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» Quitting smoking and reducing risks

Quitting smoking and reducing risks

tobacco law

tobacco law

What is the effect of tobacco around the world?

  • Tobacco is the only everyday product that kills people when it is used as it is supposed to be used.
  • Four million people around the world die each year because of tobacco use. That’s 11,000 deaths every day!
  • In 2030, the number will reach 10 million. That’s 19 tobacco related deaths every minute!
  • If the land used for growing tobacco were used to grow food, there would be enough to feed 10 to 20 million people.
What are the benefits of quitting?

The sooner a person quits smoking the better—but it’s never too late to improve your health. Some improvements happen almost at once.

  • Carbon monoxide is gone within the first 24 hours.
  • One year after quitting, the risk of a heart attack is cut in half.
  • Ten years after quitting, the risk of lung cancer is cut in half.
  • After 15 years, the risk of a heart attack drops to that of someone who has never smoked.

Did you know?

Even with everything we now know about tobacco, about one person in five still smokes in Canada! Many experts say tobacco causes far more harm than illegal drugs. There is no way tobacco could pass safety laws today. It would not be allowed.

What about the tobacco industry?

Tobacco companies spend billions of dollars a year promoting their brands. They have promoted smoking through the movies, fashion awards, sponsorship of car racing and other sports, and concerts and parties in bars and clubs. All these promotions have one purpose—to attract you to smoking. They often make it look like everyone’s smoking because it’s the cool thing to do. Remember to think for yourself! Most people don’t smoke!

Fast Facts

If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, it will cost over $2,000 a year. Think what you could do with the savings!


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