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» Cultivation of tobacco and Treatment

Cultivation of tobacco and Treatment


Smoking may be harmful to your health. Thus, you can drink, sing with the key, sleeping with the wife of his neighbor, too much fatty food, too much meat and not enough meat, too many vegetables and not enough vegetables……. Well, you get the picture. This center is not about health or hobby horses, but the cultivation of tobacco, and treats it. What do you do with it, it’s your own damn business.
Second, do not break the law. Here in New Zealand you can buy tobacco seeds, grow stuff, and if you want to smoke is legitimate. You can not legally sell it, barter it or give it away. The same rules govern the brewing, wine and distilled spirits. If you live elsewhere check the local laws that you agree.

Having that little bit of my meager Hest, let’s get down to hard Natty:
Anyone can successfully grow tobacco!
Virginia tobacco material, trade is one of the hardiest plants you’ll ever grow. If you live warm enough to grow cabbage, tobacco will flourish. I grow it in a tiny area where I live, 400 feet. (120 meters) above sea level, with a temperate climate of the coastal floor. Within three months of winter, we are light frosts, strong winds, some sad, some hail. I planted a few seedlings in February last year as an experiment. It was here in late summer in the Southern Hemisphere. They were small plants, about 2 feet (60cm.) high in the winter, when the strike. They stopped growing until spring. The leaves were healthy – not wilting or browning, and about the end of September they went again. In comparison with properly grown plants were small, but still more than 6 feet high. (I’ll keep it in feet and inches just for the sake of our American family. I’m tired of fighting to the last damn thing “to get to my garden shed and pulled them in May last year, still healthy and hardy, with a root system the size of a soccer ball.

What you need

Seeds: You can buy the seeds here in New Zealand from the Kings Seeds in Katikati,
Try another local traders seeds, seed suppliers heritage on the Internet, or higher. For North American readers, try to win Seed Company in Oregon. ~ ~ V is also a very useful site.

Somewhere to grow seedlings: sunny window sill in order. Seeds are tiny, like pepper. Put the seed mixture, or a mixture of fine soil and sand in a shallow container (2-Lieutenant of about 3 liters of ice-cream container with a few drainage holes punched in the bottom right, or one of those little 6 trays of seeds you get some other plants, eggs or small tray on the subject.) Stand the dish in a tray or the like so that you can pour without soaking the carpet, sprinkle the seeds are very easy on the earth, and water. This is probably the best water, standing container in two inches of water in a bucket or sink to rest, and then allows you to drain before putting it on the dish. Cover with a newspaper, a bit of cardboard or some such and keep moist. After about 2 weeks the seedlings should start to show. Be careful, I’m pressing a pinch of seeds sprinkled on the tray of six seed bank and received more than 100 plants! See my response to the comment Patti English, in the (first below) for additional seed directions.

Seedlings should be installed with a minimum distance of 2 feet between plants and the same between the lines, though three feet between rows, the better. They prefer full sun but will grow in partial shade. Leaves can be up to 2 feet long each recession, and grow on the main stem from ground level up, reduced in size from a height. Adult plants 7 feet tall, and self-sustaining.

How many plants?

It depends on what you want to tobacco. Just for the fun of growing material and may use the leaves to make a couple of bug spray the plants in order. If you want to cure and smoke, put at least a dozen plants, if possible.

This seems like a good place to take your hand (not too close!) And guide you through some simple basic arithmetic, if you have not done so themselves. Take what you pay for a week on smoking (probably around $ 50), multiply it by 52 to find that it will cost you a year (more than $ 2,500?) Subtract the cost once the seeds ($ 2 50 buys about 1,000 seeds, down the road from me), and the cost of a couple of cups of seed mixtures and fertilizers you can buy. Well, you’ve probably moved 12 sprouts grow enough tobacco to keep you in the cancer sticks for a year, go figure.


Now, when you put your tobacco behind the begonias wife (this is quite an attractive decoration with small pretty pink flowers), along the wall, that on the drive in the bed of their own, above all, where in the world do you pick up the thin pets? Well, except for his dynamite, it works with the ten ton backhoe, burning it with a flamethrower, or soaking things in a weed-killer, tobacco, largely takes care of itself. Treat it like a tomato: Put him in a fairly rich and dug soil (with compost and plant matter, if you have it), water regularly in dry weather, give it a side dressing of general fertilizer garden again and again, weed control around him, and that’s about it. You can sit back, drink moonshine (I’m doing a hub on the distillation and later) and watch it grow.
When she gets bigger, you will see a small tobacco plants begin to grow as side-shoots from the main stem at the base of the leaves – as well as tomatoes and other things that some people smoke. The same rules apply: pinch, or otherwise remove them. If you plant them, they will grow for later harvest. When the plants reach maturity, they will set flower heads at the top. Hold them. You may have to stand up for something to do! I suggest you leave one plant to flower to seed.


Here in New Zealand, nothing much seems to be an error tobacco – and my every way, above or below ground. After all, cigarette butts soaked in a bucket of water was an old way to make use insect spray that my parents and grandparents used. If you have a problem, contact your local nursery, or talk with a friend who gardens. What works for tomatoes need to work on tobacco products.

Collection and Treatment

A lot of absolute nonsense is put on over the complexity of the treatment of tobacco. I think it’s an evil plot to extinguish the tobacco magnates and perpetuated by our respected, but rarely or respectable government to squeeze money from us too. There are all sorts of bells and whistles can be added to enhance the final result, but not necessary! You can make a perfectly acceptable product only adequate drying leaves, thinly sliced them, rolled them in tissue paper, and setting them to get off – so put that in pipe and smoke!

