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Tweens Who Play Sports Less Likely to Smoke: Study

Preteens who take part in certain extracurricular activities may be less likely to try smoking or drinking, a new study suggests. “How children spend their time matters,” lead author Anna Adachi-Mejia, of Dartmouth College’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center, said in a college news release. “Parents and guardians may think that tweens need less adult supervision when they are not in school. However, our research suggests that certain coached extracurricular activities can help prevent tween smoking and drinking.” The findings are from a 2003 survey of more than 6,500 U.S. students, who were asked about various types of extracurricular activities. The children were all between the ages of 10 and 14, a group that’s sometimes called “tweens.” More than half of the tweens said they played team sports with a coach (55.5 percent) or … Read entire article »

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Justin Bieber’s arrest while high on pot

Pop star Justin Bieber’s latest arrest while high on pot came at an awkward time for those pushing for further liberalization of the nation’s pot laws, and Mr. Bieber wasn’t the only one generating negative ink. A series of high-profile news stories, starting with Mr. Bieber’s admission that he smoked pot all day before he was arrested for drag racing in Miami, have put a big-time damper on the legalization movement’s otherwise sky-high vibe, which had a number of unprecedented political and cultural triumphs in recent months. Police reported this week that Maryland mall gunman Darion Aguilar mentioned in his journal that he used marijuana. In Colorado, a driver high on pot made national headlines after crashing into two state trooper vehicles, and a 2-year-old was rushed to an emergency room after … Read entire article »

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Rihanna Is Clearly Having A Great Time In Brazil

Perezhilton has stated that while having a great time in Brazil, Rihanna rolls one of her preferred things on earth, a joint. In the editorial, Rihanna is seen dipping in water dressed in a Charlie by Matthew Zink, one of the singer’s fave swimming brands. The suit is a deep v-plunge that shows ample front with a barely there g-string that pretty much shows the entire singer’s toned booty. The songstress has her faced turned upwards and with closed eyes and pursed lips, she happily smokes a joint. The 25-year old singer has never made any efforts to hide her appreciation for marijuana and has publically admitted to being in favor of legalizing the greens. Billboard noted before that public notice of Rihanna’s relationship with marijuana started in 2010 when the singer … Read entire article »

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US Smoking Decline in Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood is blamed again. Earlier it was blamed for helping hook America on cigarettes, and now for decline of the smoking habit. In a new study conducted by Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania it is found less adults are now reported being smokers. The researchers analyzed thousands of hours of television shows in their study from all decades beginning from the 1950s and till year 2010. They counted the number of smoking instances and found in the 1961 there were only less than five depictions of tobacco use an hour and in the 2010 it dropped to 0.29 instances Earlier, the tobacco companies invested heavily in movie stars in a strategy to push cigarettes in the market and it was found smoking became prominently featured in popular entertainment. In … Read entire article »

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Ten smoking hot female stars

Cheryl Cole – is the latest celebrity to have been snapped enjoying a cig at the club, as she celebrated her birthday on Sunday. 30-year-old Geordie was seen dancing and puffing on a cigarette in Las Vegas, where the lighting is still legal in nightclubs do not serve food. But the former Girls Aloud star is not only the female star you cannot expect to smoke. Here we take a look at ten other female stars whatever caught fire. Kate Beckinsale – English beauty Kate, 39, broke her shape and healthy appearance, adding to it FAG gym outfit. The actress took the habit in 16 years and only quit once – three years after getting pregnant with her daughter Lily Mo Sheen. She said: “I try to do a lot of vitamins and no drinks. I … Read entire article »

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Snoop Dogg puffs away suspicious looking cigar shares audience members concert

He is known to be partial to taking a toke on a blunt. Performing at a concert in Atlanta over the weekend, rapper Snoop Dogg was seen lighting up a large suspicious-looking cigar on stage and puffing on it. While the contents of the smoking apparatus were unknown, the 40-year-old was later seen passing it to members of the audience. The Gin and Juice hit-maker, who was wearing an L.A Lakers tracksuit, also slipped on a pair of wacky glasses with the words Snoop Dogg emblazoned across them. He was later joined on stage by some scantily-clad dancers who did some provocative moves whilst he performed. Snoop’s fondness for marijuana has been well documented over the years. It has also landed him in hot water. The rapper, whose real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, has reportedly been … Read entire article »

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Smoking ban in films: Is it uncalled for?

