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After Miley Cyrus suggests she prefers weed to the drink

With legions of teenage fans looking for her, has Miley Cyrus set a bad example, confessing she prefers to smoke weed and drink alcohol.

marijuana-lung-01-27The 20-year-old we cannot stop the star made a confession this week, considering that it is less “angry” when it is high compared to when she is drunk.

She went on to champion Bob Marley as “a kind of musical Rasta Mother Teresa”, suggesting his genius was all down to his pot smoking.

This argument is disappointing on two fronts.

First Miley – and other weed-loving celebrities – invariably produces ‘smoking weed is cool’ to impress their fans and glamorising praising its effects.

Unfortunately, the “fun” of Toke on a “special cigarette” is not without consequences.

A friend of mine recently announced that he was diagnosed with a neurological disease, and while I’m not a medical expert, and I took care of his news, I think it’s a safe bet that what he was smoking weed every day, as are Uni probably had something to do with it.

Now he will have to make major changes in your lifestyle in general.

In addition to the health risks of drug use, there are also legal consequences of possession of cannabis, and can land you in trouble with the police.

In addition, anyone who is around people on drugs – even weed – would know that it’s actually quite boring. Speaking to a room full of Stoners can often be tedious.

The second disappointment Miley statement is that it stands for Bob Marley smoking, and cites this as an important element of his genius.

This is a tragic day when someone relies on an external element to be creative (although, of course, lots of good music and art was created by artists influenced – but many continue to do so as soon as they kick their habit) and it can be slippery slope to becoming addicted to drugs just to function.

Of course fans of drugs is always counter argue that alcohol is just as bad (and Miley’s appearance did it herself when she reasoned it made her feel sick) – but this is hardly a reason its champion.

People come in a variety of conditions and problems associated with drinking – and this is just as un-cool to be trapped with the help of drugs.

While Miley will be blown up as much for defending the alcohol to excess, it would be smart for her to think of her fans in the first place.

If she asked for it or not, she is a role model and opinions she holds would be too easy to be absorbed by her following.


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