Collection of leaves

As Mrs Beeton once said, “W-O”, sorry, I mean “In order to gear the hare First catch your hare.” The same applies to tobacco: to cure it, you must first pick it up. You’re not in the business of growing businesses, you do not pay for work, and I hope you have some free time, so take your time and pick the leaves as they come prepared. Around the time that the flower heads begin to form adult plants and the lower leaves will be ready to pick up.
Take the leaves, cut slits near the end of the center rib of each leaf, the share of thin tomato feed or similar across these gaps, so that when you hold the stick horizontally (so you have to hang them), the leaves hang down about an inch from each other and hang those rods in a dry, to the side, and preferably warm. The attic is large, so it is out of the garage rafters, if you still have the head room. Can be strung on the leaves of the length of wire, chord stretched between two nails, use your imagination.

Have a collection of leaves in the coming weeks, when you think they are ready. It is too early or a little yellow to make the collection of damn ‘, the difference in the final product, one of the reasons that I suggest that you have chosen this path, so that you do not get sick carefully cutting and hanging brutal stuff! It also gives a higher chance to grow leaves a little more.


Do not look now, but you’ve already done it – well, good enough for the average punter. You hung the leaves in a warm, dry, dark, and preferably air, without touching the walls or floor, you check them from time to time to see that they are not stuck with the “stick, or go moldy, or mice are not developed bad habits, nicotine, and you have confirmed that they are not so dry that they are fragile – they do not dry the means of the rain or wet, so that they rot. If the problem looks a little fragile, move them to somewhere cooler, or you could spray them with a single of these gentlemen very well can be bought for a few dollars to make the house plants.
The only basis for the treatment time. Time is said to cure everything, and tobacco at the top of the list. Some say that it should be hung for two years. I found that one year is enough. (I was the first class flake tobacco leaves, which I left in a box in the corner of my garage for a year, and forgot.) A friend hangs his tobacco for three months by the time he was a nice color and texture, and then crosses it and use it right now.

Preparation of the final product

I assume that you want to either roll your own, or heat pipes. Preparation of the sheet are the same for both: Take a sheet, cut out the center rib and any rib large part, if it is a large sheet, repeat a few leaves, until you have some reasonable, then go to one of the following ways:
• Squeeze the leaves into a tight knot and uses a very sharp knife and cutting board slice of tobacco as finely as you can. cut it cross-ways a few times and you’re there. It’s tedious, but it will cost you nothing but time, and it does the job.
• Buy a hand-cut tobacco. A friend brought it back from Holland a few days ago. He bought it new about 20 euros. It consists of a cast metal cylinder the size of a cardboard tube in the center of a roll of toilet paper, cut in half length ways with a hinge on one side and the clamp on the other, so that it can be opened, filled with leaves, and clamped shut. It has a flat plate attached to the worm at one end of the cylinder and a small guillotine, the other associated with the worm on the levers and ratchets. Working with worm makes guillotine to turn around and drive slowly down the stack of leaves of the cylinder. Devilish device, but I suspect that not much faster than cutting by hand.
• Claude Desgroseilliers sent me the following proposal. It’s brilliant. “I use the pasta machine hand cut tobacco leaves, my, my car has two attachments, one for spaghetti, which I use to reduce tobacco use.”
• Try my way, I’m basically a lazy asshole: Not the first way to offer, but do not muck about trying to cut everything perfectly. Quick and dirty is good enough. Then throw a party in a food processor with a sharp blade and the bottom set it up to the subtleties of West Flake is right for you. It also has the advantage that, if you think that the tobacco leaf was a little dry, or you want to improve the taste, you can dissolve a little honey in a few teaspoons of alcohol (port, rum, vodka, moon-shine) and keeping it as You killed him.

Collect seed

Further up the page I suggested that you allow the flowers on one plant the seeds. It has several points of merit:
A. You do not have to fork out another $ 2.50 for seed. In fact, a little bartering get your money back.
B. You may have had difficulty in obtaining seed in the first place. Problem solved!
C. Seeds will be adapted to the environment.
D. I can not be bothered to come up with a few for you.
E. Assuming you have done this, what will you do next? Well, here is another list:
F. Let the flowers bloom and die. Small green capsule about 1/4in long will lag behind. (They have some nice botanical name does not matter a bit about. You know that look.) You’ll have a lot of them.
G. Let them dry, they become dark brown and eventually begin to break down.
H. This is consistent, they are ready for a week, I think the most interesting thing you may have. In fact, each capsule has a lot of seeds, so that the collection of ready-made seed head is more than enough, if you have a few acres you want to put out.
I. Place a fine sieve into a clean, dry upper bowl or on a sheet of paper, divide the seed heads in it and rub the central core to get the seeds.
J. Gently shake the sieve. Seeds are, most of the debris will remain behind.
K. Keep seeds well. Clad in a spill of paper or square of toilet paper and placed in a jar or pill containers in order
L. And that’s about it. I hope you learned what you wanted from this article. There are other ways to grow tobacco, and other methods of treatment of the material. Some of them are undoubtedly better. I do not think many would be easier, and cheaper, and I know that I wrote about the work, because I did it.
M. Good luck, good luck and thanks for the drop in.


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