The latest notification issued by the government on smoking scenes in films and television programmes have left filmmakers fuming over the ‘absurd’ guidelines. CT takes a look at the debate, its genesis and what it means for showbusiness For a few years now, the government has been trying to introduce guidelines to ban smoking in films. Finally, in October, the government issued a notification, ordering all films, as well as TV programmes, to have health warnings at the beginning and in the middle of the film/show. The new guidelines, under the Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products Rules, 2004, say that every new and old film (Indian and foreign), as well as TV programmes (new and old), must have the actors mouthing health warnings at the beginning of the film, and in … Read entire article »

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Up in smoke

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn,” said Clark Gable while smoking a cigar in the 1939 Hollywood classic Gone With The Wind. One can remember seeing many silver-screen icons smoking on screen but recently actors, whether it is Gandalf (played by Ian McKellen) smoking a pipe in Lord of the Rings or Audrey Hepburn’s famous pose holding a cigarette in Breakfast at Tiffanys, have been scrutinised for sending out a wrong message to their viewers. According to research published by the Thorax, a medical journal co-owned by the British Thoracic Society films that depict actors smoking should be handed an automatic 18 certificate. The report, produced by researchers from the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies, called for movies that feature smoking to attract a similar age classification to those … Read entire article »

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Smokin’ Joe Namath Gives Puffers An Illicit Itch On LIRR Platforms

As numerous studies have shown, smoking cigarettes is one of the coolest activities in the world. The only thing cooler than smoking is taking illicit puffs after a lushy celebrity tells you not to. After a smoking ban on LIRR platforms went into effect yesterday, the Post found a smoker who was lighting up with gusto, despite the audio announcements telling him it was illegal. “Joe Namath just told me I couldn’t smoke, so I wanted to,” a 28-year-old man said at the Hicksville station. No word on whether Katie Couric will track him down and tell him what an awful person he is. Another smoker called the ban “bullshit,” saying, “They’re already hiking up our prices. I’m still going to smoke.” Sure you could whip out your smartphone and play … Read entire article »

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Female Celebrity Smoking List

Ever wonder which female celebrities smoke? Here is an abbreviated female celebrity smoking list. This is not implying these women are current smokers, and hopefully they’re not. But, they have been seen at one point in their life smoking cigarettes. Maybe they smoked in a music video, or perhaps in a movie. Maybe they were caught on the red carpet smoking cigarettes. Maybe they were seen at a nightclub smoking, or perhaps while shopping downtown. It could be anywhere really. I often wonder when actresses smoke in their movies when they themselves are not smokers if they get addicted and have to go through physical withdrawal. They do takes after takes of each scene, so it’s possible they are lighting up a cigarette for each take. I bet some of them go … Read entire article »

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Hollywood Stars Encourage Youngsters to Smoke

Leading Hollywood actors John Travolta, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sharon Stone and Julia Roberts have been accused of encouraging young people to take up smoking by lighting up on screen. Research published in the British Tobacco Control journal found United States students aged 10 to 19 whose favourite stars smoked on screen were more likely to smoke than those whose favorite stars never smoked in movies. MASCOT Reviews: Training Day with Academy Award winner Denzel Washington Charlie’s Angels featuring Cameron Diaz Art of War starring Wesley Snipes 3000 Miles to Graceland featuring Kevin Costner ‘In the Bedroom’ Is Leader of the Cigarette Pack More than 630 students from rural schools in New England were surveyed about their smoking habits and their attitudes to smoking for the study, and were asked to name their favourite movie star. … Read entire article »

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Stars and their habit

Whatcha got there, Salma Hayek? The “Ugly Betty” star is the latest closet celebrity smoker to be exposed after she was spotted puffing away on American Spirits this weekend in Beverly Hills alongside her 1-year-old daughter, Valentina. Cameras caught the secret smoker outside Neiman Marcus as she lit up while her mom and tiny tot waited. Hayek told Marie Claire last year that she got hooked on cigarettes while filming “Frida” – and subsequently quit last April. “It’s the s—iest vice you could possibly pick,” she said. “I’ve tried to quit before. But this time I’m done with it. I’ve changed.” But the 42-year-old isn’t the only star who tries to keep her nicotine addiction under wraps for fear of a negative fan reaction. “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria Parker was desperate to keep her habit … Read entire article »

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