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Justin Bieber’s arrest while high on pot

Pop star Justin Bieber’s latest arrest while high on pot came at an awkward time for those pushing for further liberalization of the nation’s pot laws, and Mr. Bieber wasn’t the only one generating negative ink. A series of high-profile news stories, starting with Mr. Bieber’s admission that he smoked pot all day before he was arrested for drag racing in Miami, have put a big-time damper on the legalization movement’s otherwise sky-high vibe, which had a number of unprecedented political and cultural triumphs in recent months. Police reported this week that Maryland mall gunman Darion Aguilar mentioned in his journal that he used marijuana. In Colorado, a driver high on pot made national headlines after crashing into two state trooper vehicles, and a 2-year-old was rushed to an emergency room after … Read entire article »

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Rihanna Is Clearly Having A Great Time In Brazil

Perezhilton has stated that while having a great time in Brazil, Rihanna rolls one of her preferred things on earth, a joint. In the editorial, Rihanna is seen dipping in water dressed in a Charlie by Matthew Zink, one of the singer’s fave swimming brands. The suit is a deep v-plunge that shows ample front with a barely there g-string that pretty much shows the entire singer’s toned booty. The songstress has her faced turned upwards and with closed eyes and pursed lips, she happily smokes a joint. The 25-year old singer has never made any efforts to hide her appreciation for marijuana and has publically admitted to being in favor of legalizing the greens. Billboard noted before that public notice of Rihanna’s relationship with marijuana started in 2010 when the singer … Read entire article »

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US Smoking Decline in Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood is blamed again. Earlier it was blamed for helping hook America on cigarettes, and now for decline of the smoking habit. In a new study conducted by Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania it is found less adults are now reported being smokers. The researchers analyzed thousands of hours of television shows in their study from all decades beginning from the 1950s and till year 2010. They counted the number of smoking instances and found in the 1961 there were only less than five depictions of tobacco use an hour and in the 2010 it dropped to 0.29 instances Earlier, the tobacco companies invested heavily in movie stars in a strategy to push cigarettes in the market and it was found smoking became prominently featured in popular entertainment. In … Read entire article »

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