and prohibiting e-cigarettes from being sold to minors. Others are also calling for FDA to ban candy and other kid-friendly flavors. FDA currently regulates only those e-cigarettes, e-juices, and other vaping supplies that make therapeutic claims. FDA proposed a rule last April, however, that would allow the agency to begin regulating e-cigarettes as tobacco products. The agency expects to finalize that rule later this year. In the meantime, various state and local governments are putting some … Read entire article »

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Drinking vs smoking – which is worse?

Drinking vs smoking – which is worse? Quiz Alcohol should come with cigarette-style health warnings, say MPs, who want more to be done to combat drinking. But when it comes to the costs of booze and fags, which is worse? A new report from a cross-party group of MPs is calling for a range of measures to tackle what they have called a “national pandemic”. Along with warnings on packaging, they want all alcohol to be clearly marked with a minimum unit price and calorie count, more regulation on alcohol marketing and a reduction in the drink drive limit. In the manifesto, which lists 10 recommendations, the all-party parliamentary group on alcohol misuse outlined the sheer scale of the problems caused by alcohol. It says that 1.2 million people a year are admitted to … Read entire article »

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Smoking is good for you

How do you prove that smoking is good for your health? This paradox shows that a large grouping of data can cost a lot less than the sum of its parts. If I was on the tobacco company, and I wanted to prove that smoking was good for you, I would only have to do two things. First, I’d have to wrap my head in a paper bag, throw it on the ground and stomp on it. Next, I’d have to look at the study in the UK in the early 1970s. The study was to examine how a number of different factors affected people’s health. Among other things, he looked at the smoke, and if it has health effects. In particular, it looks at the women and their survival for the … Read entire article »

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Ten smoking hot female stars

Cheryl Cole – is the latest celebrity to have been snapped enjoying a cig at the club, as she celebrated her birthday on Sunday. 30-year-old Geordie was seen dancing and puffing on a cigarette in Las Vegas, where the lighting is still legal in nightclubs do not serve food. But the former Girls Aloud star is not only the female star you cannot expect to smoke. Here we take a look at ten other female stars whatever caught fire. Kate Beckinsale – English beauty Kate, 39, broke her shape and healthy appearance, adding to it FAG gym outfit. The actress took the habit in 16 years and only quit once – three years after getting pregnant with her daughter Lily Mo Sheen. She said: “I try to do a lot of vitamins and no drinks. I … Read entire article »

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In China, many doctors, nurses smoke

Most of the Chinese health workers are smokers, some smoke regularly before the patient, and a leading expert on health, said at a recent tobacco-related forum. Being under the guidance of experts say that such practices in medicine are incompatible send a message to the public about the dangers of smoking. China ranks first in the world in the proportion of smokers among male health workers, who account for 40%, tobacco expert Wang Chen said on Monday. He added that many health care workers have a low level of awareness of the harmful effects and dependence of tobacco use, in addition to the existing tobacco prevention programs. “Health care providers should set a good example for the public, as a non-smoker, to promote a healthy way,” “But many are not able to do it.” … Read entire article »

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Pros and cons of smokeless tobacco products

With declining sales of cigarettes, smokeless tobacco industry going. Companies such as R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris introduced new smokeless tobacco products, which is nothing like your grandfather in a dirty or chewed dip. The company said that these new products – one is called “snus” – to help smokers over a wave when they go where they can not light up anymore because of smoking bans, such as restaurants and offices. Since the ban began to walk into force 25 years ago, more and more people gave up cigarettes. Today the smoking rate is half what it was 40 years ago.And why companies are investing heavily in the development of smoke-free, and to change its image from the village up to the thigh. Think smokeless tobacco, and you probably conjure up … Read entire article »

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The hookahs

They defined “cool” after cigarettes have passed. But hookah bars, which grew rapidly in the metro and Tier II towns across the country after the ban on smoking in public places came into force on 2 October 2008, are now beginning to feel the heat. One government after another ban them for cigarettes and other tobacco products (Prohibition) Act, 2003, not only giving young people access to the hookah or sheesha but using ingredients not permitted under the law. Bangalore was the first who saw the hookah bars are in March 2011. Maharashtra again in October and Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab enforced a same ban in December. Despite the bans, hookah or sheesha bars remain the hangouts of choice for urban youth. “I would prefer to come here instead of boring … Read entire article »

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Revolution in smoking

Britain is on the verge of a revolution in smoking, which aims to eradicate cigarette. Companies, including some of the biggest names in the tobacco are ready to start the generation of devices that mimic the experience of smoking without fatal consequences. One of them, developed 29-year-old graduate of Oxford, has attracted the attention of BAT, one of the largest tobacco companies in the world, which bought the rights to the market. The abundance of electronic and other devices that appeared in the past year, thanks to a legal loophole that allows them to be freely available as long as they do not make any health claims. An estimated 10 million “electronic cigarettes”, which are shaped to look like the real thing and simulate smoke when heated to produce nicotine inhaled mist, … Read entire article »

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Dangers of Chewing Tobacco Detected

Poor labelling on chewing on chewing tobacco products is putting people’s health at risk, the BBC reports. A report from the Race Equality Foundation and the Action on Smoking Monte Carlo and Health (ASH) foundation reveals that more than 80% of chewable tobacco products are sold with inadequate labelling or health warnings. Many do not even state whether they contain tobacco. Chewable tobacco is particularly popular amongst ethnic minorities from South Asian countries such as Bangladesh. A large number of immigrants from these countries are hooked on chewing tobacco, in the form of paan, the BBC reports, but many underestimate the health risks they pose. Chewing tobacco has been linked with gum cancer, mouth disease and heart disease, and is highly addictive. The NHS website gives the following advice regarding paan: “Many … Read entire article »

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Three FdL County businesses fail tobacco compliance checks

Three out of 15 rural Fond du Lac County businesses that were visited as part of recent tobacco compliance checks sold tobacco to underage youth. The checks were part of the Wisconsin. Wins tobacco retail compliance effort. The Wisconsin Wins campaign is a state-level initiative designed to decrease youth access to tobacco products. The campaign was launched in 2002 to assure compliance with the Federal Synar regulation, which requires states to maintain a youth access rate of less than 20 percent and is part of a comprehensive approach to preventing youth access to tobacco. “The percent of sales during the recent tobacco checks was at exactly 20 percent,” said Julie Jorgensen, assistant Tobacco Control Program coordinator for 5 Counties for Tobacco-Free Living, in … Read entire article »

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Hartsville approves tobacco-free ordinance for city parks

Hartsville City Council has given unanimous final approval to an ordinance that makes city parks tobacco-free.The ordinance, passed during Monday night’s regular monthly meeting, bans smoking as well as the use ofother tobacco products in all of the city’s public parks and other outdoor facilities owned by the city. The ordinance calls for a $25 fine for each violation.“Our goal is first and foremost to protect the children,” Hartsville Mayor Mel Pennington said. “We want to approach this from a customer service standpoint. We would hope that officers will courteously ask smokers and tobacco users to stop what they are doing before writing any citation. We are not looking to lay down the hand of the law.” Before approval of smoking ordinance, council heard some discussion as to the wording of the … Read entire article »

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